Some dramas, despite ensemble cast, failed to achieve in viewership ratings. And, want to know the Only drama which achieved a massive rating in the last episode? read on!

Here is the list of Historical Korean Dramas released in 2021.

Exactly Ten dramas were released in historical Genre out of which two dramas “Moonshine” and “The king of tears” are scheduled to be end in 2022 only. The major episodes of the latter are not yet premiered and hence cannot be reviewed.

Considering the 8 dramas released in 2021, Here is the Top 4 Historical Dramas of 2021.

                             4. The King’s Affection

Starring: Park Eun-bin,Rowoon

No Of Episodes:20

Synopsis: Crown prince wife gave birth to twins that is considered as Ominous sign. To avoid her ultimate death, the mother sends the daughter secretly out and once the son Lee Hwi dies of disease, the daughter is brought back, cross-dressed and raised as the prince. The now crown prince Lee Hwi, who is actually a girl starts developing interest on Jung ji-woon, a teacher.

Average Nationwide Viewership Ratings:7.98%

The first 5 episodes were interesting and later the story flows very slowly in the mid episodes. The drama initially started with very average ratings till the mid -episodes and gained popularity and lead couple chemistry is admired by the audience. The overall storyline is unique and you would never see a female being the prince and has high rankings than the male lead. The historical dramas were sticked to “Male King/prince and maid/Eunuch romance”. The Stereotype was broken in this drama which gives the audience a different view.

3 .Kingdom: Ashin Of The North

Starring: Jun ji-hyun
No Of Episodes:1
Synopsis: The episode acts as a sidequel to the second season of Ju Ji-hoon starrer Kingdom and tells the backstory of Ashin, the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey towards north in order to discover the origins of the infected.

Average Nationwide Viewership Ratings: NA

Previous seasons of Kingdom are considered as the best show in Netflix and this side-sequel has done justice to its predecessors. It’s a well placed roller-coaster and Jun ji-hyun after years of hiatus has shown her tremendous acting skill in this show. And overall, its awesome and Your 93 minutes will not be wasted for sure.

2.Bossam: Steal the Fate

Starring: Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yu-ri, Shin Hyun-soo and Kim Tae-woo.
No Of Episodes:20
Synopsis: Bossam: Steal the Fate depicts about a particular custom “Bossom” that is being followed in the Joseon period, in which a bachelor wrapped up a widow in a blanket at night and made her his wife. These custom changes the fate of Ba-woo (Jung Il-woo) when he mistakenly kidnaps Yi Su-kyeong (Kwon Yu-ri), the King’s widowed daughter.

Average Nationwide Viewership Ratings:6.042%

On the First episode itself, the drama hit a massive rating and set a new record for an MBN drama premiere which was surpassed by itself in the 11th episode gaining 8% Nationwide Viewership ratings.

1.The Red Sleeve

Released Year: 2021 -2022
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Jun-ho,Lee So-young
Genre: Romance, Historical

Synopsis: The Love story between a Crown prince and his Court Maid!

Average Nationwide Viewership Ratings:11%

The drama is a huge hit. The initial episodes were slow but the chemistry between the leads was well received. Many would believe that the kissing scene between them would one of the most expecting scenes in Korean dramas-2021.

The exact history of King Yi-San is showcased and both Jun-ho and Se-young has done justice to their roles.

The Red Sleeve is the best Historical drama released in 2021.

Achievements and Controversies:

  • Red Sleeve drama roles is initially offered to Kim Kyung-nam and Park Hye-su.
  • Bossam: Steal the Fate last episode gained average viewership of 9.8% nationwide thereby becoming the highest-rated drama in the network’s history, a record which was previously held by Graceful Family.
  • The drama Joseon Exorcist starred Jang Dong-yoon, Park Sung-hoon and Kam Woo-sung was cancelled after 2 episodes being aired. The show faced a severe backlash from the Koreans due to historic inaccuracies and Chinese props shown.
  • In River Where the Moon Rises drama, when after six episodes had already aired, the male lead Kim Ji Soo was replaced by Na In-woo after allegations of Sexual Abuse and Bullying scandal.
  • In the drama “The King Tears: Lee Bang-won”, during the filming of 7th episode, a horse was severely injured during the shooting and died a week after the incident. The incident generates a public cry as the horse leg has been tied while shooting causing it to land on its neck when it slipped.

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