Unlike last Year which had Only 4 Historical dramas! This Year ,there would be quite more as per the confirmations by the Agencies.

The list of Completed and Ongoing, New Historical Korean Dramas! The kdrama 2021 List will be updated until the end of 2021!The Numbers are just Numbers, not Rankings! Enjoy watching all these Period Time Korean Dramas 2021.

Note: Upcoming Period Dramas 2021 not included in the list as the premiere times are not confirmed!

1.River Where the Moon Rises [COMPLETED]

Starring: Kim So-hyun,Na In-woo,Lee Ji-hoon,Choi Yu-hwa
No Of Episodes: 20
Synopsis: The series shows the love story between Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal from Goryeo Dynasty. Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So-hyun) who was born as a princess but raised as Yeom Ga-jin, an ambitious woman who always dreams to re-establish the status of Goryeo. She uses On Dal’s (Na In-woo) feelings for her to achieve her ambition.

2.Joseon Exorcist[CANCELED]

Starring: Jang Dong-yoon, Park Sung-hoon and Kam Woo-sung.
No Of Episodes: Not Applicable [2 Episodes Aired]
Synopsis: The series follows the fight of royal family to protect the people from evil spirits of undead, who use human fancies to demolish Joseon.

3.Bossam: Steal the Fate[COMPLETED]

Starring: Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yu-ri, Shin Hyun-soo and Kim Tae-woo.
No Of Episodes:20
Synopsis: Bossam: Steal the Fate depicts about a particular custom “Bossom” that is being followed in the Joseon period, in which a bachelor wrapped up a widow in a blanket at night and made her his wife. This custom changes the fate of Ba-woo (Jung Il-woo) when he mistakenly kidnaps Yi Su-kyeong (Kwon Yu-ri), the King’s widowed daughter.

4.Kingdom:Ashin Of The North [COMPLETED]

Starring: Jun ji-hyun
No Of Episodes:1
Synopsis: The episode acts as a sidequel to the second season of Ju Ji-hoon starrer Kingdom and tells the backstory of Ashin, the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey towards north in order to discover the origins of the infected.

                        5.Lovers Of the Red Sky[COMPLETED]

Starring: Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Hyo-seop
No Of Episodes:16
Synopsis: Set in Dan dynasty era, It is a story about lovers who saved the world ! The story revolves around Hong Chun-gi (Kim Yoo-jung), a born blind woman due to the curse of Demon King and Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo-seop), A red eyed man who lost his sight and survived by the power of the Demon King. They attempt to save the world.

          6. The King’s Affection [COMPLETED]

Starring: Park Eun-bin,Rowoon

No Of Episodes:20

Synopsis: Crown prince wife gave birth to twins that is considered as Ominous sign. To avoid her ultimate death, the mother sends the daughter secretly out and once the son Lee Hwi dies of disease, the daughter is brought back, cross-dressed and raised as the prince. The now crown prince Lee Hwi, who is actually a girl starts developing interest on Jung ji-woon, a teacher.

7.Secret Royal Inspector & Joy[COMPLETED]

Starring: Ok Taec-yeon,Kim Hye-yoon

No Of Episodes:16

Synopsis: Set in Joseon era, it tells the story of a young gourmet who becomes a royal inspector and a divorced woman, Kim Joy who wishes to find happiness, as they team up to investigate and expose corrupt politicians.

8.The Red Sleeve[COMPLETED]

Released Year: 2021 -2022
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Jun-ho,Lee So-young
Genre: Romance, Historical

Synopsis: The Love story between a Crown prince and his Court Maid!


Released Year: 2021 – 2022
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Yoo Seung-ho ,Lee Hye-ri ,Byeon Woo-seok
Genre: Romance, Historical

Synopsis:   Set during Joseon Period, Moonshine Depicts the story of Kang Ro-Seo, the sole breadwinner of the family who starts brewing alcohol against the prohibition for the sake of her family’s wellbeing and to clear the debt. She encounters Nam Young , an officer who is in place to check the illegal Alcohol Brewing. Things get complication when they both meets the rebellious crown prince who often causes nuisance to the kingdom by not adhering to the Alcohol Prohibition Law.

 10. The King of Tears, Lee Bang-won[completed]

Released Year: 2021 -2022
No of Episodes: 32
Main Leads: Joo Sang-wook, Park jin-hee, Kim Yooung-chul
Genre: Political, Historical

Synopsis:  Also called Taejong Yi Bang-won, sheds new light on leader Yi Bang-won, who took the initiative to establish the Empire of Joseon when Goryeo dynasty was about to end.

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