Wang Ji-hyun, born on 30 October 1981, gave up her dream of becoming a flight attendant and entered Modelling at the age of 16! Started her career as a model for Ecole Magazine with the stage name, Jun Ji-hyun, she made her acting debut through white Valentine. Prior to that, she is a known commercial Model and TV actress.

As of 2020, she has acted in around 12 Movies and 4 Dramas(as the female lead) in her overall of 20+ Years acting career. Though seemed to be a very normal profile, she still, is the most in-demand celebrity when comes to endorsement and Fashion.

Yes, Fashion! Her choice of clothing in her dramas astonishes everyone! Whatever she wears becomes most in-demand and sets a style. From cosmetics items to dresses worn, everything becomes very popular and marked an unprecedented hike in sales. Besides, The Yves Saint Laurent SAS lipstick she wore on her drama ‘My Love from the Star’ sold out worldwide, while the branded coat she wore on the drama experienced a surge in sales with around 2500 Sold in just ten days after the release of “My Love from the Star”!

The drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, is another example of her epitome of fashion style! With this Exceptional fashion Sense, she rules the Korean Fashion Industry!

This fashion icon has marked her entry into the fashion industry by launching a luxury jeans brand named “Gianna by True Religion” by the Year 2008! The brand is named after her English name “Gianna Jun”, which she adopted prior to the release of her Hollywood debut, Blood: The Last Vampire (2009).

She has achieved greater heights via her fashion Style, that includes,

  1. She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the July issue of the American edition of Vogue and becomes the first Korean actress to be photographed by the iconic fashion magazine.
  2. That Sequined Short Sleeve Finale Dress which she wore in the Legend of the Blue Sky (Yes, that glitter dress), becomes a high in-demand of that Year.
  3. Remember that Crystal Buckle Satin Flats? And the Oversized Checked Cotton Poplin Shirt , Floral Print Silk Jacquard Shorts ? and even the Adilette Slides! “Anything and Everything” experienced a great hike in Sales.
  4. Just because chimaek (made of Chicken) is the favorite dish of Jun ji-hyun’s character in “My Love from the Star”, Despite the H7N9 bird flu threat, chicken restaurants in china marked a magnificent increase in sales.
  5. In 2014, she earned an estimated huge amount of ₩20 billion from advertising and endorsement.
  6. In 2016, Jun earned ₩14 billion through 14 commercials she has filmed, regaining her top position in advertisement rankings.

Fashion icon Jun Ji-Hyun never ages! And we hope even after 10 Years she would look the same as how she looked in ‘My Love from the Star ‘(2013).

Only Her Fashion sense Grows invincibly, not her Age!

About Jun Ji-hyun:

Age: 38(30 October 1981)

Debut: 1998

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2017

Spouse: Married to Choi Joon-hyuk, a banker and the grandson of the renowned hanbok designer Lee Young-hee.

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies of Jun Ji-hyun:

My Sassy Girl (Movie, 2001)

Il Mare (Movie, 2000)

Windstruck (Movie, 2004)

The Thieves (Movie,2012)

The Berlin File (Movie, 2013)

Assassination (Movie, 2015)

My Love from the Star (Drama, 2013–2014)

Legend of the Blue Sea (Drama, 2016–2017)

Fashion Icon! Jun Ji-hyun

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