Crash Landing on You Summary

OTHER NAMES: arangui Bulsichak, Love’s Emergency Landing

STARRING:  Hyun BinSon Ye-jinKim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye.




Crash Landing On You Summary – The series portrays the secret and sweet romance between Yoon Se-Ri, heiress of a conglomerate in South Korea and Ri Jung-hyuk, a high-ranking Officer Of North Korea. When she about to take over the chairman position of her father’s company, a sudden and unexpected accident leads Yoon Se-ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she was spotted by Ri Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin), a North Korean army officer. Initially, He hides her and Later he wants to protect her by all means. Soon, Ri Jung-hyuk and Yoon Se-Ri fall in love with each other.


Hyun Bin as Ri Jung-hyuk

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri

Kim Jung-hyun as Goo Seung-joon

Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan

Know the Characters:

Ri Jung-hyuk/Ri Jeong Hyeok (North Korean Officer)
Yoon Se-Ri (heiress of a conglomerate in South Korea)
Seo Dan(Jeong Hyeok’s Fiancee)
Seung jun/Seung-joon (@ Alberto gu-conman)
Mr. Yoon(Se-ri’s brother)
Cheol Gang(North Korean Officer, Main antagonist)
Man Bok( called as ‘rat’, for eavesdropping)

crash landing on you summary per episode!


EPISODE 1: Heir Announcement and the Accident

Se-ri had a break up with her actor boyfriend and her brother teased her for having several exes. He further added that their father is being released on probation. father asked all to assemble so that he would announce his heir. To everyone’s surprise, the father wants Se-ri to take over his position.
Se-ri went for paragliding, but ended up in an accident due to tornado and landed in North Korea. She was caught by Captain Ri. Somehow she managed to escape and tries to run in the hope that she would reach South Korea at some point. When she was about to get caught, she was saved by Captain Ri himself. 

EPISODE 2: Se-ri’s Stay at Captain Ri’s House

Se-ri thought if she could use captain Ri Well, she could escape from this deadly consequence. When Ri suspects her, she refuted and said she wants to negotiate with him in case if he helps her to go to South Korea to which he refused. Somehow, she negotiated with Ri and his team and ask them to find a way.
The team and captain Ri agreed to escort her via boat after 3 days stay at ri’s home.
Seung-joon, approached se-ri’s brother to run away and settle in North Korea.
Captain Ri informed se-ri that he is assigned to Pyongyang and he would not see her departing. Also, he requests her to keep it secret.
Captain Ri was investigated on false accusations when he was about to dig about a series of vehicle crashes. Later he is revealed to be the son of the director of General Political Burea.
During the sudden military House inspection, Se-ri was caught by the police. 

EPISODE 3: Ri and Se-ri’s lie

When the police officer pointed the gun at Se-ri and intimidate her to reveal about her whereabouts. Ri suddenly appeared and told that she is his fiancee and she is from South Korea. He further added that she is from division 11, which means a spy, so others could not screw further.
Se-ri gives playful awards to all the comrades.
When Ri escorted her, they properly introduced each other. when the unannounced inspection took place in the boat against smuggling, Ri was in a position to kiss Se-ri to avert the situation.

EPISODE 4: Inspection and Plan Failure

Their attempt to go to South Korea was thwarted because of the sudden Inspection, and due to the fact that RI’s house is secretly monitored and eavesdropped.
Out of frustration, she left a letter to Ri and go paragliding so that she would reach South Korea. Since she used a phone to signal South Korea before that, the North Korean officials figured it and rushed to the spot. Before that, Ri came and both escaped.
Se-ri tries to befriend with senior colonel’s wife so that Ri would get the preferential star. She thought if he had more power, she would be able to escape easily.
Ri digs that car crash incident as he suspects that it was intentional. He managed to steal the log details. Meanwhile, Se-ri father handed over the company to one of her brother.
Se-ri signaled Ri with a hand heart despite Ri don’t know anything about it.
Ri’s original fiancee Dan is introduced.
Se-ri with her neighbors went to the market but suddenly lost her way. Ri found her and both had a sweet conversation.

EPISODE 5: Ri and Se-ri’s Plan to Europe

when Ri told Se-ri that he have fiancee, the latter replied that she even have many men which astonished Ri. Seo Dan, RI’s fiancee visits Ri and Seung Jun recognized Se-ri. When Ri was about to introduce Se-ri to seo Dan, she ignores. Ri and Dan meet Dan’s parents. When ri’s father insisted to have the marriage of Ri and dam within a year, Ri agreed to the same. RI informed Se-ri that he made her participate in the international track competition to represent North Korea so that she could travel to Europe. Ri concocts a plan so that she would escape from Europe and reach South Korea. All got confused when Se-ri shows hand heart to everyone. Se-ri and Ri travel to Pyongyang to arrange for a passport, on the other hand, Seung jun also travels to Pyongyang as he felt bored.
When Se-ri asked for Ri to take a photo together, he refused.
Seung jun was deceived by Se-ri’s brother and then he meets Se-ri  in the hotel.

EPISODE 6: Ri Jung-hyuk and Seo dam Marriage Fixed

When Se-ri asked for Ri to take a photo together, he refused, but, he asked for extra copy (of Se-ri’s photo) to the photographer.

Seung Jun informed Se-ri’s brother that he saw Se-ri. When he doesn’t believe, he just made him hear Se-ri talking about the shareholders meeting which irritates Mr. Yoon.

Since the photo can be ready only by tomorrow, Ri Jung-hyuk and Se-ri stay at a hotel and Seo dan visit Ri Jung-hyuk and their marriage was fixed.

Se-ri explains her family situation and her relationship with Seung Jun.

Ri Jung-hyuk and Se-ri drink together and Se-ri feels sad when think about parting ways with Jung-hyuk.
Seung Jun was approached by Mr. Yoon to stop Se-ri returning to South Korea and also Seung Jun was threatened to do, if not, he would be punished for scamming money from Mr. Yoon. Reluctantly, Seung Jun accepted the deal and he plans to meet cho cheol Gang, the one who hates Jung-hyuk the most, and he was the one who eavesdropped in order to find out who Se-ri really is.
cheol Gang was investigated for the grave robbers’ death.
Se-ri informed her gang that she is going to leave.cheol Gang accepted a deal from Seung Jun and devises a plan to stop Se-ri from getting in the plane for Europe.

Se-ri wants to go picnic with his comrade friends.
All go to the picnic except Jung-hyuk, when Se-ri enquired about him, they said he went somewhere.

Se-ri starts to get the flight, when she asks for a hug from Jung-hyuk, he refused with breaking heart.

On the way, when trucks were to hit her, Jung-hyuk showed up and rescued. However, he got injured.

EPISODE 7: Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok Romance, Seo Dan Finds Se-ri ‘s identity

One of the Henchmen shot Gwang Beom and Jeong Hyeok. When Gwang Beom insisted Se-ri go Airport to catch the flight, she instead drove towards the hospital to treat them.

Jeong Hyeok’s surgery went off well and Se-ri took care of him. The unconscious Jeong Hyeok suddenly remembered about keyboard concert and his brother’s demise and woke up. He sees Se-ri and asked about why she is here and when she explained to him, he becomes rude and scolded her that she ruined the entire plan for which he and his team risked their lives.

When he hears everything about Se-ri’s help from the doctors, he felt sorry and apologized to Se-ri for being harsh on her earlier.

When se-ri told him to stop looking with his wistful eyes, he suddenly kissed her. Later, they made an agreement to forget about this incident and Se-ri stated that these kinds of silly minor physical contact do not mean anything to her.

Cheol Gang deduced that Jeong Hyeok must be injured and treated somewhere. So he asked his boys to check out all the hospital to enquire about his whereabouts.

Seung Jun and seo dan waited to meet Hyeok. Jun wanted to know that if Se-ri is already after he got to know that cheol gang attempted to kill her.

Cheol gang got to know about Hyeok and Se-ri. Gang rushed to the hospital and enquired Hyeok on why he used the department’s weapons to protect a South Korean spy. He replied that to protect his women, he would do Anything!! Cheol Gang wanted to arrest Hyeok, however, it is interrupted by Hyeok’s father, General of Police Bureau. His father demanded an explanation for why he wants a woman to join the national team and why the state security department is keen to arrest him.

Se-ri meets Jun and he takes her to his place. Seo dan visits hyeok and during the conversation, he said that he likes Se-ri and has feelings for her. Dan replied that the wedding is set and it will happen at any cost.

When Se-ri asked Jun whether he has done what she asked. He replied that her overall family is happy to hear that she is alive and her brothers are finding a way to get her back secretly due to political pressure. By saying this, Jun devised a plan to convince Se-ri to stay for few more days.

Se-ri’s father pronounced her death in the share holder’s meeting.
SEO Dan finds out who Se-ri really is.
Hyeok searches for Se-ri everywhere in the hospital. As he doesn’t find, he wants to examine the CCTV footages. 

EPISODE 8: Se-ri’s Abduction and Confession

Jeong Hyeok was all smile when the girl whom Se-ri spoke to, came and said that she told Jeong Hyeok is her ultimate favorite. Meanwhile, Jun told Se-ri to think about her relationship with Jeong Hyeok since his life would be at risk after she went to South Korea. she agreed to have a fake marriage with Seung-Jun in order to escape with an identity.

Jeong Hyeok found out that Se-ri is with Seung-Jun and reached his residence to see Se-ri. When he meets her, she said she is doing fine and don’t need his help in getting back to her country. In addition, she also reveals the plan of escaping as Seung-Jun’s wife. After listening to everything, he left just by saying that he understands her.

Since it is snowing, Se-ri thought Jeong Hyeok would become ill, so she took Seung-Jun’s car to leave him at his place.

Cheol gang informed the military director of the central committee about Jeong Hyeok hiding a South Korean woman. Since the military director and Jeong Hyeok’s father is not on good terms, Cheol gang wants to use this in his favor.

Jeong Hyeok and Se-ri decided to stay in a school as it is snowing heavily. When she asked him about his first love, he kept mum and she teased him as a forever-single man.
Man bok, the rat, found out that Jeong Hyeok and Se-ri have reached his residence. When Cheol gang asked about it, he lied that they are not yet back.

Se-ri wanted to give a present to Jeong Hyeok, so she sold off her wedding ring which Seung-Jun had given her and bought the same watch which Jeong Hyeok presented it to his brother before his death.

Se-ri is kidnapped and when she is allowed to have a word with Jeong Hyeok through phone, after a heartbreaking conversation, Se-ri said him that she loves him so much. He becomes speechless and tearful.

EPISODE 9: Jeong Hyeok finds Se-ri.Se-ri reaches South Korea

Jeong Hyeok returned home to know that the state security department is searching for his home. Cheol Gang arrested Jeong Hyeok and he was locked up in the detection Centre. he doubts Seo Dan for Se-ri’s abduction. When he inquired about his father’s involvement in the abduction, she said yes and he can do nothing about it.

Jeong Hyeok asked his comrades to spread about who his father is so that he thought that he would be released as soon as possible.

Se-ri meets Jeong Hyeok’s father and without knowing the intense situation, she said funny things that he looks like Seo Dan and she guesses that he is her father. Innocent Se-ri asked his father to help her to return. Later she came to know that they are Jeong Hyeok’s parents. She stayed in his room, and see all his belongings and finds it mesmerizing. Jeong Hyeok’s father is reluctant to kill her.

Jeong Hyeok got released. He rushed to his father finally seeing Se-ri in his own home. He felt sorry for yelling at his father.

Seo Dan and Seung-Jun were drinking and making fun of each other about their love.

Jeong Hyeok told Se-ri that tomorrow she will be starting to her home.
On Cheol Gang’s insistence, the military director ordered to search Jeong Hyeok’s father’s house. Meanwhile, Jeong Hyeok and his comrades got ready to send Se-ri back. He finally let her near to the south Korean border with a farewell kiss.

Episode 10:  Cheol Gang imprisonment, Jeong Hyeok in South Korea

Both, Jeong Hyeok and Se-ri bid farewell with heavy hearts.
Finally, Se-ri reached South Korea and everyone got shocked to see her alive. Slowly she started bringing everything under control. However, personally she struggled hard as Jeong Hyeok is constantly running in her mind.
On the other hand, Man Bok meets Jeong Hyeok and shared his flashback with him.

The flashback started with how Mu Hyeok, brother of Jeong Hyeok helped Man Bok in an emergency situation. He had helped to cure Man Bok’s little son’s Flu.
Later Man Bok is shocked when Cheol Gang ordered to tap Mu Hyeok, as he is Gang’s best friend. When he is hesitant to go so, Gang threatened him by saying that he would send her mother to a concentration camp as she tried to cross the border illegally. Hence, Man Bok agreed to do so.
When eavesdropping, Cheol Gang finds out that Mu Hyeok started preparing to collect evidence against his corrupt activities and is planning to make a complaint. He also came to know that Mu Hyeok saved a copy of the evidence in his watch. Gang killed Mu Hyeok and fabricated it as a truck accident.

Jeong Hyeok becomes furious to hear about his brother’s death. Man Bok pleaded him to forgive him and gave him the evidence, the watch of Mu Hyeok. And he even gave him a recorded voice clip of what happened on that day.

Jeong Hyeok started collecting evidence from the watch and he does not think about anything else whereas Se-ri struggles even to sleep.

Seo dan saves Seung-Jun and as usual, this pair is super cute to watch. In between the funny talks, he shared about how he helped Se-ri on Jeong Hyeok’s request. Even Jun shared about Se-ri selling her engagement ring given by him, to buy a present for Jeong Hyeok.
This time, conversely, Jun gave Dan a piece of advice to forget her first love, Jeong Hyeok.

Jeong hyeok managed to arrest Cheol Gang and he is given life imprisonment. Cheol gang escaped secretly. But to the world, he is dead.
Later Cheol gang himself called Jeong Hyeok and challenged him that he would kill Se-ri at any cost.

Jeong-hyeok subordinates were kidnapped. Later it is shown that his father only kidnapped them. He further informed them that Jeong-hyeok is in South Korea. When everyone is shocked, he ordered all the 5,including Man Bak to bring back Jeong-hyeok.

When Se-ri just goes for a walk thinking all about Jeong Hyeok, he suddenly appeared. 

Episode 11: Se-ri meets her love! 

Yoon Se-Ri is being followed by someone. It’s none other than cheol-gang! Without revealing his identity, cheol-gang now works for security team at Se-ri office! 

Finally, Jeong-hyeok meets Se-ri in South Korea! The conversation is romantic to the core, with tears, she says she don’t like to see him in dream as when she wakes up, she may find it hard! She hugs him when he said “but, it’s not a dream!”. All other comrades suffer without food in South Korea! When he questions her about her family’s reaction towards her return, she pretended and said that everyone was happy! At that time, Se-ri brother and sister-in-law visits and Jeong-hyeok sneaks! While their conversation, he understood that they don’t have even an ounce of love or care towards Se-ri! Thereafter, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok passed their days peacefully for some time. Meanwhile, in North Korea, seung-joon and seo Dan become close! And, seung-joon falls for seo-Dan, though has feelings for him, she never reciprocates!

Cheol-gang attempts to kill Se-ri. But Jeong-hyeok came to the rescue at right time. 

Episode 12: Captain Ri meets his Comrades!

Se-ri sneaks around to escape from cheol gang missing her phone. When Jeong-Hyeok calls her, cheol-gang found the phone, picks and says that as neither of them could call the police, he want him to come if he wants to save Se-ri as she is under his custody now. He just trys to lure Jeong-Hyeok. Se-ri could not do anything but to watch him talking over her phone. Understanding the situation, Se-ri is too worried thinking that Jeong-Hyeok might fall into the trap.

As worried, Jeong-Hyeok came and when cheol gang is about the shoot him, Se-ri switches off the power. And finally, Jeong-Hyeok saves her.

Se-ri meets local thugs to find cheol-gang. The sooner, the bigger reward will be. Jeong-Hyeok finally meets his soldiers. Se-ri is too emotional to meet them and she takes all of them to her house. They have never seen such an elite house in all their life. They astonished to see warm water coming in pipe and full electricity without cut. Se-ri father came to know from mother that Se-Yeong, his own son tried to stop his own sister from returning.

Yoon Se-Ri says his mother that she did not even wants to join with her what whatever means as she is not her biological mother and once, she abandoned her when she was just a child. She left her in a sea shore and never returned back. But it seems that she had reasons to leave her like that and she always care about her.

Episode 13: Cheol-gang Shoots Se-ri!

Seo Dan mother meets Seung-Jun and questions his relationship with her. He immediately says that he has a crush on her which even shocked Seo Dan. He further continues that he is well aware of her engagement but still he likes her. Her mother too liked him.

Jeong-Hyeok is too jealous when he came to know about Se-ri’s dating history. When he looks her, she said it was all his fault as he did not appear earlier. If so, she would not have dated this many. Also she says that she can understand and forgive him for that. Jeong-Hyeok is too innocent as he cannot even response her.

Cheol-gang traps man bok and wants him to join with him or else he threatens that he would kill his child in North Korea.

After seo Dan is suspicious of Seung-jun, he could not hide the fact that Jeong-Hyeok is in South Korea to catch cheol-gang. She is furious to hear that her fiance would dare to even do this for the woman he loves.

Father confront with his son for not telling about Se-ri’s whereabouts. But daughter-in law, show photos of Se-ri and seung-Jun together and informs that actually seung-Jun is the son of business man who was conned by Se-ri’s father before 20 years. She then changed his mind that seung-Jun, now to revenge, came up a plan with support from se-ri.

 They planned for returning to North Korea, man bok updates cheol-gang with all information. Se-ri is kidnapped and as cheol-gang expected, Jeong-Hyeok came to rescue his was cheol-gang and Se-ri ‘s brother plan. When everyone fighting, the men with a suit gives heroic entrance. None other than, 5 soldiers, they actually did not return and man-bok revealed everything to Jeong-Hyeok and acted like he is helping cheol-gang. There was a huge fight between cheol and Hyeok gang as local thugs supports hyeok. Cheol gang escapes, shoots Se-ri instead of Jeong-Hyeok as she came in-between in the car and the bullet passes through the door glass to pierce her body, and when Hyeok found Se-ri unconscious, he shoots cheol-gang. Se-ri is injured. And cheol gang’s situation after the shot is unknown.

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Though they had worked previously, this drama has made them a super couple. Right from Episode 1, the entire plot is phenomenal. This would be the most stylish drama for Hyun Bin. The mature love between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin would be a treat to watch. Needless to say, this drama has become the third-highest-rated South Korean TV drama in cable television history due to the performances, plot, screenplay, entire storyline, funny and romantic scenes, Anything left? it can be added as well.

This drama has depicted a everyday life in North Korea,Whether it is a fiction or real, its a different exposure!


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