Episode 1 – Possessed by Love

The episode opens with a tired Na Bong Sun (shy leading lady) walking the crowded streets while the camera zooms in on an ambulance racing to the hospital. It transpires that a man who was discovered unconscious on the stairs of a bar in Itaewon and later died is not an isolated incident.

The virgin spirit Shin Soon Ae died as a result of a terrible accident. She doesn’t recall much about her previous existence, other than the fact that she was a virgin who turned down the chance to enter paradise immediately in order to pursue her desire to not be a virgin on earth. The deadline is quickly approaching, but she only has three years to finish that task; if she doesn’t enter heaven peacefully, she would be compelled to return to earth as an evil ghost.

Office workers leave for lunch while pondering what to eat. Our charming ghost, Shin Soon-Ae, calls out for Korean cuisine and pouts when people ignore her and continue on. She hisses an onlooker in a rage, but the woman is just shocked by the cool air.

According to Soon-ae, who introduces herself as a ghostly maiden, dying as a young woman was so unjust that she chose to remain on earth rather than pass on. The grumpy, lusty ghost known as Soon-ae begs for some leniency, but in reality, she is a sorrowful, lonely soul.

She is cooed at by a baby in a stroller. She approaches him and smiles as she does so. Because he can see her, she asks if he wants to play with her. They also engage in a brief yet adorable game. Basketball players lose control of the ball, and the baby will be struck by it. Without thinking, Soon Ae reaches up and successfully bats it away. She is in disbelief.

Ae is soon lying on the bench. Sighing, she remarks that the sky seems incredibly high. So dark. very lovely This is depressing, she sighs as she sits up. She needs to refuel and grab some food for the burial. Why does that matter?

Soon-Ae meets up with the other spirits while attending a funeral. Once she comes, they begin to speak negatively about her, which drives Soon-Ae so angry that she threatens to fight the main ghost woman who is insulting her. Except for Soon-Ae, all the spirits flee just as they’re ready to engage in combat when they notice the shaman they’re so scared of approaching the burial hall’s door. Naturally, everyone but Soon-Ae notices her, giving them all the opportunity to flee. When Shortly-Ae sees the shaman (a ghost chather), she too escapes, and soon after, a chase begins. It’s comical to watch the shaman pursue Soon-Ae since it looks like she’s simply circling with her stick in the air, racing after no one.

We next proceed to Sun Restaurant where we meet some of the assistant cooks. The youngest assistant chef, Na Bong -Sun slept off and let the sauce burn when the cooks smelled something burning outside. When the real boss shows up, sous chef Min-soo quickly stops talking since he seems to enjoy ordering all the staff about and reprimanding Bong-sun like it’s his restaurant.

While cleaning the sauce pot and making an effort to stay awake, Bong-sun continues to fall asleep in spite of the latest reprimand. She freezes in fear as a black, spectral shadow passes by at that very moment. A blackened hand descends on her shoulder as she begins reciting the Lord’s Prayer, but mercifully it quickly vanishes. Bong-sun exhales with relief.

Her grandma calls to check on her sleep quality and to see whether the ghosts are still an issue. When Bong-sun mentions that they aren’t around very often these days, Grandma says it’s a relief since she doesn’t want Bong-sun to have to become a shaman like her. Bong-sun fights back tears as she sleeps there.

In the next Scene,   Soon-ae is dragged home by the shaman, who chastises her for her possession-seduction tricks and claims that she will never meet a partner whose yang energy can balance out her ghostly yin. Soon-ae claims the shaman suggested there could be such a guy, and even if he’s one in a million, she must make an effort to locate him because once she has been a ghost for three years, she transforms into a malicious ghost. She must therefore settle her unfinished business and depart from Earth before she transforms.

She is comforted by Shaman’s tears and hugs. She then retreats, laughing, having placed a bell necklace around Soon-neck. ae’s HA, tracking her is like wearing a cat collar.

Sun-woo runs a tight ship at Sun Restaurant, where evening service has begun. Everyone is making pasta under his watchful supervision while service is brisk but regulated.

A food blogger rudely requests that a bowl of soup be warmed at the restaurant the following day so that she may take better pictures of it. The food blogger’s neglected youngster rushes into her as Bong Sun returns with the bowl, causing the boiling hot soup to pour over her hand. The food blogger attacks her, but Sun Woo intervenes to stand up for his staff. As the conflict worsens and Eun Hee steps in, Sun Woo rudely kicks the food blogger out of the restaurant after she taunts her wheelchair-bound condition.

In a private conversation with the contrite Bong Sun, Sun Woo advises her to reconsider her job decision and states that if she plans to work in a kitchen, she must be weak. He receives a text about a middle school reunion while still inside the restaurant, which causes him to remember his own middle school years as a bullied child who was ignored by his mother.

Sun Woo happily hooks up with all the market ahjummas while visiting the fish market to purchase the special for the next day. With his purchase in hand, he enters the restaurant where he meets Bong Sun as she enters to deliver her letter of resignation. After leaving Bong Sun to store the seafood, Sun Woo returns home to eat an instant noodle meal and look for his identity online. He eventually stumbles onto Bong Sun’s site and, unaware of the author’s identity, offers a supportive remark. Outside the restaurant, alone herself, Bong Sun says adieu to Sun Woo and her profession.

After giving Sun-advice woo’s some serious thinking, Bong-sun goes the restaurant to submit her letter of resignation. Boss Sun-woo also enters the eatery at the same time as she does. He goes back to his home and keeps up with the famous culinary blogs there. He discovers the blog “You are my Sunshine” and commends the writer, saying that he can sense her love of food and cooking via her site. He has no idea that the person who owns this site is the same person he dissuaded from accepting a job with him.

Sun-woo is inside the restaurant, while Bong-sun is standing outside, expressing everything that she lacked the confidence to say in her resignation letter. I’d like to thank you for everything, chef. Your assertions were accurate. The two concepts of wanting and being able to accomplish something vary. I had too many goals.

I apologize to all of you in the restaurant. I wish you all farewell. Additionally, Bong-sun says that Boss Sun-woo taught her that a person’s emotions are similar to a cold. The only way to get over the cold is to persevere through the discomfort. We see flashbacks of each cook and Boss Sun-woo together, sharing both joyful and difficult times. Additionally, we discover that Bong-sun looked up to Sun-woo and aspired to be a chef like him. She may have had a one-sided crush on him because he could make her happy and unhappy at the same time.

Shaman and Soon-Ae are still together in the meanwhile. When Shaman goes to the door to pay the delivery man who had been to her flat to provide some food, Soon-Ae secures the opportunity to run away. Out the door and onto the streets, Soon-Ae dashes. It’s timed perfectly because Bong-sun, who is lonely and worn out, is her target. In order to avoid being discovered by the shaman, Soon-Ae leaps into the body of Bong-sun as swiftly as possible and makes it out safely. One of the staff members at Sun-restaurant, Woo’s Joon, discovers Bong-sun—who, I may add, is now completely awake and alive—and takes her there. Bong-sun seems to be unfamiliar with the restaurant.

Bong-sun is confused by Sun-request for the storage room keys and wonders what he is asking for. He tries to examine her pockets out of impatience, which Bong-sun finds objectionable. Everyone watches in complete disbelief as she successfully throws him to the ground in front of them. What just transpired?

Bong-sun is searching for a new residence when she despondently realizes they are all too pricey. She doesn’t respond when the cook calls, perhaps believing he wants to know whether she’s quitting. She holds her throbbing head as a voice suddenly rings loudly in it.

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