Released Year: 2020
No of Episodes: 20
Main Leads: Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene,Um Ki-joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Park Eun-seok
Genre: Suspense,Drama


Penthouse Summary – Like Skycastle, the story depicts the 1 percent of High Society People who lives at the renowned, Famous Hera Palace! The one who lives at penthouse of Hera Palace is the Queen of the Palace! Further, the story depicts the revenge and Solidarity of Women of Hera Palace who dare to engage in all sorts of evil Activities for their own and children’s lavish life!

Main Cast:

Lee Ji-ah as Shim Su-ryeon,Na Ae-kyo

Kim So-yeon as Cheon Seo-jin

Eugene as Oh Yoon-hee

Um Ki-joon as Chairman Joo


Episode 1: Hera Palace And the Women!

The first scene captures the beauty of Seoul at night and a luxurious apartment, where a woman walks. When she is about to go to a party where all dressed up like a High-society English people from nineteenth century. She presses the lift button and enters, she lives in 100th floor and she now about to go to the 20th! She enjoys the fantastic fireworks while in the lift and suddenly sees a woman being thrown out of the flat. And she fell off right before the woman blinks. since the area is full of celebrations, nobody could notice it. 

Now 2 months ago,

A woman who guides people in getting rented property has a daughter named Bo Ro-na, interested in music. The woman life is quite miserable as she could not get proper clients. And she dont have permit to do this work legally. She does not want her daughter to sing as she herself sang at 25th cheong Ah Art Festival which her daughter always dreams of. But why? Despite her singing talent, what made her to hate it? The flashback continues. But she finally says that her daughter can only sing over her dead body. However, ro-na left a note and leaves, the note says, ‘whatever it is, I will sing’! Note that the woman has a slit mark on her throat and there must be a terrible flashback so why she doesn’t want that to be happened to her daughter as well. 

Cheong, is one of the top music star and students and parents strives hard to get trained from her. Lee min Hyuk is one of the students and he wants to compete at cheong ah art Festival. And she trains him. Now joins jenny, a girl from elite family who always quarrel with No ra. A head weight girl who thinks anything can be bought with money! Now after seeing a trophy at cheong residence, the mom’s questions about that beautiful trophy and they recall an incident where a woman slit her throat for this. 

The four families, Su ryeon, cheong, min Hyuk and jenny mother have a party dinner. It seems to be that cheong and her husband don’t have a cordial relationship and su ryeon is the queen of her palace as her husband, chairman joo decides everything at Hera! 

Cheong seduces chairman and he is interested too. When he is about to kiss her, su ryeon calls him. And this is gonna be a mature drama! 

The next scene, ro-na and Jenny’s mother fight with each other as ro-na often uses Jenny’s room. Actually, that is a school practice room and all are donated by Jenny’s mother! ro-na was wrongly accused of adding drugs in Jenny’s drink whereas ro-na claims that she is innocent and jenny is the one who drugged herself as she fears that she is not good enough for the competition. When ro-na mom is asking for evidence, jenny mother slapped her in face. None came in support of ro-na. ro-na mother oh Yoon hee, recalls the incident of her school days with Ms. Cheong! That why she has a mark and always covers with a scarf. As she experienced something miserable because of fighting back, this time, for her daughter’s future, she begged for sorry before all by kneeling down. This shows that the people of Hera Palace, are terrible, inhuman, dishonest and Only respects money and never dare to crush people for their own benefits.

After seeing her mother like this, innocent ro na could not control her tears and shouted that she never gets her knees abs left the place. That dreadful incident is that ms. Cheong lied and her mom beats oh Yoon hee and so that Mark is. Yoon hee life is ruined because of that accident. And they misinformed everyone that Yoon hee slit her throat out of jealousy. Actually, it was both jenny and her mother plan to take ro na out of the competition.

Anna Lee, a graduate is appointed as Maths’s tutor for all the students of Ms. Cheong. And the students tease her except a girl, Eun-byeol. Joo Seok-hoon and Joo Seok-kyung are twins and coached by Ms. Cheong.

Chairman joo invites all the women of Hera Palace for a party. Su ryeon left the place after getting a call and when everyone else present, chairman joo and cheong started their illicit affair without anyone knowing.

Ro-na meets cheong and says that she wanted to her student to which she disagrees. She told her come after getting her parent permission. She shows her singing talent immediately and that made cheong to remember someone, oh Yoon hee, the mom of ro-na! Yoon hee came by and shocked to see the person who ruined her life. Actually, using her father power, cheong seo jin is awarded grand price instead of Yoon hee! When she confronted her and finally says that cheong is a darn thief, she slit Yoon here’s throat using the trophy and did a drama by hurting herself and accused Yoon hee. And the incident that slit her throat takes place. Without knowing all these, ro-na humiliates her own mother in front of the same cheong seo-jin who destroyed her mom singing career.

At the school violence commission, when everyone falsely accused ro-na, Yoon hee become furore, ran over the table and kicked the principal. She says no matter what, she will make her daughter graduate in the same school. She then goes to cheong with ro-na, threatening her with the same trophy once she used to slit her throat for saying thief, she again calls cheong as a thief and a loser. She allows ro-na to sing! With this, Episode 1 Ends!

Episode 2- cheong Ah Art School Admission results!

Yoon hee challenges cheong seo jin that she stops running away from the truth henceforth and she would come back to take the trophy when Ro-na wins. When Yoon hee approached several top tutors to get her daughter trained, she always gets a negative reply! Later she deduced that it was all seo jin’s doing!

Anna Lee, tutor of the twins, Joo Seok-hoon and Joo seok- Kyung always treated lowly. This time the chairman joo treats her badly by saying that her outfit is very cheap and ordered his servants to clean whatever she used. Su-ryeon tries to manage the situation! Whatever it is, Anna Lee must work to meet her daily needs. So, she ignores all the insults.

As no one teach Ro-na, Jenny’s former tutor volunteers to teach her. Meanwhile, jenny is now tutored by cheon seo jin.

Anna Lee is physically harassed to an extent by falsely blaming her as thief! Seo-Kyung took her keyring and put it in her bag to trap her into this. As she doesn’t want to be falsely sentenced, she apologizes for something she did not do!

It is revealed that su-ryeon is the not the biological mother of the twin and has her own child who is been hospitalized for over 16 years. Chairman Jo takes care of her.

It is revealed that Yoon hee and Ro-na are tricked and she is taught only German songs whereas the allowed language is Italian songs. And the volunteered tutor is actually bribed by seo jin.

Surprisingly, Anna Lee /Min Seol ah is also participated. And being with very poor performance, she won the first place. After knowing who she really is, the twins with other friends badly harassed Seol ah. Ro-na is disqualified and at the top of the waiting list.

It’s likely that seol-ah would be disqualified and might be charged as she forged her documents as she studied in U. S to become a tutor. 

Episode 3: Seol-ah’s valor!

After severely bullied, seol-ah reaches home. No one was there to comfort her other than her puppy. Ro-na confronts seo-jin for not having selected but her own daughter selected in spite of mess up during her recital. Ro-na is arrested for damage of properties at seo-jin place. Through her lawyer Lee, who is also a Hera Palace resident, Seo-jin demanded a huge amount of 100000 dollars from yoon hee, otherwise Ro-na must go to prison. 

The next day, Seol ah reached school as like nothing happened yesterday! All she wants is to lead a normal life and she don’t want to indulge with these rich people. She even grabbed seok-kyung collar and shows that she dont have fear. But, Seol ah is called by seo-jin and she is asked to terminate herself from the school to which seol-ah refused. Furious Seo-jin, when showed her anger, seol-ah blackmails her with a video in which chairman joo and seo-jin in compromised position. She shot that before when there were together in a room at Hera Palace. Shocked seo-jin, never expected such a thing from seol-ah! She immediately called chairman Joo and informs the same. Yoon-hee follows min seol-ah to persuade her to leave her seat to her daughter at any cost. At some point, she even tried to kill her. But after seeing her struggling with part time jobs, Ro-na crossed Yoon hee’s mind and she wanted to help her now. 

Seol-ah even released a video to media that shows she is being bullied by those kids of Hera Palace! The audio reveals the involvement of min Hyuk, jenny, seok-kyung, seon-hoon and others bullying seol-ah by locking her inside a car and drenching alcohol on her. Thus becomes a group lynching incidents, a severe crime that overshadows seol-ah’s forging school certificates accusation. Then it is finalised to talk with seol-ah in person during the first year Hera Palace anniversary.

At the first anniversary party, seol-ah is also invited! She is been tied by chairman joo and seo-jin and tortured. She did not bring her mobile, she said.

To get su-ryeon, chairman joo killed her husband when su-ryeon was pregnant. At that time, she got fainted as she doesn’t know it was joo dan-tae, who killed her husband. After delivery, he even switched su-ryeon new born daughter with some other ill-born child so that the child can be  comatose always. Someone informed all these to su-ryeon.

Dr. Ha, husband of seo-jin paid lawyer Lee 100000 dollars to settle his own wife so that she won’t disturb his first love, Yoon hee! Yoon-hee did not know this and wonders what made the evil seo-jin to drop the charges.

Yoon-hee, under the influence of alcohol, comes to hera Palace to kill seo-jin!!

The next morning, she did not know how she reached her home and wakes up to attend a call! She was informed that seat for her daughter is confirmed as one of the students is dead. 

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