Episode 1 – The sweet rain falling on Joseon era

In class, Jang DanBi is rudely awakened when her teacher calls her name. She freezes when doing a calculation on the board, and her teacher becomes frustrated because she doesn’t know her times tables. Rain had been falling nonstop the entire time.

DanBi correctly predicts that comedian Kim YoungChul is the Masked Singer while eating an orange on the couch at home. Her mother wishes she had the same talent for math as she does but isn’t as happy as she is. A sageuk is shown on television while Jang-Eomma, (her mom), complains about how DanBi’s poor arithmetic abilities came from her father, which irritates DanBi.

The morning of the SAT exam has arrived, and DanBi gets out of bed slowly. Wow… this is why teens have such a hard time! As she rushes out the door, Jang-Eomma (her mom ) warns DanBi that there is no chance if she fails the test, but encourages her to give it her all.

When the bus abruptly stops, DanBi quickly drops her books and exits without remembering her umbrella ,  That portends well!” She is compelled to go through the intense rainfall to school. There are people applauding the pupils as they enter the school, but she flees out of panic and worry because of the scary placards (such the one that said, “If not today, then there is no chance for life”…) and things her mother and friend had said.

She eventually arrives at a park and expresses her desire to vanish once more. She is drawn to the drumming and notices the rippling of a nearby puddle.

Then, we are sent back in time to the Joseon era, when a ceremony is being performed at the palace to request rain. Three years of harsh drought have killed numerous individuals around the nation. In the meantime, King Lee Do has serious doubts about the efficacy of this ceremony. He informs everyone there that there won’t be any more rain rituals and leaves.

DanBi dives into the puddle in the meanwhile, wondering why the young child was at the park alone and in the rain without an adult. He eventually collapses in the ceremonial bowl, fighting for air.

Everyone is shocked by her response when Lee Do inquires as to whether she is a goblin or a human. DanBi, who also goes by the name “Eunuch,” informs him that she is a high school senior. When Lee Do summons the Chief of the Eunuchs, he learns that DanBi may be in the running after one of the servants was disqualified.

DanBi reacts fast, recalls seeing a Sageuk with her mother, and mimics a character she recognized in a related scene. With the King absent, the crowd begins to chant for rain.

Episode 2 – Useful Gosam

DanBi takes advantage of the situation to escape as everyone is bowing their heads and hoping for rain. DanBi dressed in Eunuch robes in order to conceal herself from the guards looking for her (she even drew on a beard and a mustache! I

She discovers herself being brought into a hall with the other Eunuchs and ministers instead of being able to escape the King. Lee Do reveals that the Eunuch who insulted him would have his eyes pulled out and be put to death.

One of the ministers explains that a weather expert claims that the dryness is caused by a lack of heirs and implores the King to spend the designated night with the Queen. Again, DanBi shuffles away as everyone in the room bows.

It turns out that the said minister is his father-in-law. He claims to his daughter that the sky is assisting them in turning the King into a puppet. The Queen interrupts his daydream when he realizes that she has been eating and has sauce on her gown; she responds that it is the result of a nosebleed.

In order to maintain her status, the Queen must have a child, and her father-in-law advises that if she doesn’t have a dream, she should embrace his desire to become the King. DanBi, who dropped her phone, has since returned to get it. She is, regrettably, caught.

To meet the King, DanBi is brought to a building away from the palace. DanBi wonders if she would return home if it starts to rain as she surveys the city and truly understands that she is in the Joseon era. DanBi is astonished to learn that it hasn’t rained for three years. Lee Do holds a blade to her throat after pushing her to her knees.

Dan-Bi decided to embrace Lee Do back after turning to face the watery pond. When the rain stops, she is no longer able to go back to her own home environment. She was quickly dragged away by King Lee Do, who wanted to take her to Ming via boat, but Dan-Bi refused. She confessed to him that she had fled to this location and has decided to stay there .

When So  Hun learned that King Lee Do was rushing to help Dan-Bi, she sneaked into his room and discovered the tangerine he had preserved, proving his love for Dan-Bi.

When they stop for a rest on the opposite side, the swordsman sneaks up behind Dan-Bi with his sword drawn! Phew! He’s really trying to warn her against drinking the water since it contains fungus. He had the chance to confirm that Dan-Bi is a female since she got up and slipped just as he was about to grab her. He agrees to keep it a secret, but she has to pay twice as much for her accommodation.

King Lee Do, who was still in the palace, was informed by his adviser of the order to kill Dan-Bi and immediately mounted his horse to try to stop it. The Queen notices this and starts to run.

Finally making it to the coast, Dan-Bi is shortly met by King Lee Do. Without saying a word, he dismounts and walks over to her, kissing her on the lips.

Episode 3- I hate Gosam

 DanBi is surprised to learn Lee Do doesn’t know numbers (but how can he do math? ), shattering the “romantic” mood as he grabs her and drags her to his workstation. DanBi assures him that when he passes the test, she would show him how to solve the problem he is asking about. DanBi cheerfully offers “a forehead flick” in response to his boast that he has never answered a question incorrectly.

Lee Do quickly takes his attention away from the discussion as he muses on how DanBi is able to look him in the eye. How do you teach someone if you don’t look at them, DanBi thinks it should be evident. He acknowledges that, as a King, he is the exception and that most others bow. Lee Do prepares himself to take a test by letting go of his grip in order to eliminate the depressing mood.

We also observe Lee Do’s continued fascination with pens as he makes notes on his hand to study even though he is meant to be paying attention to the ministers.

The next day, he isn’t as fond of it since he believes that a spell has been cast on him, but it’s really just his stomach disagreeing with the spicy ddeokbokki. DanBi then needs to explain to him how a stomach ache occurs. Lee Do acknowledges that DanBi is more helpful than he anticipated and takes her down a covert tunnel to a classroom where students are teaching anatomy.

A few medical textbooks were written using the information from her later sessions. While they are outside, DanBi instructs them on agriculture and snaps a few adorable photos with the King using her phone.

All farmers are asked to modify their soil as part of a new initiative, and those who contributed received an orange from Tamna Island. He offers DanBi another one when they are alone in the King’s room because she is so helpful, but he is shocked to see how much of it she consumes. Lee Do warns her not to get lost and that there are ghosts roaming the city as she is leaving. DanBi exclaims that she didn’t realize they were so priceless in Joseon and is certain that this is about the orange.

Later, Lee Do tosses a ball at her, and they start a game of outdoor football. The ball is kicked by Lee Do, forcing DanBi to go after it. He queries how she could simply eat the orange and not even offer him a bite when DanBi is whining. He basically acts like a 5-year-old,. DanBi then begins to discuss how he isn’t really running and claims that because he is King, he should be free to do as he pleases. She then blows a raspberry at him before running off laughing, with Lee Do following behind at a quick speed.

When he finally begins to run, he easily catches her and throws both of them to the ground. Lee Do declares that it was enjoyable to run, and after striking DanBi in the breast, he swiftly bends over her and begs her to be honest with him since she had the courage to lie to him.

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