Han so hee, Ryu jun-yeol,Lee hye-ri

On March 15, 2024, rumors swirled across online platforms speculating about a romantic connection between Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol following sightings of the pair vacationing together in Hawaii. While Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency confirmed his presence in Hawaii, they remained silent on the swirling gossip. Initially, Han So Hee’s agency dismissed the rumors, stating she enjoyed her vacation “with close friends.” After these events, Hyeri recently concluded a six-year relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol and shared a cryptic post on her Instagram stories. Alongside an image of a vacation spot, she captioned it with “This is funny,” fueling speculation regarding her sentiments on the unfolding news.

On March 16, Han So Hee took to her blog to address the mounting speculation surrounding her alleged relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. In a comprehensive statement, she confirmed her romantic involvement with the actor. However, she was adamant that their relationship commenced after Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup with Hyeri.

In what seemed to be a veiled response to Hyeri’s Instagram story, Han So Hee shared a picture of a dog holding a knife, expressing her amusement. She clarified her stance, asserting that she does not condone engaging with already committed individuals, nor does she encourage any form of deception. Han So Hee reiterated her respect for the sanctity of existing relationships and denied any interference in others’ romantic affairs. Furthermore, she appended a statement saying, “I’m having fun too,” which many interpreted as a response to Hyeri’s post. Addressing this incident later, Han So Hee acknowledged her impulsive behavior and tendered an apology for any offense caused. While she did not explicitly mention Hyeri, she expressed her intention to extend an apology to her for any inadvertent disrespect.

Hyeri releases Apology

Later, Hyeri also expressed regret, addressing the recent controversy that had generated a lot of talk in the media. She apologized to Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol, in particular, for any hurt she may have caused, accepting full responsibility for the consequences of her actions. To clear up any misunderstandings among fans, the Girl’s Day clarified in her statement the chronology of her previous relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. She disclosed that their eight-year romance had ended in November of the prior year, stressing that both parties had had a lengthy discussion before making the choice.

They continued communicating to deal with the fallout and decided to have another conversation despite rumors of their breakup spreading. But given that conversation, they have not had any further contact. Hyeri admitted that her rash acts were caused by an emotional overload when she discovered Ryu Jun Yeol’s relationship with Han So Hee. She also acknowledged that she had been too tired to say anything about the issue at first. Still, she apologized again sincerely and promised to be more circumspect as we advance.

Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol break up

After the controversy, Han So Hee penned another letter, this time addressing both Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol directly. She vehemently denied any prior connection with Ryu Jun Yeol, dismissing rumors suggesting otherwise as baseless and absurd. Han So Hee made it unequivocally clear that she had never encountered Ryu Jun Yeol, neither in public nor in private settings, nor had she ever initiated contact with him or shared any mutual acquaintances. In her letter, she emphasized that there was no involvement in what she termed “transfer love,” debunking any insinuations of overlapping relationships. Han So Hee acknowledged that Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri had amicably parted ways a year earlier, bidding farewell to each other with mutual respect and well wishes.

Reiterating her apology to Hyeri, Han So Hee expressed confusion over Hyeri’s reaction to her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship. She questioned why Hyeri interpreted a message not intended for reconciliation as implying lingering attachment and why she labeled Ryu Jun Yeol’s new relationship, which began four months after their breakup, as “transfer love,” only to remain silent after that.After saying this, Han So Hee apologized once more and said that she had acted hastily when she had made her first remarks. After two weeks of dating, it was later revealed that Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol had broken up.

Having been together for over six years, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol were among the most beloved couples in the K-drama business. Fans still hold a special place in their hearts for them despite the turmoil surrounding their split and Ryu Jun Yeol’s turbulent relationship with Han So Hee. Their fans had incredibly adored them, and they left a long-lasting legacy in the K-drama industry.

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