When a Korean celebrity becomes famous, they often consider moving to Hollywood. The opportunity arises in the form of a film, television show, or even a cameo appearance, eventually generating a lot of attention. There have been plenty of these actors and actresses, but eight have made it to Hollywood. The Korean entertainment industry is on a glorious run, churning out unique content to attract the masses. Korean actors have proved their mettle in every genre, whether with K-dramas like Squid Game and Crash Landing on You or blockbuster movies like Train To Busan or Parasite. They have gauged Hollywood’s attention often, with significant production houses picking them for international projects.

Ma Dong Seok

 Don Lee began his career as a personal trainer in America, notably training mixed martial artists, before transitioning into acting. Known for his roles that often blend brute strength with a soft heart, Lee has redefined the archetype of action heroes in Korean cinema; many people will be surprised to learn that the well-known “Train to Busan” actor grew up in Ohio and is an American citizen. Despite moving to South Korea to further his acting career, Ma Dong Seok returned to the United States to play the rough Gilgamesh in the highly anticipated “Eternals” film. He has made quite an impression in this role and will undoubtedly have more opportunities in the future!

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun’s diverse background and language skills will captivate many. The South Korean actor is fluent in both English and French! With his diverse background, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood approached the actor. He waited for the perfect role before agreeing to play Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe franchise. But he did not stop here. He later appeared in the films “Terminator Genisys,” “Misconduct,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Fortress,” and “Keys to the Heart.” Lee Byung Hun’s Hollywood career is flourishing.

Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Joo is a household name in South Korea, known for her beauty and acting abilities. Her Hollywood debut came from a Jason Bourne spin-off series, “Treadstone.” She showed off her natural charm, English skills, and action scenes, all of which she worked extremely hard on. Her transformation was stunning, and there is no doubt that she gave it her all! In a prior interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she had openly expressed her enthusiasm for the action genre, stating, “In aspire to tackle an action project akin to the Bourne series.” Remarkably, her wish materialized as she secured a role as a covert agent, allowing her to showcase her potential fully in action-packed roles.

Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon is one of the more recent Korean actors to make the leap to Hollywood. As one of the most well-known K-drama actors in the industry, it was only a matter of time before he succumbed to Hollywood’s endless scripts and opportunities. Fans were ecstatic when it was confirmed that Park Seo Joon would join the Marvel Universe. He is set to star in the upcoming sequel to “Captain Marvel” sometime in 2023, and I’m very excited to see him shine in this role.

Yoo Teo

Yoo Teo has been acting for a long time, but he has only recently gained recognition for his work on various K-drama projects. Yoo Teo was born in Germany and is fluent in several languages, which has allowed him to broaden his acting horizons. He has appeared in several American films, most recently starring in the critically acclaimed film “Past Lives,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Yoo Teo appears to be able to excel in any industry, and many are thrilled because his acting and charisma on screen is always something to look forward to.

Bae Doona

Bae Doona began her career as a model and quickly transitioned to acting after graduating from university. Her acting career accelerated quickly. She went on to star in Bong Joon Ho’s “Barking Dogs Never Bite” shortly after, and she has appeared in many timeless films. She is a true icon who many people admire. With her career soaring, it was no surprise that she landed the role of Sonmi in the film “Cloud Atlas.” After starring in several other Hollywood films, Bae Doona has become a household name in the industry, and her career thrives.

Son Suk Ku

Many people are surprised to learn that this famous actor appeared in the American sci-fi series “Sense8” alongside Bae Doona. His command of English is noteworthy, as he grew up in the United States, so it is only natural that his acting resume includes some U.S. projects. Although he is not currently scheduled to play any Hollywood roles, seeing many opportunities for him out there is encouraging! Hopefully, we will see so him in his upcoming Korean projects this year.


Rain is one of South Korea’s most iconic celebrities. Beginning as a member of the boy band Fan Club in the 1990s, he has pursued a career in entertainment, including entrepreneurship and acting. He has released seven albums and performed in concerts and tours, including a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Even if you don’t like music, you’ve probably seen him in a film. He made his Hollywood acting debut in the 2008 action comedy “Speed Racer,” which was followed by “Ninja Assassin” in 2009. He also appeared in “The Prince” with Bruce Willis and Jason Patric. Rain married Kim Tae-hee, one of the highest-paid K-drama actresses in Korea.

Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun, also known as Gianna Jun in English, is one of the highest-paid actresses in Korean dramas and has made her mark in Hollywood. Her success is often attributed to her role in the film “My Sassy Girl,” which has a large audience outside of South Korea, but she has grown even more popular since the release of the 2011 film “Blood: The Last Vampire.” She played alongside Hugh Jackman and Li Bingbing in the historical drama. Jun Ji-Hyun has also starred in some of the most popular Korean dramas recently, such as “My Love from the Star” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” Her film credits include “Il Mare,” “Windstruck” and “The Berlin File.

Han Ye-ri

Han Ye-ri was a part of the Oscar-nominated film “Minari,” starring alongside Steven Yeun, one of the most popular Asian actors today. She started her career with short films and independent films, with her popularity rising steadily after starring in the sports drama “As One.” She even learned the Hamgyŏng dialect to portray the role of a real-life North Korean table tennis player. Her commitment to the arts later paid off after getting cast in “Six Flying Dragons” and “Hello, My Twenties.” She was nominated Best Supporting Female at the Independent Spirit Awards and Best Lead Actress at the New York Film Critics Online for her role in “Minari.” Han Ye-ri also received the Prime Minister’s Commendation from the South Korean government, recognizing her contribution to South Korea’s pop culture.

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