Released Year: 2019
No of Episodes: 40(Running Time: 35 Minutes)
Main Leads: Shin Se-kyung, Cha Eun-woo
Genre: Historical, Fantasy

Set in the Joseon era, where women are objectified and underrated, a free-spirited noble class(classes were defined in Joseon Dynasty),26 years old lady, Goo Hae-ryung is brave enough to break the existing customs and engaged herself in Learning for Knowledge which was a mere dream for women in those ages. Not only that, but she is also daring enough to defend people who are abused and wronged.

Contrary to that, the young and handsome 20-year-old Prince Yi Rim has been living his lonely life! He stays alone in his chamber by remaining from the politics of the royal court. In spite of this, he has found solace through writing and his hobby comforted him from his depression of loneliness. He hides his own identity and had a pen name “Maehwa”, and keep himself engaged by writing romance novels that became famous all over, especially popular among women readers.

However, His novels failed to impress Goo Hae-ryung as she always believes in reality rather than the heroic romance, and finds his novels an utter waste of time! The time has let them meet each other! When they both encountered, the prince criticizes her lack of knowledge in literature and Angry Goo Hae-ryung rebuked him without being knowing that he is a prince.
To comply with the Anual of Joseon (True record of the Joseon dynasty), the Royal Court has decided to recruit female historians for the first time in history! Hae ryung and other 3 female Historians were selected as Apprentices!

Despite that, they had to face and fight the gender stereotypes as they are underestimated to the core when compared to their male counterparts!
After a few encounters, the Prince starts liking the attitude of Hae-ryung who is now a female Historian(apprentice) and Hae ryung started to reciprocate as well.

The story flows on how Hae-ryung with the help of colleagues and Prince, fights against the oppression!

Though seemed to be a very NORMAL DRAMA, you can find very different scenes that are quite unusual in the historical genre.

First and foremost, the characteristics of Goo Hae-ryung, neither a warrior nor a typical girl portrayal! Quite unique! further, She does not like romance, rather, the Prince does!
Not a princess, but a Historian! The relationship between her and the fellow historians was depicted in a funny way, however, when needed, it pictured how supportive a colleague should be!

Coming to the Prince, he is charming, lonely, depressed, and his reactions on Hae-ryung criticism will be very humorous.
The last one is, live-in a relationship concept in Joseon era? Very very unique!

The second lead pair hide and seek romance will be a nice watch! Personally I liked that very much and it would have been great if it had some extra scenes.
If you want to see a pleasant Happy-ending (No Spoilers intended) drama with no fight, vengeance, Betrayal, etc, then give it a go!

Interesting facts:

Goo Hae-ryung is a fictional character; It is not inspired by any historic Figure! But still, it exactly described the restrictions faced by Women in the Joseon Era.

Shin Se-kyung was nominated for Grand Prize (Daesang) award, highest Award in Entertainment Industry!

Despite rumors, Season II Or Sequel is not confirmed by the production company!.


This is just a personal rating from Allsorts Kdrama and not upon any channel or user ratings.



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