Released Year: 2021-2022
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi
Genre: Coming-of-age

Main Cast:

Choi Woo-shik as Choi Woong, 29 years old illustrator who goes by the pseudonym “Go-oh”.

Kim Da-mi as Kook Yeon-soo, 29 years old independent PR expert


 Episode 1:

Choi Woong , our male lead, begins the episode by leaning down on his desk in his classroom, seemingly careless about anything. He’s 19 and working on a documentary. Before turning his focus to his documentary partner, Kook Yeon-soo, he quarrels with the documentary PD over the camera.

She’s working with him on the documentary, but it’s clear that they don’t get along. Choi Woong isn’t the most focused student in the class, although Kim Da-mi is the class president. Yeon-soo recalls seeing him at the library in grade 10 after learning that he was the top reader of the month, only to find out that he was really ranked last in the entire school.

Choi Woong’s memories of interactions with Yeon-soo go all the way back to their high school graduation. He took note of her because of the way she held herself and showed herself. He sported a modest pleasant smile on his face when they caught eyes at the ceremony, only to be met with a not-so-warm response from Yeon-soo. Choi Woong mentions how he thought Yeon-soo was angry.

One of the professors informs Yeon-soo about the documentary, and she appears to be up for the task. She’ll be paid to basically film alongside Woong for a month, with the documentary focusing on the interactions between the top and worst rated students. Woong, unlike Yeon-soo, is less excited about making the documentary. He ultimately gives up after a visit from the documentary PD to his parents’ eatery. Even if he has mixed feelings for Yeon-soo, his parents believe that spending time with her is beneficial to him. He can learn from her because she is one of their school’s smartest students.

As a result, Woong switches classrooms with Yeon-soo so that they may film the documentary together. It was far more irritating and inconvenient than they had expected. It was evident that the two didn’t get along and weren’t intended to be buddies from the classroom to the cafeteria to playing volleyball outside. Yeon-soo believed Woong was cruel, while Woong thought Yeon-soo was weak and sad. Their sentiments of hatred and sympathy for one other were similar. There was constant arguing and fighting. Even the interview they did together for the documentary was full of shade and insults directed at one another. It comes to a close when the PD asks them each what they want to do in 10 years. While Woong expresses his desire to live a peaceful and quiet existence, Yeon-soo feels her high school accomplishment will lead to many more years of success in the future. They don’t know what will happen in 10 years, but they do know one thing: they hope they won’t have to see each other again.

After ten years, Yeon-soo has finally come to grips with her new situation. Mr. Jang Do-yoon (Lee Joon-hyuk) continues to interrupt and shut her down as she is presenting her proposal for a forthcoming project to one of her clients, Mr. Jang Do-yoon  as well as her team members. He doesn’t agree with her ideals and has little trust in her.  But, it isn’t until she suggests a possible collaboration with Go-oh, a well-known artist, that his attention is peaked. They’ll advertise their future shop, Soen Shop, by staging a live drawing ceremony at the building with Go-oh as part of their initiative. Mr. Jang reconsiders his attitude and believes that the partnership will succeed. Yeon-soo is as passionate about proving herself to Mr. Jang, and she’ll go to any length to discover the quiet, hidden, and guarded Mr. Jang. Go-oh.

Yeon-soo runs into Mr. Jang on her way back to her car in the parking garage. Mr. Jang’s automobile looks identical to hers, and she mistook it for hers, lol. Mr. Jang follows up with Yeon-soo to see if he can convince Go-oh to join the project. He trusts she wasn’t lying and saying things simply to make Yeon-soo uncomfortable. She never imagined she’d be treated in this fashion in 10 years.

Woong’s situation is a little different.  After ten years later and he has a calm life. In certain ways, yes. With the aid of producer Kim Ji-woong, his father is producing a promotional video outside his restaurant Choi Woong wishes for a little more peace, especially given his parents’ continual questioning. Ji-woong continues to film Choi Woong for a little longer as Mom and Dad go inside the restaurant, but Choi Woong isn’t a huge fan of it either. Choi Woong and Kim Ji-woong have been confused since they were primary school friends because their names seem similar. In the present, Mom and Dad continue to treat Kim Ji-woong as if he were their own son. Even Choi Woong, who isn’t as mature as he expected to be at this point in life, hasn’t changed much.

During Yeon-Soo’s presentation, her team talks about her passionate meeting with Mr. Jang. They admire her bravery in finally standing up for herself, but they are also aware that Yeon-soo may be terrifying to them. Yeon-soo, on the other hand, finishes a meeting with her director and returns to her workstation. Director Bang is pleased with the news of Soen Shop and suggests that they have a celebration. What about a dinner party? Lunch? Maybe a cup of coffee? However, the rest of the staff seems uninterested in spending time with Mr. Bang, leaving him with little alternative but to return to his office. Meanwhile, Yeon-soo uses her work computer to study Take oh’s and detailed sketches of many structures.

Our three colleagues continue to play basketball, but take a little stop to talk about one of the projects Choi Woong has been assigned. Yeon-soo and her crew are working on a live drawing exhibition, but Choi Woong is not interested in taking part. He prefers to keep his true identity hidden, but Ji-woong and Eun-ho insist that he should do so. It’s for this reason that Nu-Ah, a well-known singer, is rising through the ranks with Choi Woong. Choi Woong doesn’t see Nu-Ah as a danger; he’s happy with his profession so far and has no intentions to change it anytime soon.

Mr. Park, Ji-team woong’s leader, instructs him to focus his next documentary on individuals. Ji-woong is less pleased and emphasizes his desire to do an environmental documentary, but Mr. Park refuses to budge. For his next project, he wants Ji-woong to work on a documentary on individuals, and he already has an idea of who he wants the documentary to be about: Yeon-soo Choi and Woong Choi , During their discussion, he shows Ji-woong a clip from the high school documentary and suggests that they could follow it up with a 10-year update. It will appeal to a younger audience, which is exactly what they want. Secondly, Ji-woong is acquainted with both Choi Woong and Yeon-soo, making this project very realistic.

At the office, Yeon-crew soo’s is also watching portions from the high school documentary and is taken off guard when Yeon-soo approaches from behind. They try to keep themselves from chatting about her, and Yeon-soo, thankfully, lets it go. The majority of the time. She confirms with one of her staff members that Choi Woong, not Yeon-soo, was somebody who began the arguments.

Yeon-soo is so ashamed that she accepts Mr. Jang’s invitation to sit at his table. Choi Woong himself is waiting at a café for his rendezvous with NJ, but he isn’t having much luck. Choi Woong returns home when NJ fails to show up. Sitting at the same table as her professional client is a little odd, but a little booze helps. They begin by discussing the analogies that others have drawn between them, but Yeon-soo quickly shifts the conversation to their matching t-shirts. Mr. Jang thinks it’s pitiful that she wears matching couple t-shirts. Yeon-soo used to despise pitiful people and things as well; she used to be the same way and was quite foolish. When Choi Woong returns home, he discovers Eun-ho sleeping in his office. He puts a shawl around his boss before picking up one of his drawings off the floor.

Yeon-soo walks inside a café and runs into Mr. Jang. He’s seated at a table by himself, and the two of them are wearing the same t-shirt in various colors. The next morning, Choi Woong is awakened by a ringing doorbell. When he gets up to open the door, he sees Yeon-soo standing in front of his home. He’s puzzled, surprised, and irritated all at the same time, and he flees back into his house. He immediately gets a spray bottle and, a few seconds later, points it towards Yeon-face. soo’s We’re led back to Ji-meeting woong’s with Mr. Park as all of this is going on, He recalls how Yeon-soo and Choi Woong dated for five years but broke up on such horrible terms that they promised never to see each other. The documentary isn’t completely out of the question, but it’s unlikely. But, as we all know, fate has its own plans, and one of Yeon-soo and Choi Woong’s fates is to meet again.

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