Released Year: 2022
No of Episodes: 12
Main Leads: Seo Ji-hye, Yoon Kye-sang
Genre:  Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Main Cast:

Seo Ji-hye as Hong Ye-sool

Yoon Kye-sang as Cha Min-hu

Kim Ji-seok as Lee So-hwan/Lee Pil-Yo

Lee Joo-yeon as Oh Ji-young


Episode 1:  A woman who can foresee!

A woman in her late twenties woke up with a bad dream disturbing others in the office. her name is Ms. Hong.

She is an advertisement expert and Eomji is her friend and colleague. When she claimed that she can foresee future, she is always been shut. 

 When she and her friend Eomji discussing about the sunny day, she says a fellow colleague who passes by, will skid in the rain. When Eomji ridiculed her of blabbering about rain in a sunny day, the rain patters and the same happened! Still, her friend ruled out this as a coincidence but Ms.Hong Ye-sool knew it is rather her ability to foresee future if her lips touches someone, even someone’s hair.

Mr, cha min-hu is her senior, her boss who can’t sleep without scolding her. But he was the one who sculpted her career over these 5 years, even after 5 years into the profession, the lambasting remains. But she knows how to tackle him. Contrary after scolding, he always showered his care by asking her to take a nap and often giving his card. 

When her lips touches someone body, she can see their entire past and future and moreover what she sees always happens without fail. She got this ability before 22 years for the first time when she kisses her father who was on deathbed.

When she kissed her boyfriend, she found that she is nowhere in his life. When she decided to break up with him, he was completely okay with that without a second word. So did her next boyfriend, he broke with her as she completely avoids his kiss by wearing a mask for. Over 3 months. He got frustrated and broke up.

Mr.Cha, though he is a very strict man, he never forgets to take care of his sub ordinates. He always cares about Ms.Hong Ye-sool, he even is in contact with her doctor who is actually his friend. 

Mr.Cha is a family friend of Oh ji young, a quirky, young actress who has crush on him. Ye-sool happen to meet Mr.Cha and ji-young together and mistook them as lover. Cha clears the air. 

The chief of planning team 1 told her to arrange everything on the previous night itself for the upcoming bed commercial. But unfortunately, rain intervenes and messed up the arrangements. Mr. Cha who is on the field calls Ye-sool and they two starts rearranging things. A coil of wire made her to skid who inadvertently fall on Mr.cha and kissed him.! She foresaw his future where he was having sex with her! Finally, she found herself in someone’s future which she never imagined. 

Episode 2: To Reconfirm!

She still can believe the scene she foresaw. She wanted to reconfirm as she clearly embraced his scar on his shoulder. She came to confirm only to see Mr.cha showing his trademark cold behavior. He was wearing a black glass on the broad daylight. 

Ji young who considered herself as cha girlfriend is damn eager to know who kissed him that made him sick. Despite still not clear, he has some special abilities like ms.hong. This become evident when he can hear the racing sound of bikes when he is at the top of a tall building. His friend, doctor Seung-tak who treats Ye-sool also know about all this. 

An accident in the pop store leads to cha suffering from injury while trying to save Ye-sool. Surprisingly, he never try to save her whenever she fell. This was the first time. His doctor, told Ye-sool to take him to his residence after his treatment. He became unconscious and happened to carry him to the bedroom where she again can see how she involved with him. Strangely, she did not find anything other than full stock of water in the fridge. She never sees cha eating! 

At any cost, she wanted to reconfirm by kissing him. But before that happens, he wakes up. 

Episode 3: Ex-lover!

Mr. Cha min seems to be a mysterious man but still he wonders Ye-sool strange behavior in recent days. 

Ye-sool has her own problems. She has no one else to discuss with other than her cousin sister! Her sister gives an idea to sleep with him so that what she foresaw could become true and she did not want to bang her head over this. 

Meanwhile, the composure of Mr.Cha slowly attracts Ye-sool. The scene comes what she seen where min-hu is asking her out with a ring. When she can’t wait for the scene, what she sees is her ex-boyfriend Lee Pil-yo coming to her with the ring. She did not slay a word and leaves quietly. 

When he was introduced as her next director for the ad shoot, Mr.cha min-hu could sense a uncomfortable Ye-sool. 

She recalled her days with pil-yo and how work affected their relationship. Thinking of all these, she forgets traffic to be only saved by min-hu from an approaching car. 

She starts crying and when he questions what’s all about. she says that she is hungry. She is drunk and wanted to tell everything about her abilities to min hu. 

Finally, she tells everything when he assures that he would believe whatever she says.  She said all she wants is to reconfirm the incident. Suddenly, min-hu kissed her gently saying that she is the one who wanted first. The kiss was unexpected at the same time passionate. He seems to be known everything or something about her. 

Episode 4:  A Man who can hear others Heart beats!

The problem with min-hu is when she touches any woman, he grunts in severe pain and his hearing is quite abnormal that she could hear even heart beats. Through her heart pounding, he recognised Ye-sool’s feeling for Pil-yo. 

The doctor friend of min-hu, seung-tak, falls for ye-sool cousin sister. She is a care free girl who always says that she has only less time. They enjoy a week date and seung-tak loves her companionship. 

Jiyoung found out Ye-sool has visited min-hu’s residence. Ye-sool proved min-hu about her abilities. Even after Ye-sool kissing his hand to prove herself, min-hu did not experience any significant symptoms as it was previously. When she expresses his struggle in getting over the thoughts, he says “let’s do it”! But, with one condition.  What’s that?, says Episode 5!

Episode 5:  Date for a Sleep!

Pil-yo stars working as director and clings on to Ye-sool saying that at whatever cost, he wants to win her back and to know the very reason for her break up. 

Both Min-hu and Ye-sool decide and fixed a date to sleep together. But, during it, min-hu wants to know every move that happened in the foreseen which unease Ye-sool. Finally, he stops and says that he could not sleep with a girl when he is not interested on her. He asked her out so that he could try to like her. Ye-sool wants some time to think over. 

At a situation to make him jealous, she agreed to go on 3 dates with pil-yo reluctantly. 

Episode 6:  She accepts the Only Condition

The carelessness of pil-yo led to his subordinates unknowingly posting his new ad car which is yet to be released with high vibe. The car company is furious and as someone wants to take the blame, min-hu demoted Ye-sool to planning team 2. Sitting in his place, He could hear what she discusses with eomji in the dormitory. Min-hu is a normal man with high sense of hearing. His hearing capacity is abnormal and all these times, he could hear what others speak in the office. 

Min-hu had to accept his feeling for her clearing the air that he doesn’t know when he started liking her. He is totally a fairy tale man who answered yes when she asked if he like her. His serious answers, cold behavior, and warm care has never failed to impress Ye-sool. 

At the evening when min-hu asks her to reveal her decision. Pil-yo intrudes. The same childish fight between the two, where they lost themselves in the war of drinking. Poor Ye-sool had to carry min-hu to her place as his only friend seung-tak did not pick her call. 

She expresses her feeling of ecstasy from what she saw in her future. She is too emotional that, it is her first time seeing herself laughing. Drunken min-hu could hear all these, wakes up and asks if they were happy? And if she wants to double check? Ye-sool always smitten by min-hu though she doesn’t like his atrocious attitude sometimes. She doesn’t want to waste this opportunity and kisses him saying that he is the one who told her to double check. Every time she kisses, she can see her happy future. 

She finally says yes to dating! Yes, she accepted his only condition he demanded to sleep with him. But this time, she really falls for him. 

What will happen to her remaining 2 dates with pil-yo? How would he react to know this when he all the way came to her company to see her by working as her director? Min hu, will be able to win the still feelings she has for pil-yo?  Says episode 7.

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