Release Date: April 9, 2022

Genre: drama, family, romance, slice-of-life

No. of Episodes: 16

The main leads are Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Son Suk-ku, and Lee El.

Episode 1  Mundanity Of Travel

Three siblings live in the countryside and commute to Seoul for work. Each are deeply unhappy in their own way and must come to terms with their personalities, decisions, and learn to make changes to add meaning to their lives.

For some reason, Mi-jeong is being harassed by her coworkers to join a club. Even though it is obvious that she is not interested, she is forced to participate. She texts her brothers Gi-jeong and Chang-hee to let them know she’ll be late, and the other siblings respond that they will be late as well due to personal issues. After having little fun, she meets up with her sister, who has nothing good to say about the guy she’s seeing.

Yet when they realize what they are talking about is happening right next to them, their rage abruptly comes to an end. It’s just so unpleasant; you can feel the tension building as everyone at the table begins to understand the gravity of what was stated. Gi-jeong contacts their brother to inquire about his whereabouts as Mi-jeong and Gi-jeong run out of the barbecue joint. In the meantime, her brother is divorcing his girlfriend in front of a large crowd. It’s almost pitiful to see how stupid their argument is!

The three appear defeated with their life and incredibly bored as they make their way home. As they work together, Gi-jeong advises her sister to apologize to the earlier man while they are at home, but the sister thinks it is unnecessary. Chang-hee, in contrast, has a dejected expression as he looks off into the distance.

The same routine is maintained throughout the weekend with Gi-jeong getting her hair done and Mi-jeong helping their parents in the field. Everyday life is very boring, and nobody seems to be content with their circumstances. Chang-hee tries to talk his father into buying a car over dinner, but when his father rejects another payment plan and Chang-hee mentions kissing a girl in the car, the plot fails.

One evening, Ji-yeong, his friend, and Chang-hee discuss how isolated Sanpo is and how they all live there. How their girlfriends left them due to where they reside, and how their lives might have been different if they had lived in Seoul. The beginning of the week finds Gi-jeong furious about her curly hair while Ji-yeong races to catch the train to work.

She lives too far away from everything and everyone, so she has to cancel all of her plans, which makes me sad to see. Her relations with her coworkers and possibly her job performance appear to be suffering as a result. Finding out what her coworker thinks of her—apparently, she’s pretty bland—will hit the final nail in the coffin for her. The fact that they have a shitload of travel time back home doesn’t help that the three siblings are reportedly all feeling quite lousy.

Mi-jeong becomes anxious about the loan repayment when her installments become overdue and the bank contacts her. She makes an attempt to text the person to whom she lent the money, but she is unsuccessful. In the middle of a meal, Gi-jeong makes the decision to fall in love with anyone without giving it any thought and tries to seduce her sister. The following day, Mi-jeong goes to her father’s handyman and asks him to pick up a package for her rather than taking the bus. That makes her pleased for some reason.

Episode 2  The Daily Grind

Mr Gu getting a hand on Mi-jeong’s fated letter After reading “Notice of Delinquency,” he doesn’t appear very interested in it. Mi-jeong, who missed her bus, finds Mr. Gu as she makes her way home on foot. He informs her subtly that the letter is with him, and she makes a vow to get it later. On the other side, she agrees to look at the apartments Gi-colleague jeong’s invites her to check out in his neighborhood.

She leaves the office while it was sunny outside, but it’s already dark when she gets home, she says. She has already used up the entire evening. Mi-jeong goes to meet Gu and obtain the letter from him as everyone silently goes about their daily activities. Once there, though, she asks him to retain it and apologizes for not alerting him about the change in the bank’s address.

The following day at work, Mi-jeong is criticized for not joining any clubs, allegedly, and Gi-jeong and Chan-hee argue about why Park Jin-u dates everyone else at the office but not them. The birthday celebration for Hyeon-a, however, seems to have opened Mi-eyes. jeong’s

Gi-jeong is still complaining that Jin-u is talking to everyone but her in the meantime. Love or sex are not the focus. She only wants to chat to a male at this point. Mi-jeong learns that the person she had lent money to had vanished in Thailand with his girlfriend. He allegedly stole money from many different sources. Not much is going well. In any case, the sisters’ situation isn’t exactly improving either as they appear to be losing themselves in the routine of daily living, especially in light of the lengthy travel.

Nevertheless, when Mi-jeong returns home, she finds Gu on the ground covered in blood. She only sees her parents transporting the injured man to the hospital; she has no understanding what is happening. The family discusses what might have happened to Gu and his history that evening at supper, but aside from some light speculation, nobody is certain of this man’s identity. They may not even be aware that he is a criminal.

Mi-jeong complains about how boring her life is and how nothing is going good the following day at work. Her supervisor despises her work, and she has no friends or money. Also, she is constantly being bugged by coworkers to join a club. She begins to cry in the workplace and tells the worker that it is exhausting since everything she does feels like work as a result of the weight. She has no true fans, and it is exhausting.

Episode 3  The Liberation Club

Mr. Gu rebukes Mi-jeong for asking him to worship her and explains that he has been living in silence in this hamlet for a reason and doesn’t want to do anything. Mr. Gu responds to Mi-statement jeong’s that she desires to feel complete by asking if she has succeeded. Mi-jeong finds her unpredictable behavior embarrassing and finds it unpleasant to leave work. She hasn’t missed her last train home in a very long time, but this time she did.

Chang-hee, Mi-brother, jeong has been complaining loudly about how his ex-girlfriend continues to upset him by appearing in places he doesn’t want her to. Most of the time, Chang-hee feels irritated by everything. He needs the AC on because it is too hot, yet everyone else in the home sleeps peacefully and without complaint. His rage causes him to fume more than the weather does.

Gi-jeong just went on a blind date for the first time in a while. Everything had been going smoothly, but when she begins to describe her vision of the highest romance, everything starts to go wrong. Her career hasn’t been fulfilling, and neither has her love life. She resolves to face her supervisor because she has been feeling ignored by him. Her supervisor says he did it unintentionally and wasn’t trying to make her feel that way.

Gi-jeong receives a lunch from her boss and begs for his honest assessment of her. As the boss counsels Gi-jeong about dating and falling in love, the official meeting devolves into a fairly casual talk. After speaking with her employer, Gi-insecure jeong’s thought process appears to have died. Could Gi-boss jeong’s be the one she falls in love with as she searches for them?

One of the few issues the Yeom family briefly converses about is Mr. Gu’s unusual behavior. Oh Du-hwan, Mr. Gu’s neighbor, claims that he is an alcoholic and exhibits drinking habits. Mr. Gu drinks out of multiple cups at once, switching them out when he gets bored. His everyday routine consists of drinking all day while gazing out the windows on every wall. They all feel sorry for Mr. Gu’s loneliness, and Chang-hee makes an unsuccessful attempt to become friends with him.

The Joy Support Group has once more requested a meeting with the three introverts in the office. Three of them decide to start their club because they are sick of being called repeatedly. Mi-jeong advises that Cho Tae-hoon and Park Sang-min start Liberation Club as they look for pre-existing clubs. She refers to it as being set free from the trap. They all desire to free themselves because they feel trapped in something. They persuade the support group to launch the club, even though they are unsure of what they would do there.

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