Have you noticed in the Korean Drama Goblin, when the Eun-tak suggests name to the Grim Reaper, She pointed as ‘Bin’ is the famous name in Korea and she mentions Won Bin, Hyun Bin, and Kim Woo-bin! You all might have known about Hyun Bin and Kim Woo-bin as they are still active in the Industry!

But Won Bin? Who is he!

Recent Korean drama/ movie lovers Would not know him! The “Autumn in my heart” era viewers know this legend! Won Bin is considered as one of the Best examples of Good looking man.

Started his career in the drama film Propose at the age of 20, Won bin is one of the most important and the most selective Korean Actors. Over the span of 20+Years acting career, this legend has acted only in 5 Movies with the critically acclaimed 2010 film ‘The Man from Nowhere’, his last appearance!

Despite constant rumors about his next projects, he never appeared again! But, he is still is one of the versatile actors in South Korea and reserved a position in industry that would never be replaced.

But Why he has not appeared? Is Won Bin retired?

His wife, star actress Lee Na-young (Romance is a Bonus Book), at times answers questions about her husband’s decision! She states that “He is expecting a role which would persuade him to return from his 10+Years hiatus”!!To talk about his retirement, his agency clarified that he is been active as an endorser and still reviewing Offers!

Why Won-bin is so popular like other hallyu Stars even today?

He only acts if he is convinced! He rarely gives interviews! Hope Just one Or Two! In a conservative country like Korea, Personal life is also matters! and Won bin, is considered as one of the perfect gentlemen Without any sorts of rumors!

 The 5 films he acted shows that he is an exceptionally versatile actor! And even after 10 years, he would remain as one of the Top Hallyu Star irrespective of his comeback! and This “King of CF(Commercial Film)” stills rules the Endorsement Industry!

About Won Bin Comeback Rumors:

The below might be rumors or doubtful truths!The authenticy of such news could be only verified by either Won bin or his Agency!It is also rumored that he is seriously considering drama offers but rejecting it for his very own reason !

  • It is reported that Won Bin is considering a film (remake of the  2013 film, Still life)
  • It is Claimed that Won Bin even took part in the discussions of the project, That Winter, The Wind Blows, but eventually, he dropped it due to differences in opinions!
  • The Recent Rumor is he turned down the offer of playing the role of ‘600 years Old’ Man in the most anticipated upcoming drama ‘The Immortal’, and he is drawn to severe criticism due to his constant refusals.

In 2020, after 10 years, his recent Photos are surfaced on the internet and shows he is still the same as he was before! We Hope Won Bin would definitely get a creative project and would come back in the future!

Won Bin Movies:

Saturday, 2:00 Pm(1998)

Guns & Talks(2001)


My Brother(2004)


The Man from Nowhere(2010)

Won Bin Dramas:


Ready, Go!(1997-1998)



Tough Guy’s Love(2000)

Autumn in My Heart(2000)


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