Vincenzo Summary

Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 20
Main Leads: Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been
Genre: Black comedy


At the age of eight, Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki) went to Italy after being adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano mafia family. Renamed Vincenzo Cassano, he became consigliere for the mafia. After Fabio died, Paolo , Fabio’s biological son and now Current Leader tried to kill him; he fled to Seoul to recover hidden gold within the Geumga Apartment Complex. Long back Vincenzo helped a Chinese tycoon hide his gold in a mafia-secured vault within the complex, but the tycoon died. Without anyone knowing about the vault, he planned to recover the gold and use it as his retirement fund after leaving both Italy and the mafia. However, a real estate company under Babel Group has illegally taken ownership of the building and Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the building in order to recover the hidden gold. On the Other end, lawyer Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been) is the type of attorney who will do anything to win a case. Circumstances made them to Work Together!

Main Cast:

Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano

Jeon Yeo-been as Hong Cha-young

Ok Taec-yeon as Jang Jun-woo/Jang Joon-woo

Kwak Dong-yeon as Jang Han-seo

Kim Yeo-jin as Choi Myung-hee


Episode 1: Vincenzo Cassano, The Consigliere

The first scene showcases Song Joong-ki standing on a bridge and wanted a building to be destroyed, before going in to the story, I am overwhelmed to see song Joong-ki after Arthdal chronicles. Being an ardent fan of joong-ki, I want this drama to be a grand success after DOTS.

Let’s see our song Joong-ki’s power packed actions through my words. 

He wanted to tear down a building. He says this with full of vengeance. The building then collapses right before his eyes whereas he gives his usual big boss reaction. 

Here comes a flashback and it says,

72 hours, in Italy! Vincenzo Cassano(Song Joong-ki), consigliere, a legal advisor of an Italian Mafia’s boss. After getting ready, he goes to a place, Grecco Vineyard which is secured by full of armed men. 

He meets a man who questions him on how could he work even on his boss’s funeral Day. 

An air vehicle approaches the place, Grecca Vineyard, and sprays something! When the men were casual as they believed it to be pesticides. Vincenzo throws lighter and the whole vineyard is set ablaze. Just in a blink, the whole place becomes ashes. He immediately goes to his boss funeral, and pays his tribute. His face shows that he is quite shaken by his death and the way he calls him as father says the emotional bonding between them. Boss son questions his actions on the vineyard incident. He rebukes by saying that it could have been done atleast after the funeral. Vincenzo answered that it was his boss’s last order and he wanted him to do that by all means. But son could not tolerate vincenzo actions as he feels that burning down the entire vineyard is a stupid decision. But all his answer is that he did what he was ordered. It seems like there is a cold-war between paolo (son) and vincenzo as paolo feels that his own father trust vincenzo more, than himself. 

A murder attempt on vincenzo is thwarted by his own prudential execution. He killed whomsoever trying to kill him. He threatens paolo by exploding his favorite car right before his eyes. He also expresses his willingness to end this cold-War by moving out of Italy once for all. 

He flies to Seoul and keeps an eye on Geumga Plaza. 

Hong Cha-young, is a lawyer who works for the Elite society. She even buys a test subject in a case to win over his own father, who is a also a righteous lawyer. Though portrayed to be a lawless lawyer, her action, reactions are pretty.

When vincenzo reached Seoul, he gets into the car and got trapped into robbery. The driver mixes a drug in the water bottle and after drinking that he becomes unconscious. When he woke up, he found sitting in some outer land with 2 guys. They kicked him out and he just wake up shouting at them that he would find and kill them. The great consigliere smashed by some ordinary funny guys. Thanks to those kind hearted thieves who left 50000 won so that he would take a bus. He reaches Geumga plaza and says ‘he wants to tear down this building’ as his client hid a ransom gold beneath this plaza. 

The strategy followed by mafia family is buying an old building, creating a underground room and to avoid customs, transporting and storing it little by little. And the basement door will have a biometric and the only person who could open is the owner’s pupil. 

He stays In a room arranged by Mr. Cho, a common man who helped them previously in acquiring that old building and other stuffs, he is the acting owner now. After encountering terrible and funny people, vincenzo finally settles. There he meets Hong yu-Chan, lawyer and father of Cha-young who has his office at Geumga plaza. A big conglomerate approaches the owner to sell it, but still the acting owner refuses to sell. The people reside there never knew that actually the plaza involves a bigger mafia’s connections. 

Babel (conglomerate) interested in buying Geumga plaza to which the acting owner and vincenzo oppose! He went on to meet the team leader from Babel and he threatens vincenzo in his own way without knowing his identity. But, vincenzo himself wants to rebuild the plaza and he tries to make all the tenants to accept his proposal. 

Babel attacks the owner and legally transfer the plaza through contract of sales agreement. When Mr. Cho, the owner apologizes to vincenzo for the incident and tells him that he will fix the issue no matter what, his car is hit by a tanker. They came to plaza, put up a notice and threatens the tenants to end things peacefully! The tenant misunderstood that vincenzo is also a part of babel. When Cha-young father, lawyer Hong yu-Chan, dares the guys, they mistreat him. Hong Cho-young who came to visit his father to demand an explanation for the notice which was sent by her father to remove her name from the family registry, could not tolerate and quarrels with the men. When they try to attack Cho-young, vincenzo enters the scenes. Thereby they meet for the first time. 

Finally, after knocking out the lead man, vincenzo says, Geumga plaza belong to him and no matter what, he will get that back. The Episode Ends!

Episode 2:The Party!

Even after Vincenzo helped the Geumga plaza tenants, none believes him. Cha young doubts that there would be something more than the building as he fight for the building even after being sold for high prices. Vincenzo without knowing himself stunned by cha young’s intelligence.

Prosecutor choi Myung hee, a heinous woman who would do anything to win a case. Her speciality is finding faults in innocent people and making them sentenced. She has the capability to change a case upside-down.

Vincenzo dug out all illegal activities of babel group and also about wusang law firm in which actually cha-young works for. Prosecutor Hong yo-chan is happy when Vincenzo found out all the details. Meanwhile, Myung hee is in talks with Babel group representative lawyer of wusang law firm to join them.

As the illegal research leaked, Cha young and his subordinate Jang Jun-woo (OK taec-yeon) met the chairman of Babel, Jang Han-seo and he seems to very cold person. But, in the hockey playground, he explains all the failures in the research to someone and gets brutally beaten by ball for every mistakes. It seems that he is just an acting chairman of Babel and someone is behind him who gives order.

Prosecutor choi joins Wusang law firm as the lead and she will now represent Wusang when all thought it would be cha young. Meanwhile, prosecutor Hong and vincenzo become close and while drinking together, he questioned about a case to hong. He replies that it is a woman who accepted a false accusation and now serving jail. When vincenzo questioned why would she do that, it seems somewhere they both are related. Hong replied that she already has pancreatic cancer and thought she would receive this punishment as well for abandoning her little son long ago.

To help Vincenzo hangover, prosecutor Hong invites him for a soup. In order to demolish the plaza, Babel plan to crack the building little so that people will move out of fear. Anyways, Cha young is not into this and came to know from her intern Jang Jun-Woo that by 11pm the demolishment takes place. This this not new for babel as they had previously done so many times which even caused casualties. To inform this to her father, Cha young came to her father’s house and surprised to see Vincenzo. Then, prosecutor hong got a call about test subjects being researched illegal using the drugs manufactured by babel. 

So Cha young informs Vincenzo that the building will be demolished by 11 pm. Every time, Cha young funny expressions and actions never fails to attract vincenzo. The eyes and the little smile of vincenzo would say that he like her though she is disloyal, dishonest, etc, etc. Well, vincenzo is not a righteous man though. 

When babel group got ready with jcp’s to demolish, cha young drives fast to save his dad. But when she reached, she saw a colorful party with many visitors. The babel group surprised to see such a big party that covered so many youtubers and even the Italian Ambassador for Korea. And first time, cha young is heavily attracted by Vincenzo’s intelligence and charm. 

Episode 3: The Accident!

Now Cha young and Vincenzo returns to form despite few minutes attraction. She questions why would he spend money from his own pocket to organize this party.

Cha young has really a bad time as one of the researchers escapes and if she fails to find him, she will be fired. So, she and her intern jang Jun-woo think of all possible approaches to get him in place.

Vincenzo finds out about babel’s new drug R90 that includes “coisanic” which is actually a narcotic substance.

Cha young tries so Hard to find Yun chul, the researcher. But, all in vain. Jun-woo suggests that it must definitely her dad whom Yun chil might have approached.

Vincenzo managed to stop the demolition for 2 months by blackmailing one of the managers of babel group. In Wusang, daily seems to be a cold war between Cha young and prosecutor choi. Cha young teases choi in every gap. prosecutor choi is sometimes outsmarted cha young.

Prosecutor Hong meets one of his clients, the woman they already discussed about, the woman who is jailed wrongly. This time with Vincenzo. Vincenzo is too awkward to meet her.

Later, vincenzo asked prosecutor Hong about how she is. He tells she has only 6 months left. When vincenzo asked about the severity of pain, he replies that if he is curious and concerned, he must visit his mom, oh gyeom Ja. Yes, she is his mom. It seems prosecutor Hong already knows. Before some years, he saw Vincenzo during court hearing and another few times that made him to confirm that she is his mom!

There is a sudden made-up blast in babel chemicals unit and 14 researchers were dead. Everyone knows, chairman jang is behind it. Prosecutor choi meets chairman Jang and found out that he is not the real chairman. She has an ally nicknamed “Crystal” who informs her that researcher and prosecutor Hong already talked with each other. After seeing his fellow researchers died like that, Yun chul is furious and even agreed to testify without minding his own safety. But choi calls crystal and tells to kill both! Yun chul is murdered. When Vincenzo questioned prosecutor Hong about something that he hides from him and it is that researcher, a truck suddenly crashed the bar and hit on them. Hong is spot dead and Vincenzo is severely bleeding and became unconscious. 

Episode 4: Vincenzo’s Magnificent Plans!

Cha-young reaches the spot to see her father and Vincenzo lying motionless. Both were taken rushed to the hospital and prosecutor Hong is proclaimed dead. All she has to cry alone as no one was available to console her. Vincenzo is comatose and been monitored. Hong also falsely accused of corruption and that made Cha-young furious. She could not tolerate the fact that his righteous father is now accused of bribery. Cha-young and her intern joon-woo pay last respects to prosecutor Hong. Despite the demean accusation, people who were his client are grateful and sad, his office door is flooded with condolences through bouquets and cards. And now babel’s new drug RDU-90 has been approved as it refuted all the claims about threats to human beings. Chairman Jang thanked prosecutor choi. Meanwhile, vincenzo is still comatose. 

After 10 days, vincenzo become conscious. The researcher body is found near a sea shore which made Cha-young to dig the case. She vows to found out about his father’s death as she found something fishy. Cha-young found out that it was min-chul, who died. She submits her Resignation and confronts with the chief of wusang if the law firm had involved in her father’s death. Even though she find her intern joon-woo stopping her from going as cute, she did not take back her decision. Vincenzo is infuriated hearing that prosecutor Hong is wrong and the drug is approved. 

Chairman Jang is threatened as he found a broken syringes tore his pillow. Prosecutor choi again put the blame on Cha-young this time. Jang wants her to be arrested. She is arrested under charges of blackmailing and trespassing. 

Vincenzo thought she would get out by herself moreover he was not interested either. As things did not go good in the police station, he went to take her out. Though he really not cares about her, he could not resist himself from thinking about her. 

Joon-woo visits her in the hospital, when he asks her why can’t call him immediately as he is her only hope. He casually said he is the 57th person she called. Whatever, Cha-young is brazen. Whatever hard the situation is, she trespasses it with utmost guts. 

She initiates a deal with Vincenzo after knowing that he is the one who did that to chairman jang. She also expresses her interest in working with him and in return she can get back Geumga plaza to him through lawsuit. 

They both meet the convict truck driver. When Vincenzo says that he is going to die tonight. he quite understood the danger and said a phone number on who ordered him to do so. They are closely overheard by the police officer standing next to the door. Understanding the situation, Vincenzo shouted on him that thanks for becoming an approver. He did not understand what he is saying as he said so. The police officer informed the situation to prosecutor choi. On the night, he died. Hearing the news, Cha-young is upset. She asks to Vincenzo to not harm anyone in the process. She doesn’t want any people’s lives. First time, vincenzo admired her words. 

Vincenzo and Cha-young kidnaps 2 men to reveal Hong’s death. Now Hong’s subordinate also joins the team. Vincenzo uses the same truck to instill fear on prosecutor choi. He wants Prosecutor Hong and other test subjects name to be cleared tomorrow if not she would face the same death as of Hong’s. As next plan, they burnt the entire supply warehouse belongs to Babel Pharmaceuticals. He got informed from the kidnapped men. Few of clients of Hong supported Vincenzo. They played the role of health works and sprayed diesel instead of disinfectant. Now the original chairman appears! He is none other than Cha-young intern “JANG JOON-WOO“! 

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