Moon Lovers Korean Drama Summary

OTHER NAMES: Moon Lovers, Scarlet Heart: Goryo

STARRING: Lee Joon-gi,  Lee Ji-eun, Kang Ha-neul




Moon lovers Summary – Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is inspired by the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. During the time of the total solar eclipse, a 21st-century woman, Go Ha-jin who was then 25 years old, is made traveled back to the Goryeo Dynasty period. She wakes up in the body of Hae Soo, a cousin of Prince Wang Wook’s Wife. She befriends with all the royal princes of Wang Family, which was ruling the Goryeo Nation at the time. Initially, She falls in love with the warm-hearted 8th Prince Wang Wook, who was her ill cousin’s husband. But later, she realized that she loves the 4rth Prince Wang So, a Cold-hearted, fearsome, and dangerous, who hides his face behind a mask due to a scar which was considered as inauspicious at the time.

The Moon lovers plot describes How Hae Soo Struggled after she befriends with the royal princes who were forced to kill each other for the sake of the throne.

Main Cast & Crew:

Lee joon-Gi as Wang So

IU as Hae Soo

Kang Ha-neul as Wang Wook

Know the Characters:

4rth Prince-Wang So
8th Prince-Wang Wook
10th Prince-Wang Eun
Main Character-Hae Soo
3rd Queen -Empress Dowager Yoo(Queen Yoo)
Crown Prince-Wang Moo
Astronomer-Ji Mong
14th Prince-Wang Jung
13th Prince-Baek-ah
3rd Prince-Wang Yo
King Taejo-King
9th prince-Wang Won
Lady Hae(Myung hee)-Wang Wook Wife
Court Lady Oh-head of the Damiwon Palace, mother-figure to Hae Soo,king’s(King Taejo) ex-lover

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EPISODE 1: Princes Introduction and Go Ha-jin become Hae Soo.

This episode portrays how Go ha-jin becomes Hae Soo, Due to the Total Solar Eclipse, Go Ha-in traveled back to the Goryeo Dynasty Period and Wakes up in the body of Hae Soo. This sudden incident of breaks Go Ha-jin, ( that is) Hae Soo deeply, thus locked herself in a room and Wang Wook(8th prince) somehow consoled her and made her come out of the room. After having a quick conversation with Hae Soo, Wang Wook find her different, strange and Cute and thereby love started to blossom. Subsequently, On the other end, all the princes were introduced.

EPISODE 2: Wang So Meets Hae Soo, Hae Soo Beats 10th Prince Wang Eun, Assassination Attempt

Wang So Meets his Mother and got humiliated as his own mother doesn’t like Wang So as she thinks that he brings misfortune to whomever he is with. Hae Soo thought she could get back as Go Ha-jin if she tries to go back to that bath pool of princes and finally end up with a mess with Wang So, who would kill anyone who sees his face without the mask. Wang So left her with a serious warning and Wang Eun(10th prince) found out that Hae Soo was the one who was in the Bath Pool that day. Then comes a sweet fight between Wang Eun and Hae Soo while the latter punctured the former’s face.

An Attempt for assassination Planned by Queen Yoo and the 3rd prince(Wang Yo) to murder Wang Moo(The crown prince) is thwarted by Wang So and Wang Moo. Later, Wang So was ordered to chase the accomplices. When seeing Wang So chasing, Hae So followed him and ended up in the forest and saw the accomplices were killed by their leader itself, which was actually the 3rd Prince.

One of the accomplices caught Hae Soo, and threatened Wang So that if he won’t leave him, he will eventually kill Hae soo. When Hae Soo Pleaded to Wang So to help her, he just said to the conspirator that if he doesn’t kill Hae Soo, he will do that. Hae Soo was shocked as somehow managed to escape with the help of Wang Wook after he killed the conspirator. Anyhow, Wang So was not happy as he got angry that his evidence was shattered by Wang Wook.

EPISODE 3: Wang Wook consoles Hae Soo, Wang So’s Stay in Songak, Destruction of Evidence

Wang Wook and Wang So try to find out the culprits. Wang Wook consoles Hae Soo who was in great shock over the attitude of Wang So. When Wang So scolded hae soo to remember something about the conspirator, she said the man who killed his own men was wearing a fur cloth by which Wang So deduced that it was the 3rd Prince and further Wang so and Wang Wook told Hae Soo to forget what happened in the Forest. Wang So requests the King to let him stay in Songak in order to find out the culprits.

King enquired about the bruises on the face of Wang Eun. Wang Eun pleaded to the King to not punish Hae Soo and the latter accepted it.

While examining the bodies caught in the forest, JI Mong(the Astronomer), Wang So and the crown prince found out that none of the bodies has tongues.

Wang Wook Treats Hae Soo’s injury. Wang So destroyed all the evidence to save his brother Wang Yo(3rd prince). He killed all the people and set fire to destroy all sorts of evidence in order to save his mother and his brother despite they don’t even treat Wang So as human. When Wang So informed the same to his mother, she was not even thankful to him and scolded in her own way.

Episode 4: Wang So Depression, Hae Soo tries to save Jung, A sweet romance

When Wang So set fire to that Monk Temple and told the same to his mother, she again humiliated him by scolding him as a misfortune to her. Extremely depressed Wang So, demolished all the stone stacks and was eventually stopped by Hae Soo, when Hae Soo noticed the blood in Wang So’s body, he tried to tremble her by saying that he killed so many today and thought she would fear. But, when she inquired about his injuries, he was touched and ask her to leave the place.

Later, all the findings of the assassination attempt were explained to the King. Wang Wook and the Crown Prince explained that they were left with no single evidence since all the places were completely burnt. To the surprise, Wang So himself hinted that the temple belongs to Queen Yoo, anyhow he later somehow saved his mother.

Hae Soo tried to keep a hairpin of Wang So in his place. Anyhow she was caught by Yeon Hwa and when she beats her, she was saved by Wang So. Yeon Hwa was frustrated to see almost all the princes supporting Hae Soo expect 3rd and the 9th Prince.

Wang Wook assured Hae Soo that he would not let anything like this happen again.

Hae Soo and Wang So had a sweet conversation. she explained to him why she had that hairpin and why she could not reveal it to Yeon Hwa.

As an act of revenge, a group tried to kill Jung and Hae Soo tried to save Jung, finally, Wang Wook and Wang So come for the rescue. Hae Soo and Jung had a funny conversation that made Wang Wook and Wang So jealous, and then comes, a short romance between Wook and Soo. Wang So was allowed to stay in Songak which was supported by the astronomer, Ji mong.

Wang So and Hae Soo had a conversation and So finds her attractive. 

Episode 5: Myung hee dies

Prince Wook sent medicine herbs to Hae Soo so that she can enjoy making something with that. Wook’s wife, Myung hee realized that he has feelings for soo. Wook gives a poem to soo. As Hae soo don’t know how to read, she just asked Chae rung help, however, she said that she is illiterate. Baek ah read it to her and shocked to hear that the poem is from Wook. Myung hee came by and when he asked about whether she knows Wook’s feeling towards Hae Soo, she ignores and tells him to complete his drawing for her.
Wook, Myung Hee, and Hae Soo meet the queen. The king entered and when he saw Hae Soo, he enquired about her fight with 10th Prince, Eun. Later, King rewarded her with a Persian rug after hearing her words.

Hae soo meets Wang So in the Palace. Hae Soo witnesses when queen Yoo mistreats Wang So making him uncomfortable.

Myung hee requests Wook’s mother to take Hae Soo as her daughter in law since hee would die any day. Hae Soo meets Ji mong and wanted to talk with him privately. When she said about their meeting before getting into this world, Ji mong told her to watch her words and to be careful. He also warns her that even if she wants, she cannot change her life.
Wook asked for the return poem as it is the proper etiquette to respond to a poem.
As she doesn’t know how to write the ancient Korean language, she just draws a funny smiley to return it to wook.
When she is about to give, Eun caught her and grabbed it. She ran away out of embarrassment.
Baek ah stopped Hae Soo and demands an explanation for this interchanging poem. He warned her not to destroy Myung hee’s life.King told Yeon Hwa that he wants to marry her off to another country’s Prince.

Myung hee dies. She had her final painful words with Wook. Before dying, she told him to take care of soo. 

Episode 6: Soo set to Marry King, So’s Help, Soo to become a Court Lady

Hae Soo, Baek ah and Wook become heartbroken due to the sudden demise of Myung hee. Eun tried to console her with his funny puppet show. On the other hand, when 3rd Prince insulted Baek ah, Wang So shut his mouth by saying all are in the same position. To everyone’s surprise, Yeon Hwa informed soo that she will be getting married soon. After finding out that the groom-to-be is around 60 years old, Wook with the help of Baek ah, Eun and Jung devise a plan to save soo from marriage. Wang So supported them as well.

Soo is astonished to see that even Wang So helps her. All shocked to hear that the king himself is going to marry soo. Soo agreed to go to Palace as she doesn’t want anyone to die for her.
As none can do anything, Baek ah asked Wang So’s help. When he questioned him why would he bother, he replies to him that he used to drink with her and they become friends, Wang So finds the reason so silly. Reluctantly, he accepted to help soo. Wook and Wang So pleaded not to marry her for which the king refused. Soo finally cuts her wrist as she already knows that a body with a scar cannot be suitable for consummation with the king. King canceled the marriage and let soo to become a court lady of Damiwon.

Episode 7: Wook and Soo Love,Eun’s Birthday

Soo has become a court lady upon King’s order. Wang So meets her and yelled at her for her stupid act of cutting her wrist. Soo replied to him that none save her, so she did what she could.
When Wook questioned Yeon Hwa about her feelings towards Wang So, she replied that she will have feelings on only those who are close to the throne. She expressed that she wanted Wook to be the future King so that the family would be safe.
General Park meets the King and he said Wang So is the best in Martial arts. Later he meets Wang So and told to rethink his stay in songak.

Soo sees the crown Prince suffering from atopic eczema. She treated him. Court Lady Oh punished soo for touching the crown Prince.
Wang So teased soo for her work and he shared about his past days.
All princes gathered at Damiwon Palace. Wook meets soo and they had a minute time together after a long time. Later Eun meets her with a silly reason as he really thought that she likes him as a Man. Wang So, in his usual way, looked at Soo. Wook taught her how to write his name. he gifted her a bracelet that would hide her scar. Soo becomes happy and yearns for him.

All princes and Yeon Hwa gathered to celebrate Eun’s birthday at Damiwon Palace. Wook and Wang So looked for Soo. Yeon Hwa conveys to everyone about her marriage, yu becomes disappointed and asked her to marry him. Wang So intervened and told Yeon Hwa not to miscalculate with yu.

Crown Prince requested oh to leave soo for celebrating Eun’s birthday. She let her go. She has sung before everyone and Wang So started to love her. Further, She promised crown Prince that she would help him to cure his illness.

Soon Deok, daughter of the Grand General meets her one side love, Eun to greet him. She presents a bear fur however rejected by Eun.
Yu manipulated Eun to ask Wang So to show his face. He accepted and felt painful as none see his face except soo.

Wang So warned Soo to remain out of his sight as he doesn’t like her seeing him pitiful. Soo served all the princes, but, Wang So refused to accept. Soo is very upset as despite asked Baek ah to get to know about Wang So’s favorite, Soo could not make So happy.
Baek ah punished her in his own funny way for not appeasing his dear brother, Wang So. As usual, she received her usual punishment from Oh.
Soon Deok expressed his father about her one-sided love with Eun.

Damiwon organized to hold the rain ritual. Wook sent a message to soo to meet him in a private place as none can enter Damiwon. Wook pacified her by saying he would definitely ask for her after the rain ritual as the king may release court ladies if the ritual goes well.

Episode 8: Wang So performs Rain Ritual, Soo Covered Wang So’s Scar

Soo helped the Crown Prince as he is going away, he would need precautions for the illness. Queen Yoo and Yu caught her and wanted soo to confirm about the crown Prince’s illness. She kept tight-lipped. Finally, Court Lady Oh saved her! Anyhow she yelled at her and slapped her for helping the Crown Prince. When she asked why not to help others, Oh replied that she reminds her(Oh) and if she continues to live like this, she would be killed easily.
As people wanted rain ritual immediately, Wang So is selected to perform the ritual on behalf of the Crown Prince. Rain ritual will be performed until it rains. On the first day, as people are not happy to see a masked man performing the ritual, they throw stones at Wang So and insisted the King to change the person.Wang So undergoes a painful misery. Soo consoled him and he seems OK. Soo prepared a cream that would hide his scar so that he would not be a masked man anymore.

As Wang yu already planned to stop the Crown Prince in order to perform the ritual. Ji mong is tensed because of it and asks So to manage the situation. When Wang So came to know that he was chosen by the King and Ji Mong to make him overcome all the humiliation over his Mask. His anger went to the peak. Ji Mong pacified him by saying that he and the king wanted him to be the strongest person so that he would support the Crown Prince against any perils.
Soo Convinced Wang So and covered his scar. So finally falls for Soo and said that he loves her and therefore she is his woman whether she accepts or not.
Wang So performs the ritual and people accepted. Finally, it rains and Soo finds out that Gwangjong, the one who killed his brothers, is none other than Wang So.

Episode 9: Eun’s Marriage With Soon Deok, Wang So Forces Soo to love him

The King congratulated Wang So for making such a great accomplishment. Soo worried since she believes that Wang So will become Gwangjong and she is the reason for it as she covered his scar. Later, soo decided to change Gwangjong’s future.

When King asked Wang So to ask for his reward, to everyone’s surprise, he requested Hae Soo. Reluctantly, the king accepted his wish.
Eun’s marriage with Soon Deok is decided and set by the King and the General Park.
Oh warned Soo to be more careful about Wang So, she warned not to give false hopes to him.
Soo convinced Eun to forget her and to go on his life with Soon Deok.

Soo foresees things when she sees Wang So, and she warned Wook to be careful with him.
King ordered yu to leave Songak and to take charge of grain houses. And Yu will be replaced by Wang So for Military Supplies. This made Yu angry.
Queen Yoo wanted Wang So to kill the Crown Prince. He rejected to do so. He feels very frustrated and thus wanted to meet soo. When he meets her, she told him to go away, he becomes mad and forcefully kissed her and said she is his woman.

EPISODE 10: Queen Yoo’s Plan, So Drinks the Poisoned Tea.

Wook expressed his desire of marrying soo to his mother and Yeon Hwa. To hwa’s surprise, mother agreed Wook’s wish.
Baek ah meets woo hee, a woman who determines to kill the King.

Queen Yoo plots against Wang So. As per her plan, all the officials requested the King for the crown prince’s impeachment as his maternal family has been involved in money laundering. The king and Moo startled to hear that the officials want Wang So to be the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince never know that this is the queen’s plan to manipulate against Wang So. Perhaps, her plan works. King ordered Wang So to go Shinju. However, the king understood that she is the one who is using Wang So and he informed the same him as well.
When Wang So confronted about this to his mother, she told him that the Crown Prince will die anyhow by a court lady who will serve him a cup of tea. she added that it is to make him the King. He is bit confused.

All family gathered including the King. As per Yeon Hwa’s Plan, Hae Soo is the court lady who served the poisoned tea to the crown Prince. Unexpected Wang So, don’t know what to do and drinks the poisoned tea himself and without anyone could reveal, he suddenly left the place.

Episode 11: Wook Preferred to Save his sister, Court Lady Oh Executed.

The poison issue came to light when Yeon Hwa revealed it by pretended like she had the tea. Eventually, soo has been arrested and detained in jail. Wang So is in life-threatening condition and been under treatment. As per Queen Yoo and Yeon Hwa’s plan, evidence has been retrieved from Soo’s room.

As per the Queen’s plan, the official accused that the Crown Prince concocts with Soo to poison Wang So. However, the king rejected it and planned to kill soo to which the crown Prince opposed.

Wang So revealed Wook that it was all his mother’s Doings. When he asked if he had drunk the poison to save his mother, he refuted back and said it was to save soo and the crown Prince, he further added that he miscalculated that none will find about this if he had not there. Wook promised Wang So that he will find the evidence.

Wang So meets Soo in jail and both share as usual conversations as nothing had happened. However, he is devastated to see her bleeding.
Wook finds out Yeon Hwa’s involvement. And finally, he decided to save Yeon Hwa. Thus, he sacrificed his love, to save his sister.
Wang So appealed to the King to save soo. He ignores. He warned that anyone who meets him in this regard would receive a death punishment.

When Wook asks Oh’s help, she asked him why doesn’t he help. Speechless wook, can’t even answer. She cursed him that this will haunt him forever. She finally decided to meet the King.

Court lady Oh, the King’s concubine and the only love of his life, met King and requested him to take her life instead of Soo’s. She convinced the king by saying that she will tell that she poisoned the crown Prince in order to not lose her child-like Soo to Queen Yoo again. The king is suffered to hear his only love saying that she has stomach cancer and wanted to die instead of soo. Finally, the king with a painful heart accepted his lover’s last request.

When soo said Oh that both can run away, she said not to feel sad as she anyways would die of stomach cancer within a few days.

Soo protested to release Oh. She always thought that no matter what, Wook will help her. Rather, he preferred his family and the throne. Not only Wook, but none come to help her except Wang So.
In spite of Soo’s protest, Oh is hanged to death.

Episode 12: Yu Returns, King’s Health Deteriorates, Soo as a water maid

The King ordered Wang So to be ambassador to Jin, and Soo to leave Damiwon. Even at that point, Wang So insisted the King to not hurt soo. After seeing Wang So like this, the king ordered to get rid of Soo.
Wang So meets Soo and when soo told him to forget her, he suddenly kisses her and asked her to wait until he comes. For the first time, soo realized that she can’t ignore him, though she loves someone.
Yeon Hwa warned the Queen not to mess with her mother anymore, Yu who was hiding liked Yeon Hwa’s act as he always liked Yeon Hwa.

A year later,
King wanted to have 10 instructions since he is a bit ill.
Woo hee wanted to utilize the upcoming peace Event to quench her thirst of killing the king.
Eun and soon Deok become quite close.
Wook promised Yu that he will be taking his side against Moo, the crown Prince.
Soo becomes a water maid. And only a year later, Wook meets Soo. Wook promised her that he would do something to change the situation for which she replied it will be enough to know that if he missed her even once.

Wang So has returned and greets the king. After knowing the Later Jin Situation, the king ordered him to go khitan. He rejected and said as he broke his promise of letting Soo live at Damiwon, he also does not want to comply with his orders. The king felt happy that now Wang So can confront anyone in the world.
Wang So meets Soo and when he asked her to come with him, he refused and shouted at him and thereby she doesn’t want him to take any risk for her.

Yeon Hwa wants to marry Wang So. But he told her that he is nothing without Soo.
Baek ah wants to confess his love to Woo hee.
Yu plans to kill the king by provoking Woo hee’s grudge.
Wang So asked soo to marry him so that he can take her away from Palace .she refused.
Woo hee came to know who Baek ah really is and when she is about to kill the king, Baek ah, knowing her motives, interrupted and got her stabbings.

Episode 13: The King Dies, Yu’s rebellion Plan thwarted, Moo becomes King

The King is bedridden and wanted his confidants to watch over the crown Prince and Wang So.
In spite of denying Wang So’s marriage proposal, it always runs in Soo’s mind.
The King told soo that he will be dying soon and to bring the crown Prince. He further added that none should find about his death until the Prince arrives. He hinted not to believe the one who approaches her and asks about his condition at first.
So suspects Wook that he may plan something to get the throne.

After listening to the King, soo don’t know how to bring the crown Prince. When she thought of getting Wook’s help, he asked if the King passed away that made Soo speechless. Soo directly asked Wook if he wants to become King, he said yes and he is going to attack the Crown Prince with Yu’s help. On the other end, The king dies. When Yeon Hwa wanted Wang So to become king, he said he will do that only if it could win Soo’s heart.

Baek ah finally understood why woo hee wanted to kill the king.
Soo told Wang So about King’s death and about the King’s last will to bring the crown Prince. Wang So, Soo and Baek ah, woo hee started in attempting to bring back the Prince Moo.
The rebellion war started between Yu, wook, and Wang So along with the leftover army. Wook wanted Wang So to be killed. At last, it is revealed that Wook already sided with the crown prince and spying Yu. Anyhow it was actually a part of Wook’s plan to attain the throne with people support. Moo has become the King.

When Soo asked Wook if he can go out of Songkak with her, he refused. Soo said she doesn’t love him anymore. Wang So injured Yu and he was thrown from the hill. Wang So is shattered with grief as he killed his own brother, Soo consoles him.

Episode 14: Yu returns, Wang So To Marry the Princess, Soo accepts Wang So, King Moo Dies and Wang Yu becomes the King of Goryeo.

Two years later, The king favor soo and she has become Court Lady and already fallen for Wang So. However, still, they haven’t expressed to each other.
Wang So on Soo’s birthday, without knowing what to present, takes her to a beautiful place where they enjoy teasing each other. He felt very happy and also asked her to not give him false hopes unless she likes him.

Wang So tells Soo that he will take her to the prayer tower during her day off as he wants to tell her something. Soo deduced that he would propose to her and she has been eagerly waiting for that day to come.

King Moo’s health condition worsens day by day so Wook started acting on his behalf. Wang So does not likes Wook’s regent-like approach and suspicious of Wook.

The King Moo says Soo that after his bath, he becomes weary and he started having memory loss problems. Soo said to him that it may be due to the lack of sleeping.
After soo went, chae ryung with some cunning look starts adding more a so-called herbal medicine in the bathing pool. Wang Won saw her mixing it.and he informs chae ryung that he had ordered more mercury for making mirrors. From this, it is evident that chae ryung is adding Mercury in the bathing pool.

When the king complains about his health issue to Wook, he suggested him to abdicate the throne to him. On hearing such words, the King is shocked as he believed Wook as one of his confidants.

The King sends his little daughter to khitan so that they would support him by sending the troops during dangers. Wang So confronts the king for sending such a young child to khitan as a hostage as he knows how terrible the place would be as he himself was sent when he was young. Later the King wants So to marry his daughter in order to protect the nation.

On Soo’s day off, she came to see Wang So wearing the hairpin he gave, as a sign of accepting his love. Wang So felt happy seeing it at the same time felt sad as he would be marrying the Princess instead of Soo. When Soo is eager to hear him saying his love, he just pretended like he had forgotten it as he doesn’t have the courage to convey about his marriage to Soo.

The King plans to abdicate the throne to his future son-in-law Wang So.

Wang Eun is irritated to see his wife and Jung sharing a close bond. When he generally speaks about Wang So’s marriage, Soo is shocked to hear. It made soo unbearable.

Jung sees Wang Yu at his mother’s residence. He is surprised to see him alive. When they asked Jung to help them, he refused by saying though he doesn’t want Wang So to rule, he doesn’t want to go against the king either. Jung accidentally enters Damiwon, soo keeps him hidden. When Wang So asked her, she threatened him that she would kill herself if he raided her room. Wang So already knows that it was Jung and his anger went to the peak after knowing that Jung stays at Soo’s room the entire night.

when Jung asked Soo about whose side she would take if they split apart, she replied he would not choose any as she doesn’t want any of them to fight with each other.

The next day morning, Wang So harshly took Soo and demanded an explanation for the previous night incident. Later they end their fight by making a promise that they won’t lie to each other anymore. Soo even understands why Wang So gonna marry the Princess.

When Soo asked Wang So about the thing he had forgotten to say, he came closer and said that he loves her, Soo with all smile kissed her all of a sudden. Unexpected Wang So reached the heights of happiness and they both had a gentle kiss.

When Wook is sad after his plans to attain the throne are collapsed, he is surprised to see Wany Yu alive. It is revealed that Wook is the one who used mercury to make the King sick and mentally unstable.

Wang Yu goes with his troops to the King’s place and killed the mentally ill King. And when Wang So attacked him, he threatened him that he would say that soo was the one who used mercury in the Bath pool and will arrest her under regicide. To save soo, Wang So accepted yu’s condition and since no more oppositions, Yu has now become the King of Goryeo.

Wang So yet again becomes a beast to save Soo. He feels hard to live a life like this. Nevertheless, He pacified himself as he does this for his love, Hae Soo.

Episode 15: Hae Soo as a bait, Wang Eun’s life in threat and Wang Wook becomes an accomplice

After seeing the dead king moo lying on the floor, Ji mong recalled his chit-chat with Wang moo and Wang So in their childhood days. Ji mong, Jung, Baek-ah, Wang So, and Hae-soo were devastated to see the righteous King of Goryeo lying dead on the mere floor.

When Hae soo asked sorry for all this, Wang So planned to send off her from Damiwon. He was stopped by Wang won and conveyed the new King’s order of arresting Hae-Soo just in case if she disappeared from Damiwon! Shocked Hae-Soo, grabbed Wang So’s hand tightly so that she felt that she would be always safe in Wang So’s hand. Wang So has not expected this sudden approach from the king(yu).

The theory was created that Wang Eun’s household responsible for a revolt against the nation! The king Wang yu hunted Wang Eun’s(10th Prince) House. Wang Eun managed to escape somehow! Later it is known that it was all Wang Wook’s plan. He even used Hae Soo to shut down Wang So(if he confronts, she will be arrested for poisoning the king)! Finally, the throne won Wang Wook and the thirst for power even made him do this to the woman he loved. How dangerous greediness is.

Even Wang Wook advised the king to order Wang So to kill Wang Eun to make the revolt real. He became a truly evil man!

When the king met Wang So, he thanked him for letting him alive that day by carefully not letting his sword to kill him. Wang So furiously asked him whether he should recorrect it. That was the special characteristic of Wang So, fearsome, dangerous, be it king or whomsoever, none can touch him!

The king ordered Wang So to kill Wang Eun and his Wife to which he refused initially. However, in order to keep his people safe, Wang So agreed to do so. In the whole world, he had only 3 people, Baek ah, Ji mong, and his love, Hae Soo. And, he decided to save his people at any cost.

Hae Soo came to know from Chae-ryung (Hae-soo confidante) about Wang Eun. She assumed that Wang So gonna kill Eun and predicted that what she saw in her dream is going to be real.

Eun hid with his wife at Damiwon, with the help of Soo.

Wang So suspects Wang Wook involvement in all this commotion to which the latter refuted the accusations.

When King asked Hae Soo about what would she do if she were to be arrested and tortured for Wang Moo’s death, she calmly said she would say his name, that he is the one who told her to put poison, and she would continue to say every time! The king is amused by her answer and said he do not such intentions as she is the perfect bait to control Wang So! Further, Hae Soo demanded an answer on who put mercury on the late King’s bath pool. He hinted that it could be Wook. Soo though had a shock, refused to believe so.

When Wang So tells soo that it was actually Wang Eun he is looking for and he would help him to escape, soo did not completely believe him and she did not reveal that they are under her care. When Wang So believed her completely, she refused to believe just because of her dream in which he kills Eun.

Princess Yeon Hwa met the king and he told him the plans of sending her to khitan with marriage plans. Poor Yeon Hwa had no clues as she thought he would take her as his queen.

Soon Deok(Wang Eun’s wife) found a way to escape through the cave with the help of Jung! Eun and Soon Deok were playing like sweet little children by making towel dolls and all that. and finally, Euk realized his feelings for her! But, the next day!!

Yeon Hwa came to see Hae Soo and warned her to leave So to which soo refused. She also made it clear that she won’t change her mind first. In between, yeon hwa assumed that Eun must be in Damiwon by seeing the towel dolls.

Evil minded Yeon Hwa did what she wanted to! Through her, the king, Wang So came to know where Eun is hiding, and just before a minute of their departure, they were surrounded by royal guards.

Episode 16: Wang Eun Dead and Wang-So no longer likes Hae-soo

Wang Eun and his wife fight against the soldiers and they could not manage the numbers! wang-Eun’s wife, Soon Deok is ruthlessly killed after being attacked from the back. Wang-yu aims an arrow and pierced Wang Eun’s stomach! now he is at the verge of dying! With heavy heart, Wang So fullfilled his Wang Eun’s last wish by killing him. Now hae-so could recognize the dream in which Wang So kills his own brother. But, he did not kill for the sake of the throne. He even attacks the soldiers without minding that , his whole family and his only love might receive the wrath of the King,Wang yu! However, as Wang Eun is already dying and he thought dying through the swords of Wang So retains his honor. Jung is too furious to see Wang so killing Wang Eun! General,Soon-Deok father ,the man who led so many battles and killed infinite soldiers could not see his little child without soul. He pacifies himself after hearing that his daughter is loved by Wang Eun since all she wanted is Wang Eun!

Wang Yu started hearing voices of Wang Eun and those he blatantly killed! he become mentally affected and he just reaped what he had sown. Wang So is too unhappy that hae-so hid the facts about Wang Eun. He thought to save him at all cost .But, the hidden helps of Hae-soo ruined it entirely! he left Hae soo as she have not believed him completely! He leaves the palace and Hae-soo once for all. Hae-soo could not do anything other than waiting!
After 2 Years, the king’s mental problem worsens and Wang Jung, Wang So return to the palace. Hae-soo don’t even know that his lover has returned. The king’s mother force Wang Yu to abdicate the thrown to Jung! but, he did not listen.
Finally, Hae-soo meet Wang So! The King happened to see them together and liked to test his love for soo so that he can still hold him by using her as a bait. He always wanted Wang-so to be his Dog, A powerful, beast-like Dog! he attacked hae-soo with his arrows, but Wang-so saves her which reveals his love. The arrow pierced his arms instead. Even after this, Wang-so did not speak anything to her that overshadows her 2 years sufferings without him. she felt devastated.

His wound becomes severe and she heard that he is under treatment. She goes to see him and worried to see him in unconscious state. she tried to treat him and thereby slept inadvertently. Waken Wang-So, sees Hae-soo sleeping like a sitting baby. His heart aches for her love. when he about to touch her,she wakes up and he pretend like he still don’t like her. How can Wang-so hate Hae-soo, She is the only person to him.
she talks and tells her situation that she came to see him at the stake of her life. But, still he pretends. But he could not continue his act when she asks if he has feeling for her still. He tried to maintain however. But, how long! He could not manage when she asked the 3rd time. he pulled Hae-soo and kissed her passionately! What will a woman do when her man kissed her after 2 years, she cried and kissed him back deeply. They had their first night together. Their soul and body become one.

Episode 17: Wang-So Becomes KING!

Wang-So expresses his desire for the throne that shakes Hae-Soo for a while. But, she as she already started finding an ounce of correctness in all his fault. She always supports him which even annoys the other siblings. Her promise of not taking sides when it comes to fight has already ended without her knowledge. She is deep in love with him. Every Prince want power, the throne and that outsmarted every other thing they cherish. 

The incumbent king Wang yoo, who now in bothersome state, believes that everything is started because of Hae-Soo. He blames that when he thought of becoming a king, she hid Wang-So scar that made him others to think him as a potential next king. Bothered at the same time his fear of losing the throne made him to kill his brothers. Now, he believes the brothers haunts him for reason. He is completely out of mind that he tries to harm her. Meanwhile, his mother comes uninvited informing him about the revolt of Wang-So who will be in quick entering the Palace. She wants him to abdicate the throne to her dear son, jung. 

Before Wang-So arrives, the king is succumbed to death after struggling to write the final will. Wang-So arrives and see the frightened Hae-Soo with Wang-yoo lying dead on a flood with a handwritten will. He sees through it and asks if she ever read it. When she says no, he immediately torn the will and disposed it. 

Hae-Soo understood everything and when everyone comes in, she greets the new king, Wang-So. When the queen mother questions, Wang-So informs everyone that the king has passed the throne to him. And finally, without dissent, Wang-So crowned as the King. 

Yeon-Hwa wanted Wang-wook to pressure and asks his hand into marriage from Hwang boo clan, the 2nd Queen family. So that Yeon-Hwa will become the queen. 

The King orders everyone to be killed who doubt abdication and people surrounding the ex-King. This really frightens ji-mong. 

To Hae-Soo, he reveals that it was blank as no one name is written on it. General leaves the royals which altogether disturbs the mighty Wang-So. He understood it is difficult when you sit on the throne. However, Hae-Soo is always there to pacify her. 

A royal physician examines Hae-Soo and tells her that her life won’t last long as she had heart problems and she may not able to walk as it were left untreated when she was tortured. Hae-Soo but wants to live more with him. Jung asks her to say if she ever feel suffocated in palace life. 

Wang wook asks his hand for marriage to Yeon-Hwa as it would strengthen his ties. The King refuse it by clearly stating that she has another woman in his life. 

Wang wook intervenes and recalled him that a woman with scar in her body cannot marry the king. 

The remaining episodes cant be described in Words! Watch those heart breaking episodes visually!


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is One of the Best Historical dramas ever made in the History of Korean Dramas.Even after a decade ,and even after that,this drama will be in the top 10 list! It deserves to be!

This is not a usual Korean drama(be it historical) where the male lead would be gentle and do anything and everything for his love! This drama portrays the realistic history and the thirst for power that made relationships void!

Terrific performances by all the actors, especially Lee-joon-gi and of course, about the poor girl Hae-Soo who was caught between the princes!! A just big WoW! hope none can suit other than Lee Ji-eun. The entire crew has shown their outstanding performances especially Kang ha-neul, Kang Han-na , Hong Jong-hyun, Byun Baek-hyun Nam Joo-hyuk , Ji Soo.

The overall Storyline, unpredictable screenplays, everything was fantabulous. Nonetheless, if you want a happy ending, sorry to say that this drama is not for you.

I still wonder why this drama was not well received in South Korea!


At Korea Brand Awards, Moon Lovers received the K-Culture Pride Award.

At SBS Drama Awards held on 2016, Moon Lovers has won several awards under categories of   Excellence Award, Actor in a Fantasy Drama, and Special Acting Award, Actress in a Fantasy Drama, Hallyu Star Award, Best Couple Award, Top 10 Stars Award, New Star Award, and Idol Academy Award, Best “Drudge”.

At Baeksang Arts Awards of 2017, Kang Han-na was Nominated for Best New Actress.

At Asia Artist Awards of 2016, Byun Baekhyun Won the Popularity Award.

moon lovers drama was a Super Hit in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

It was also aired in so many other countries including Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Iran, Romania, and Turkey.

Despite the Overseas success, the Drama has been severely criticized for its screenplay and performances in South Korea. However, the drama was sold for $8 million to a Chinese channel, marking the highest sold drama ever in 2016.

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