Released Year: 2019,2020,2021

No of Episodes: 12 (Season 1 + Season 2)+ 1 Special Episode

Main Leads: Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doo-na, Jun ji-hyun

Genre: Political, Historical, Horror, Thriller


Adapted from the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods, The Kingdom depicts how Crown Prince Lee Chang faces political conspiracies while investigating a serious spread of a mysterious disease and he must fight with dreadful zombies! Season I and II has been already released by 2019 and 2020 whereas the season’s final special episode “Kingdom: Ashin of the North” ,is the sidequel to the second season of Ju Ji-hoon starrer Kingdom and tells the backstory of Ashin, the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey towards north in order to discover the origins of the infected.

Main Cast:

Ju Ji-hoon as Lee Chang

Bae Doona as Seo-bi

Ryu Seung-ryong as Lord Cho Hak-ju

Jun Ji-hyun as    Ashin


Season 1:

Episode 1: The Crown Prince and a Heinous Disease

A servant is sent to provide food for the Ill King who is suffering from chicken pox. He is warned against seeing the majesty’s bed chamber. However, when the young man saw the bed chamber, he was pulled inside vigorously. The next day morning posters were seen all over the Hanyang region that states the king is dead. This is considered as heinous sin and the officials a trapped and arrested around 89 students in connection with the incident. They are tortured and the first person who confesses will be spared. 

One of the students is furious when they were blamed as traitors. He calls the second Queen as evil and roars that if the feeble king is dead, it would be better for the nation as the country is now terrible under the domination of Lord Cho Hak ju. The haewon cho clan now rules the country indirectly through the second Queen. 

The crown Prince begs the second Queen to permit him to see his own father, the king. The Queen disagrees. The Queen is now pregnant and it seems that she don’t like the crown Prince. 

The crown Prince is devasted and at any cost, he decides to see his father. 

The crown Prince calls one of his few confidants, Mu-Yeong and assigns him a task of bringing the journals from the Royal affirmatory. By diverting everyone, he tries to see his father. And came to know that he is just missing and the officials are in search. On his way out, he just see a monstrous creature like beast, he could not see it face to face and suddenly it vanished. The crown Prince is now caught by the officials. The haewon clan lord Cho accuses the crown Prince Chang as an evil-minded monster who wishes his own father to die to quench his thirst for Power. The crown Prince cannot do anything and says nothing, returns back to his chamber. 

The journal about his father health has been now retrieved from the Royal affirmatory. But no records about this recent health was noted. The crown Prince now in disguise goes to see the Royal Physician Lee who recorded King’s last health report. 

Physical Lee returns to his village with a coffin and asks his subordinates to prepare a funeral. They shocked to see the dead body of fellow worker named Dan-I , who serves the king. The wounds are brutal and all over his body and is in gruesome state and seems to be strange. Lee did not disclose the reason to anybody. 

Lord Cho ordered to arrest the crown Prince for treason. The accusation is that he led the scholars to post those notices. As the crown Prince is not found in his chamber. The soldiers search him. Meanwhile he travels to see the physician Lee with his only confidant Mu-Yeong, who would do anything for the crown Prince. Not because of loyalty, just because for royal desserts. He is guilty and is being blackmailed by the crown Prince for stealing his royal desserts at times. 

They both travels towards dongnae and in the meantime the crown Prince accepts to mu-yeong that he conspired against his own father and all the allegations are true. He did it because if the child is born, then he becomes the illegitimate crown prince who could be killed in any second. To protect himself and the scholars, he must go and search physician Lee to know about his father. 

To not die out of hunger, the man in the physician affirmatory served Soup made by Dan-I body that had strange wounds. The woman royal physician is shocked to see a finger and found that it is a human flesh not a deer. The lady is furious and confronted the man who did this. Just like that, he replied this is how people live at South. The girl who ate it vomited immediately and right after everyone vomited and becomes motionless with a wide-open mouth. The second lady in charge tried to save a man who is find vomiting. When she is trying to save him and when the lady and the one who made the soup were arguing heard a strange noise and the second lady is being eaten by those people who were motionless with open month. They became Zombies. Means, Dan-I, who served the king must have gotten strange would because of a zombie? Says further episodes. 

Episode 2: Zombies and the Resurrection Plant!

When crown prince and my-Yeong reaches the clinic, they found as a building that is not even suited for a clinic. The sticks on the roof are full of blood and the door is closed with the help of tables and all stuff. They open the door and sees the clinic is fully forbidden. And they find few dozens of strange bodies. They suspect the man named yeong-sim who gathered bamboo Sticks around that area as they found bamboo spears covered with blood. Yeong-sim, the one who prepared that human flesh made soup is now the suspect. 

The crown Prince found out that seo-bi, the lady is the only survivor from the clinic. Crown Prince heard from seo-bi that physician lee seung hwi could not be reached and when she heard that they took out the bodies. She lamented that they are not dead and they can’t be taken out from the clinic, jijulhyeon. In the meantime, Yeong-sim collected bamboo sticks and reached the clinic only to see it is being under the control of soldiers. He asked where they are (the bodies) and fought with the soldiers. Both they continuously argued that they are not dead. 

Yeong-sim is arrested and only the crown Prince believed seo-bi. Seo-bi informs the chang that this happened when physician lee uses the resurrection plant to bring back the dead alive at hangyang. The crown Prince got something from this and goes to check the writings of lord seung hwi at jijulhyeon. He found lord cho’s son waiting for him. They combat each other and when the crown Prince loses, he found someone in the underground knocking the floor. Meanwhile, seo-bi and Yeong-sim pleaded at the magistrate Court to lock all the so-called bodies as they are not dead. They will wake once the sun set. 

The same happened to the king. He is a zombie now. In the morning he will. Be as dead body and by eve, he will become a zombie. He is dead before 3 years. Lord Cho knows it and the king is tied at night. In the magistrate Court, before the public, the bodies wake up. Chang is shocked to see physician lee as zombie. He is in the basement of the clinic, jijulhyeon. Chang escaped and still in shock. 

Episode 3: Lord Ahn, the Only possible support!

The zombies destroyed the magistrate court and killed so many people. And it spread over the whole village. The entire village is in chaos and people flee for their lives. The official closes the whole gate and the crown Prince is also stuck inside the village. They refused to believe that he is the crown Prince. Somehow, the crown Prince and mu-Yeong escapes. The entire town is flooded with blood and so innocent lost their lives just because the gate is closed. 

The next day morning, they themselves went to places where there is no sunlight. Later it is decided to burn all the peasant bodies and to Bury the aristocrats’ bodies after proper ritual and the families were not okay of burning or cutting their family people bodies. The crown Prince now enters and orders to burn all the bodies irrespective of status. Mu-Yeong is happy to see a matured crown Prince who speaks for the people. 

All gathered their courage to visit the King’s place as there were rumors of dead corpses being found at King’s Place. All the bodies are carefully packed and thrown inside the river. The King must have bitten all these people to death and Lord Cho must have served all these people to the zombie King. Crown Prince learns about his father’s death and about the resurrection plant. He heads towards sangju to gather support from Lord ahn heon. But previous when Lord Cho came to know that the other clan is gathering Lord ahn support, he says firmly that no matter what Lord ahn won’t go against him. Why he said so? Explains next episode. 

Episode 4: The Zombie King!

The crown Prince came to see the just left ship with all nobles from dongnae. Remaining all including seo-bi, Yeong-sim and other villagers were left behind despite the danger waiting after sun set. Seo-bi gave the idea that jijulhyeon would be the safest place as the zombies might not enter. But they couldn’t reach the clinic jijulhyeon as planned and crown Prince is in run to escape from the revived zombies. 

Half of the peasants has already entered and safe. The escaped military officers planned to land in sangjae. Unfortunately, an old noble lady carried his son dead body to the ship. The monster is in beast mode and all are in run for their lives. 

On the other end, Somehow, almost all have escaped from zombies and entered jijulhyeon.

They escaped the night.

Officer from hangyang reached jijulhyeon and declared the crown Prince to be a traitor and to be surrender without fuss. Lord cho is furious to see his only dead son head and vows to revenge the same, that is, to bring the crown Prince head.

The officers killed all the peasants through arrows. Crown Prince could not tolerate it. The four escapes and travel towards sangjae to meet Lord ahn, their only hope.

As the nation now is in danger due to war threat, the core ministers insisted in meeting the king. Lord cho unusually agreed and take them to the King’s chamber. He requested all to wait after informing that the King must be sleeping. The Queen, daughter of the Lord cho could not disagree her father’s command and just hinted that the sun will set soon. The four important ministers trembled in fear to see their king as a zombie. He just made the ministers to believe that the king is contracted with a grave disease and no matter what it is, he is the King. He hides the fact that the king is dead and its a zombie. He wanted them to believe that king is actually alive.

Lord cho blamed Kim sun, the chief scholar for conspiracy with the crown Prince. He vows to kill whoever supports Lee chang, the crown Prince to avenge his son death.

Episode 5: The Epidemic and the Crown Prince is accused of Treason!

The ship with the infected is about to reach sangjae. So, the disease might spread to the whole country through sangjae. The crown Prince, mu-Yeong, seo-bi, Yeong-sim and the escaped magistrate now travels to sangjae to contain the spread. 

The people who live at sangjae looted the ship and buried all the dead bodies without knowing the facts. The crown Prince and the crew reached the place but not before the sunset. The fight is gruesome this time. Suddenly lord ahn joins them. 

Lord cho wanted to spread the disease in hangyang. He fed a prisoner with the flesh of the infected that turned a healthy into a monster. He bit his cell mate. And these were being watched by Lord cho and his men.  

Mu-Yeong suspects lord ahn to be an accomplice with Lord cho when seo-bi informed him that he must have known about this as he first beheaded all the zombies correctly. 

The next day five armies marched towards sangjae to arrest the crown Prince. 

In hangyang, some of the least class pregnant women are gathered and were given a grand food that includes mu-Yeong wife. 

The borders of two regions are closed and to and fro is banned. Trespassers will be executed on the spot. The Queen has become the regent now. Crown Prince is wanted for high treason. 

Episode 6: How Zombies Attack!

Lord ahn is the crown Prince alibi and he warned him that one of his people is a spy who informs Lord cho about his whereabouts. Crown Prince could not guess it. Lord ahn killed the soldiers who tried to arrest the crown Prince. 

The entire sangju is in threat now and the crown Prince schemes with the officers to protect sangju by taking the advantages of those zombies’ fear of water and fire. 

It is found that the Queen is not at all pregnant and she just carries a bag all over this time.

Day by day it became hectic at nights to safeguard sangju. 

But, one day, during the day time, they are numerous zombies on the way to attack sangjae. All are shocked and confused. How zombies can attack during the day time? Season 2 continues. 

Season II

Episode 1: The Origin of the Disease and the Zombies!

3 years ago, lord Cho discusses with royal physician lee about the resurrection plant. But the deceased will be be revived as a monster who craves for flesh and blood. If the brain is Already damaged, resurrection is not possible.

Now at sangju, thousands of zombies’ attacks crown prince and the army during the day time. They don’t fear water or fire as well. Crown Prince cannot withhold and both Lord ahn and thr crown Prince decided to flee this time. The whole city is spread with the epidemic and people try to escape for their lives. It was too emotional to see so many bitten soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect the crown Prince. But how these many zombies that too in a daytime. The mystery unfolds.

They found out that they don’t cease or fear for sun, all they deer is high temperature so during winters they are active all the time.

They found few pregnant women being killed and the new born were strangled. The women said some strange words that a village where the Queen lives are the one who did this to them and they would revive and kill all. Everyone finds this strange. It was all queen’s doing for some ritual. Even the Lord Cho does not aware of this.

Seo-bi and the magistrate Beom reached lord Cho place and he had to accept the only heir of haewon Cho clan. After coming to know that she worked with physician lee, he accepts her as well.

He also came to know that she knew about the resurrection plant.

The food warehouse in sangjae caught up with fire. So no food for those who stuck inside the citadel of sangjae including the crown Prince. To overcome all this, he determined to go the place of Lord Cho, munyeong saijae. Crown Prince thought mu-Yeong as a spy, but he refuted the claim. Crown Prince can’t think this as priority, so he left. His best men including lord ahn, mu-Yeong, Yeong-sim follows Lee chang. 

Episode 2: The Spy, King Death is Revealed!

Crown Prince and the gang reaches munyeong saijae where the Lord Cho with five army camp stays for an unfinished business.

Crown Prince is captured by Lord Cho. Seo-bi don’t know what’s happening. And it seems there’s a traitor. Crown Prince was trapped inside the King’s chamber and now that he fights for his life from his own father who is now a beast.

Lord ahn revealed everyone that the king had passed already and resurrected. Now that he is shot dead. He opened the King’s door while dying to see Lee chang beheading the zombie King. He died in the hands of chang by telling he has become a rightful king. Lord cho arrested the crown prince for killing his father.

The Queen’s residence has to be investigated as they found more blood stains of pregnant women rooting to her residence. They found that pregnant women are killed for son.

The Palace informs that the Queen is in labor. But the investigation secretly continues. Seo-bi goes to treat chang. He writes something. All the captured soldiers of Lee chang including Yeong-sim comes up with a plan to avenge Lord ahn death. As they already forfeited, they wanted take Lord cho down with them.

Yeong-sim escapes and aims gun at lord Cho. But someone interrupted and dies covering the Lord cho hat full of blood. When fight is intense. Someone grawls and comes, it’s none other than Lord ahn. They had this plan with crown Prince to prove to the world that a body can be resurrected. It was done by seo-bi. Now after seeing blood in his hat, the monster ahn bites lord choi. Thus, the resurrection is proved. And the episode ends.

Episode 3: pregnant women in naeseonjae and the War against Zombies!

Lee chang behead lord ahn and explains how he is resurrection and how to kill zombies. All agreed and now believes Lee chang. Lord cho is still unconscious after bitten by Lord ahn. The soldiers of chang continues to provide food in the citadel of sangjae. As zombies are everywhere, passing food has become a tedious job, yet, done by skilled soldiers. 

And yes! Mu-Yeong is the mole in chang team. He takes the unconscious Lord cho, seo-bi and Lord Beom safely. He had to obey Lord cho as his pregnant wife is under cho custody. 

After checking the medicine gathered for Queen, seo-bi is doubtful on queen’s pregnancy as the medicine is used only after child birth. And a strong and effective medicine not prescribed for pregnant women. Also seo-bi understand mu-Yeong intentions and informs him about the medicine. As mu-Yeong pregnant wife is in queen’s Place and as he seen some pregnant women previously, he is too doubtful on this and questions the half-conscious Lord cho. Cho has no idea about it. 

Cho mumbled something to lord Beom previously and now the Lord cho soldiers killed mu-Yeong and took the three. Mu-Yeong while dying asked seo-bi to find out the remedy at all cost and to Lee chang, he informs about pregnant women in naeseonjae, queen residence. The other end, mu-Yeong wife is in labor and the baby is born. The Queen gives an evil smile. 

Episode 4: The Spy revealed And the DEATH!

Lee chang could not bear mu-Yeong demise and He is very fond of him. He was his only trusted confidant. Even after he deceived him, he still loved him as his brother. 

It is declared that the Queen has given birth to a baby boy. And lord Cho in critical condition. Seo-bi rethinks carefully on why zombie fear water. She splashed water on lord Cho and made him to a bath tub. She sees larvae coming out from the infected skin.

One of the councilor informs about pregnant women death in a meeting and there enters Lord cho. He dare to know that someone entered the royal delivery to which even the king has no permission to enter. 

The crown prince entered and sees pregnant dead women were being buried and one woman, i. e, mu-Yeong wife is alive. He killed every soldier in naeseonjae. Seo-bi is called by the prince through Yeong-sim and she treats mu-Yeong wife. She further informs Lee chang that the worms are the root cause. 

As no one knows what happened during the Lord cho visit to munjeong saijae previously. He declared whoever. Joined Lee chang as traitor and their families are to be beheaded. No one here know lord ahn incident. 

Seo-bi wants to work as physician for the Queen. Lord cho meets the Queen along with seo-bi. He had a tea with Queen and found out that she is not pregnant at all when seo-bi checks the queen’s pulse. He disagrees making a commoner as a king. And now that the Queen must become a dowager. He walks off, coughs, and vomits blood. He drank a poisoned tea as schemed by the Queen. It is pronounced to the country that he died of plague. And the Queen help seo-bi captive. 

Episode 5: Queen is the Only Enemy!

The Queen made Lord Beom as the hard of the royal commandry. And Beom-pal could not read the Queen order of beheading. The crown Prince enters. And eventually want to be in his rightful place as both the king and Lord cho had passed away. Beom joins him. 

The crown prince enters the Palace with maximum support. But it seems the queen is not that easy to be pulled out. They wanted to enthrone the crown prince as the king after sealing using the royal seal. But the queen has some final plans. To release the the two test subject zombies from the prison. The test was monitored by Lord cho. Now it is done, yes, the disease starts spreading. Seo-bi escaped from the prison. Now the zombies out numbers the soldiers. Lee chang and soldiers tries hard to protect. The Queen does not care about dying. All she wants is to take Lee chang down with her. Seo-bi is inside the meeting hall along with queen and few guards abd the zombies now surround the meeting hall. 

Episode 6: The Final Rise!

Zombies bite the queen. And seo-bi tries to save herself by stopping them with firesticks. With the baby, seo-bi wrap herself with a burning clothes and escapes from the meeting hall. The baby is also bitten. 

The crown Prince schemes the final plan. It is to lure them into water or fire. In the fight, the crown Prince is also bitten. They lure them into a frozen lake and in the time, all were bitten and crown Prince manages to breakdown the ice so that all of them together with the zombies sank into the lake. worm has come out and all the live men bitten by zombies are now safe.

The council urges the king to kill the little prince. Chang knows that he is mu-Yeong son. And, seo-bi begs him to not kill the little child as he is safe and will not become zombie. But chang disagree as he might be a potential threat in the future.

Now after 7 years, a 7-year-old rules the country and it had recovered from all the chaos. 

Before 7 years, chang asked his officers to make the little child as the king as he would be the only hope of future for the rise of the empire. He further asked them to write as the king, Queen and himself are died from the war. He doesn’t want the world to know about all this. Reluctant officers, somehow respects chang decision. 

Now chang is accompanied by seo-bi and Yeong-sim. And resurrected plant has started to be planted for money. Chang even kills a zombie and terrified to hear snarling of zombies. While the little King is sleeping, the worm enters his brain and a lady (Jun ji hyun) turns back and gives a cunning smile!!! 

The Kingdom ends. 

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