OTHER NAMES: Guardian: The Lonely and Great God 

STARRING: Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook & Yoo In-na




The story depicts the life of Kim Shin, a Goblin (Gong Yoo) who was a military general from the Goryeo Dynasty. Being framed for treason  and killed by the Young King! As to protect his country, he had already killed thousands of warriors and thus he is cursed to stay immortal to mourn his loved ones’ death for Years. Thus, he becomes an immortal goblin with a sword pierced in his chest at all times!

In 2016, He lives with a Super Cool Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-wook) , his nephew Yoo Deok-Hwa (Yook Sung-jae). Meanwhile, to become mortal, the goblin’s bride must take out the sword pierced in his chest and he is in search of her. Finally, Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-eun) appears!!

On the other end, Sunny (Yoo In-na), a young lady who runs a chicken shop meets Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-wook) and these four people come into a single picture when Goblin wanted Eun-tak to work as a part-timer at Sunny’s Chicken Shop which most of the times runs without customers. Gradually, they came to know their connections in their previous life.

Episode 1: Kim shin framed as Traitor, Grim Reaper introduction, how Kim shin becomes Goblin, the immortal.

The first episode starts with an old lady telling a single mother about the existence of Goblin and about the Goblin Bride, who has to be appeared to kill the goblin in order to end his painful mortality. When the single mom about to say bye, she warned her to seek a powerful desire in case if she meets any life or death circumstance.

In the other scene, a very handsome man comes across a guy who was beaten up by his adopted father. He stopped that boy from running out of the home by warning that he won’t be able to see his mom ever again!

When the boy demanded an answer by asking

Boy: will you take responsibility if he beats me to death?

Man: That’s why I broke his ribs for you!

(he just move a vase to the front of the steps with an assumption , and certainly his adopted father fell off, breaking his ribs. To that boy’s surprise, the same happened).

That man is mysterious as he said everything about that boy, even the answer he wrote in an exam!! That mysterious man was once a human and now a Goblin!! But, how he became Goblin?? The first episode says.

He was once a human, a fearsome General of Goryeo, who killed thousands of warriors for his country’s sake. His name is Kim Shin.

After winning a war and while returning to his home land, he is falsely accused as a traitor along with his family members. The King ordered him to die as a rebel as he thought his fame would affect the royal family. The young King is too jealous and was manipulated.

The King ordered Kim shin to die so that he would let his family members to live. To which Kim shin disagreed.

Kim shin’s sister, also the wife of the king is now ready to die for her brother. Furious King, ordered to kill one by one. His own wife is killed as per his order that made Kim shin to agree. To save his left over family members, he agreed to die as a traitor. When he was ordered to be beheaded, Kim shin refuted and told his sub ordinate to take care of his end. Thus the victorious General Kim shin’s own sword pierced his heart by his own man. Right after the moment, all his supporters are also killed and framed as rebels. He was thrown without proper funeral as he is a traitor.

In the present, a woman shocked to see herself lying as a dead body. When she had no clue about what’s happening, the Grim Reaper appears! Grim reaper (Lee dong-wook), a handsome man wearing a black suit and a black hat. Grim Reaper collected her soul and asked to drink a cup of drink to erase her memories so that she could rest in peace.

Goblin came to see someone and he introduced his little grandson. When his grandfather surprised and said Goblin looks dashing.

The boy(Yoo Deok-Hwa) said: he is not that dashing!! Who are You?

The Goblin replied: I will be your uncle, then brother, then son, then grandson.

That kid looked familiar to Goblin and he understood that one of that child’s ancestors is the one who was with him when he becomes Goblin. But how he becomes Goblin? The flashback says!

Flashback: General Kim shin was not died, instead cursed by the almighty for killing thousands of soldiers in the name of war. Thus he needs to repent by becoming immortal and to watch his loved ones death every time. A small guy (Yoo Deok-Hwa ‘s ancestor) was his first punishment.  That kid was thrown in the sea (while they were travelling via ship) which lead goblin to kill everyone in the ship by making it to sink.

Goblin becomes so dull after that flashback flashed his mind; however, he knows that’s his punishment. He must see his loved ones death.

That single mom got into severe accident and was struggling in a pool of blood on that snowy night. The Goblin came and refused to help her by stating that he cannot meddle in human’s life as per the rule of heaven. But, when she begged to save at least the baby in her womb, goblin’s soft heart helped her and thus she is revived. Grim Reaper failed to collect the souls and the lady gave birth to a beautiful girl baby who is branded as a possible goblin’s bride.

After 8 years, that baby’s single mom died in accident and the girl is able to talk with her mom’s soul, means she could see ghosts!! Her mother warned her not to look at any spirits… The devastated kid decided to follow her mom’s last wish. While on her way to receive her mom’s body, the Grim Reaper understood that she can see ghost and told her that she should not have been born (goblin saved her pregnant mother). But Grim Reaper cannot do anything as the old lady claimed that this girl has a name whereas the soul he missed to collect before 8 years is nameless. (8 years ago, she was in her mom’s womb). Thus she is saved. 

After 10 years, she is now a college girl, no one in the class is friendly to her as she sees ghosts. She celebrated her birthday in despair and while blowing the candles by making her wishes, the Goblin, who desperately searches for his bride to end his painful life, appeared before her!! She misunderstood that he is a ghost and goblin had no clue that what made him to appear before her. 

He wanted to grant her wishes, 

He granted her 2 wishes, 

1. To get rid of her aunt’s family, the family which harasses her. He informed her that she won’t meet them for a while. 

2. A job, he told her to work at a chicken restaurant 

Though, he did not grant her third wish

3. A boyfriend. She shouted at him by asking about her third wish after the Goblin disappeared. 

Goblin is furious to see Grim Reaper at his home. When goblin asked his nephew for an explanation, he said he left the house for lease to the grim reaper as he doesn’t know who he really is. When goblin wanted grim reaper to leave, he threatened him that he already made a contract with Deok Hwa and if was not allowed he would take his nephew’s life. Then the Goblin vs Grim Reaper funny moments begin!!! 

The Ji Eun-tak (the girl’s name) searched for a job at all the chicken restaurants as per Goblin’s instructions. But, she failed!! While scolding him as a liar, when she tried to cease the fire in the dustbin by blowing it, again Goblin appears! Still, they had no clue why is this happening!!! 

Later she found out, and she wanted to prove by blowing a candle in the church and Goblin appeared. And when she kept on demanding about her 3rd wish, he scolded her by saying that she should work on that as well like how she searches for a job. Still, she doesn’t know that he is a Goblin! 

Then she tried different forms of blowing like even blowing a candle picture in the mobile, it worked though! she told him that instead of bringing her guardian, it would be good it he gives her $5000, further, she asked if he is a Goblin. He surprised and asked her who she really is. 

She answered that she is the Goblin bride (she heard ghosts say that) and she showed him a mark on her shoulder. Goblin understood that he saved her mother once. Curious Goblin just wanted her to say what she sees in him. After hearing her reply, he said she is not supposed to be his bride as she could not see an important thing in him. 

From a library, just by opening a door, goblin reached Quebec City, Canada and Eun-tak followed him there. The goblin could not even believe his eyes that she followed him and reached Canada by just opening a door like him!! Rather, Eun-tak started enjoying by roaming as she never came to any foreign land before! After seeing this amazing magic, Eun-tak told him that she made a decision and when goblin asked what it is, she said that she will marry him! Goblin’s heart wavers when she further smiled and said ‘I love you’!! 

Episode 2:


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