Released Year: 2019
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Park Bo-Young, Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-jae
Genre: Fantasy, Crime

Abyss drama is about “Death and Revive” fantasy drama. Cha-min, the heir of the LA Cosmetics, always has an inferior complex about his appearance and Go Se-yeon, a successful lawyer, a friend (though cha-min has interest on her) of cha-min introduce a girl named hee-jin to him and they both become lovers. Though cha-min mom does not like her, she accepted as his son loves her. Suddenly she stopped the wedding without revealing the reason for leaving cha-min to commit suicide. After his death, he revived through Abyss!

I don’t understand the first 10 minutes, so many characters were introduced. All I get is a person named Cha min tried to commit suicide because of his girl rejecting him and as she called off the wedding all of a sudden. However, grim reapers appeared (oh, Wow, Grim reapers, i love that term).

Cha-min’s own soul, (now Ahn Hyo-seop) gets into the body through Abyss, an object which has the power to reincarnate people died, and the body appearance changes to that person soul. We must assume here as both the body’s and soul’s physical appearance are not the same. If you find illogical, do remember that it’s a fantasy drama and you must accept it! (?)

On the other hand, Se-yeon, a prosecutor, Cha min’s friend, is murdered and Cha min becomes the suspect and now the same thing happens again! With the help of Cha-min, through Abyss, Se-yeon(now Park bo young) is revived in the form of her soul. Se-yeon wanted to find who killed her!

There are actually three different sub-stories here, one is Cha-min girlfriend hee-jin kidnapping, just you can see only a glimpse of her face in very few scenes, and Cha-min still searches her whereabouts to get along with her. Second, the murder of a schoolgirl and a mysterious doctor and finally third is the hidden identity of Seo Ji-Uk,a prosecutor lawyer, who is the friend and colleague of Se-yeon.

Most of the scenes in episode 2 go with the female lead saying why me like this? You are beautiful, why I am reincarnated like this?, too many scenes like this, what for I wonder!

Here, to be noted that there is already another se-yeon lookalike woman (original park Bo-Young) named Mi-do and she is the ex-lover of the police offer who handles Se-yeon murder case! But, how can Mi-do’s physical appearance and the Se-yeon’s soul look the same?

Apart from that, how to differentiate them? The story tried to justify that mi-do had already done plastic surgery, so she is now with an entirely different face? But, in height? Anyways, now no confusion of ambiguity!

From episode 4, the story travels interesting when Hee-jin appeared and gives her statement that she suspects min’s involvement in the murder. Oh Yeong-cheol, a doctor seemed to be behind all this master plan. But why!! Says, Abyss.


The story reveals,

1. Who killed Se-yeon? And will Cha-min’s name cleared from the suspect of Se-yeon murder?

2. What is the connection between those other characters like the prosecutor, Doctor and min’s girlfriend?

3. Who kidnapped Cha-min’s girlfriend and why?

4. What is Seo Ji-UK original identity?

5. Will Cha-min and Se-yeon(mi-do) be able to return their original form?

6. Why Hee-jin (fiancee of Cha-min) called of the wedding all of a sudden?

So many death and revives scenes, but yet, episode 4 and 5 were interesting. I really like that scene when ‘auntie’ cooks for min. Colorful and so many Varieties.

Right from the episode 7, when I thought the murderer of Se-yeon is caught, the story takes a ‘U’ turn again and the second accomplice has to be found.

Initially though seemed to the deviated from the main plot by introducing few characters, the story also leaves a hint that it gonna meet at a point where all these characters are related to each other in one or another way. But the main flaw in the screenplay is,  easy to predict, especially the accomplice behind Se-yeon’s murder when that’s what the story is all about!

From episode 10 to 16, it is dragged to an extent with ‘hide and see’ games.

Regarding the romantic scenes, it’s started in the mid episodes.min and Se-yeon looks like a perfect couple. As I had watched all previous dramas of Park bo-young, I know she is great at romantic scenes, and Ahn Hyo-seop is stunning and handsome! i don’t think of any notable romantic scenes. All are like in other usual Korean dramas.

Let’s see the characters,

Park Bo-young as

               Go Se-yeon and Lee Mi-Do, an energetic girl who strives hard to find who killed her! The character is portrayed as very smart and intuitive.

Ahn Hyo-seop as

                 Cha Min, a cool and attractive guy who is always light hearted and forgives everyone for their wrong deeds.

Lee Sung-jae  as

               Oh Seong-cheol, a mysterious doctor, and a very important character to the story! Oh Yeong-cheol character is so casual and at times bears the entire story on his shoulder!                 

Lee Si-eon 

         as Park Dong-cheol, the police character. I like especially the police character as he was my only hope for comedy scenes. 

Han So-hee as

               Jang Hee-jin, cha-min’s fiancee she looks stunning and very beautiful. i like the way when she lured the guy at a mobile shop. And especially the scene when she fights for her mother’s safety!

Kwon Soo-hyun as

                    Seo Ji-Uk, a prosecutor and se-yeon’s friend,  and another important character as well.

Song Sang-Eun as

                    Lee Mi-do,Go Se-yeon’s former colleague and ex-girlfriend of Dong-Cheol. I like the chemistry between them! It’s good to see.

Yoon Yoo-sun as

 Eom Ae-ran, Cha Min’s domineering mother and the head of the family’s cosmetics empire, LA Cosmetics. Such a lovely mother she is! Though a domineering mother, she respects and accepts min’s love!

Interesting facts:

Actors Seo In-guk and Jung So-min who recently acted together in ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ made a special appearances as Grim reapers.


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