Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Jun-ho,Lee So-young
Genre: Romance, Historical


The Love story between a Crown prince and his Court Maid!

Main Cast:

Lee Jun-ho as Crown Prince Yi-San

Lee So-young as Court Maid and Crown Prince Personal Maid, Sung Deok-im

Kang Hoon  as Hong Deok-ro, librarian, Historian and a Lecturer of the Crown Prince.

Lee Deok-hwa as King Yeongjo(80 Years old)

Jang Hee-jin as Queen Jeongsun, much Younger that her husband King Yeongjo

Kang Mal-geum as Hong Hye-bin, Queen Hong, Mother of Yi-San

Park Ji-young as Head Court Lady Cho


Episode 1:

Two wet women in barefoot standing before the room of someone, calls magistrate. The magistrate is alarmed and wield his sword and asks if they are the 2 ghost who kills all the newly appointed officers. He did not receive any response but can see a shadow of two women standing right before his quarters. He opened it and can hear only women voices; he followed that voice reaching a pond. 

Though seemed like a fearless man, after seeing two ghost in the water,breathless fear captivates his mind completely. When he is about to touch the water, the ghosts choked him and pulled inside the pond. 

And, this was the story a little girl was telling to her gang of friends. She suddenly stopped the story saying this was all for the day. 

Sung Deok I’m the one who read the stories for money. And after getting caught, she confessed that she is the one who Led the gang as she need 100 nyang. The Head court lady cho chooses her. But for what, ?? Says the episode 1.

To Crown Prince, a little guy, it was informed that the Crown Princess Young has passed away. Sung Deok im ,a to-be Crown prince attendant girl, was selected to pay last respects to crown princess at the midnight! But, she lost the way.

Crown princess Young is the grandmother of the incumbent Crown Prince, Yi San! The little boy is not allowed to pay respect to his grandmother as his son Crown Prince Sado died as a sinner leaving the Crown Princess as sinner’s mother. But, he determined to do so! might be that’s why the court lady should have chosen Deok-im to pay the last respects informally. There he meets Deok-im.

She did not know that he is the crown prince as boasted herself as a 5th rank court lady in the mere future. Finally, they came the room where Crown princess Young is kept. He cried for cursing her when she ordered her own son to be killed. he scolded for killing his father. But now he regrets to see her.

Deok-im consoles him by saying that she did not hate him as the light are not blown in spite of heavily wind blows. Upon the arrival of the Majesty, the boy escapes but the girl could not.

She came up with a plan and says to majesty that she is the youngest court lady of the deceased Crown Princess. Other than other historical stories, the King seems to be a very natural man who embraces that little girl. He narrates his life story of how he met her and how he cannot attend the funeral of a concubine. Yet, he wants to see her. The king, considering her loyalty awarded her a imperial gift, a book yeo bum written by the Crown Princess herself.

Book Name “Sagi” is banned as it verses that “The Majesty is born for a lowly servant”. The court lady taught this to Deok-im and other girls as they will be the future court ladies in the Palace. All court ladies will remain as court ladies, they can’t die in the palace. Old and unhealthy court ladies will be sent out. Every court lady dream is to get the glance of the King so that they can get royalty to die in the Palace like the Crown Princess.

A lady informs the Majesty’s concubine that the Crown Prince is reading the Book “Sagi” and can be dethroned as the mistake is grave. Deok-im happened to hear this conversation. She ran towards but don’t know how to save her master. The whole library is now checked. She took the book beforehand but could not escape from the library, so sneaked behind a shelve. She tore that paper and just throw the book so that the search ends. They got the book.

Yi San said that he is the one who tore that page. The King is glorified as his grandson has a deep feelings for him that led him to tear the papers which write ill of the King. Bedong Hongro or Hong Dong-ro, little boy is the help and historian of the Crown prince. When he asked about if he teared the book, he says yes. He might want to save Deok-im. Yi San is happy and wanted to keep him with him always.

 Yi San always wanted to find the girl but resisted by his mother that if ever came to know about visiting his dead grandmother, he has to face the wrath of the King. But he always searches for her.

After some Years,

Sung Deok-im become a beautiful, Quirky and mischievous young court lady! She became a famous jeongsu(book reader) and while in a hurry to meet people to read book, she encountered Yi San, the now Handsome Young Crown Prince.

Episode 2:

She made the crown prince to fall into the water. And also, in the name of getting him out, he pulled him back into the water several times. He got out himself and went after ordering eunuch to get a letter of apology from her in 3 days.

She visits the East library which is the crown prince’s and hear the answers of him to questions about moral ethics and national sovereignty. She liked all his answers and thought why no one like crown Prince and calm his place a goblin’s residence. Not after that, he came to library in casual dress and asks to deok-im if she ever see any suspicious person. She is furious as he came in without removing shoes and rebuked him to get out of the place. When he tried to bribe him, she refuted back by saying she is crown prince’s person and he would be punishing for this. She took a dirty broom and almost beat till he gets out of the place.

The next day, yi San found out that a young inexperienced Court lady is eavesdropping and transcribing crown Prince lectures. when she responded him that she could become a 5th rank court lady, he remembered young deok-im. 

With No other option, he introduces himself as Hong ro, crown Prince teacher. She felt  bad as she thought that Hong dong ro is the most good looking man as per the rumors. All lady wants a man like Hong dong ro that made the crown Prince bit jealous. this time He warned her enough as he did not find any concrete evidence.

But this time instead of broom stick, it’s salt. She throws salt on his face after he goes out. When he demands an explanation, she throw him on his face. Crown Prince see her reading his own story to others for money. When she returns, she tells him not to read in despair as novels are useless things. 

She could not understand why everyone likes that cold faced guy. And about thinking this, she meets real Hong dong ro, without knowing who he actually is, deok-im is smitten by his lovely face and gesture.

She submits her apology and was rejected. That’s the practice of the crown Prince. He never accepts apology letter that much easily. She gets help from so called Hong dong ro that is the crown Prince himself. Every time, her respect towards the prince is 10% declined. At the same time, he and she became professionally close in the library. She won’t even give an ounce of respect for him.

A tiger cause distress to the people and killed around 27 people. Deok-im applauded the dong-ri’s involvement when that is not even his duty. Crown Prince is quite happy that she praised him. And the letter of apology still continues as he did not accept. When he asked why is she still reading books. She ignored him by stating that he cannot order her as crown Prince is the only master for her. She also informs him about the festival of court maids today where she going to read. Right after out, she got an order from the crown Prince that she is the only one court maid who has night duty. She is too furious as other would enjoy. Meanwhile, he went for tiger hunt. As the traces of the tiger leads to the Palace, all rushes towards the Palace. As a part of a plan to catch the tiger, he wants her to read a book to the people.

Episode 3:

The tiger is too cunning to handle. As it hid itself in the festival. To plan to evacuate all court ladies in ease, deok-im succeeded in asking court ladies to go out according to years. At last, when they thought that they killed the tiger, it came from the back towards the crown Prince, he acts in quick and aims at the jumping tiger and killing it.

The next day, she is waiting for the lecturer, Hong dong Ro as she know that he would come and drink water from that well. But, real dong Ro comes. She asks the whereabouts of that lecturer, even he understood whom she is asking by pretended that he don’t know him. When she hears about the punishment for the crown Prince and others, she reacted as if not so many court maid would have died. Then he explains taht, according to the Kings, it would have become emergency only after the deaths of court maids. 

Then he excused himself after telling her that if he ever meet her next time, he expects her to tell her name. That words mesmerized her. She almost fallen for him but pat herself on her cheeks to come to reality and not fall for him. 

The plan is plotted to depose the crown prince from various sides for this very reason. The head court lady cho, who seemed to be a very good woman is actually plotting for the depose.

As the crown Prince is not forgiven, the sisters of him want deok-im to explain everything to the majesty so that he can be forgiven. She went, but in vain! She saved 100 yang for his brother who is parted ways before years. 

The King forgives the crown Prince as the only reason for his anger is that he doesn’t want to lose his precious grandson to a tiger. He waited for deok-im in the library,but she did not come. 

His sister wants to meet the crown Prince and deok-im joined. though he tried to hide his face, she can see through the pond in which his face is clear. He found that she already saw her. 

Episode 4:

She is too furious as she is deceived all these days. She wants to slap and throw stones at him. Meanwhile, he waited for 3 days, but she has not visited even once.

She got her this time but she bound her head always and said nothing about it. But once he went, he shouted, called him jerk, throw salt. But he is watching all this. He wants to know she really feels by assuring that he won’t do anything. Then, she confronted him for not asking apology and it is essential for a king to be loyal to his subjects. He just went off by saying that he never wants to see her and ask her to forget all these meetings.

She became the personal maid for the crwon prince reluctantly. Her attraction towards Hong do ro starts growing as he helps her in every possible way. Meanwhile, the prince is too distracted by her and started fantasizing her. But he never shows. 

Deok-im hair is pulled by princess Hwawan, crown Prince aunt and the one who want crown Prince to die. She wanted to show her vengeance for saving him once. This time she is accused that her skirt touches the exclusive path of King. The punishment is 100 flogs. But crown Prince intervenes and the matter is taken to the Queen. The Queen is not interested in punishing and she suggests 6 months’ salary cut. The King arrives and after hearing it, he wanted the crown prince to punish. He tactically said the queen’s punishment. And the King is happy. 

The crown Prince and dong -ro in disguise go somewhere and queen Hong, crown Prince mother, asked deok-im to follow them. she is surrounded and now dong-ro orders to kill her. The crown prince stops it in right time. 

Episode 5:

Deok-im is shocked when he heard ‘kill her’ from dong ro as she though he is a good and handsome man. 

Crown Prince felt betrayed when he comes to know that she is working on Queen Hong’s, his mother’s order. He always thought that she is his person. 

Crown Prince went to the extreme anger when she says that she thought he is visiting a courtesan as he frequents a courtesan house. But, deok-im flattered him by saying that everyone admires him. He informs his members that as she came, she can become a member of that secret gang dondeok and she can run petty errands. 

While returning she gave him so many books to read and understand with his guidance. When she considers that as a punishment. He corrected that is not a punishment rather he wants her to read some good books. When she is too friendly, he understood that she thinks him the old lecturer. Also, he expresses his feelings that those time was very special to him that fluttered deok-im for a moment. 

In the tiger hunt, crown Prince find out someone true to kill him, and it must be one of the royal guards. Dong ro asks deok-im, if crown Prince think about her. She did not forgive him and ask him to get an answer from the crown Prince himself. 

Head Court lady cho want the crown Prince to be dethroned because of his father mad behaviour when she was serving him. She was a little girl when she sees the then crown Prince killed so many court ladies and every day, she would wipe blood. Crown Prince had become mad then and killed hundreds of court ladies and his eunuch. Whenever she sees yi San, her heart and body shivers. He is his son after all. So, she joins with second state Councillor to either kill or dethrone him.  The deployment of royal guard is their plot. So, as her point, a sinner son should not become a king. But, the royal guard is already poisoned and killed.

Hong dong ro is suspicious too. When he actually knows who deok-im is, he ordered her to be killed without the crown Prince permission and when he questions the same, he pretended that he could not recognise who she is. So deok-im started hating him. Moreover, she had a doubt if crown Prince have crush on her. 

Queen Hong is bothered by deok-im. She could understand when the crown Prince supported her after finding that she worked on her order. She wants to separate them. So, during the coming-of-age ceremony, when deok-im is about to see, without knowing she is present, crown Prince clears doubts of his mom that he would never make a lowly court lady as his concubine. As he wants a legal heir, he would marry only from the noble family. After opening the partition, he understood that his mom deliberately let deok-im inside of someone so that she can hear his words. Deok-im is too frustrated as she never like to become a concubine. She throws stones in pond thinking that she is throwing on his face. She everytime do it. 

Princess hwawan, crown Prince aunt framed him to the King for going out at midnight’s. The King’s Queen managed and let the prince to escape from the punishment. He is under house arrest and banned from reading books. 

But however Royal secretary jung, Princess hwawan adopted son gathered evidence that he went that infuriated the king. The King don’t want his grandson to become like his father who frequented courtesan houses. Deok-im is the night maid and she listen everything. The Crown Prince says her that he is holding everything so that he can get power to save lives. When she asked if he want anything from her, he replies that all he wants is her stay with him. She assured that till her life, she will protect him with all her heart. 

Episode 6:

She attends the Meeting on behalf of the crown Prince and shared his instructions about being careful of Royal secretary Jung. Further, he needs someone’s help to lift this confinement. But, no one had idea on who to approach the Majesty. She got someone in her mind, but she dares to say it. Dong ro understood this and asks it when they were going. He can get who she is recommending, it’s the King’s Queen, who is close to crown prince and the Majesty. Sometimes, She feels that he is into something.

But, to the Crown Prince, she shared her suggestion and he accepted. Now she meets the Queen! To help her, she wants her to help first! She just needed a cause to put Princess Hwawan in place as she is blindly supported by the Majesty, and Deok-im work is to find a way so that she can help in upliftment of the confinement. Deok-im’s friend’s father is a silk merchant from Qin. So, she tells everyone that Princess Hwawan purchased all Qin silk from him. Deok-im got an idea from this and informs queen about the same. The Queen is actually younger than the princess even though she is her daughter by law. The Queen had a chance to humiliate Hwawan Infront of all the court ladies during the silk ceremony. Meanwhile, deok-im and her 3 friends find out that head court lady cho supports Hwawan and she is into something.

When the Majesty questions his queen about her slapping Hwawan before all court ladies. She responded that she used cloth from Qin by neglecting the silk from her country, Joseon! The king is satisfied with the punishment and as her request, she wanted the Crown Prince to be released. The King pretended as he never confined him in the court which shocked others. He is the King, but when it comes to Yi San, he always behaved as a grandfather.

The Queen now wants Deok-im to work for her sometime. when Yi San is doubt about this, Dong-ro said that he would meet her alone to ask for it. He is quite jealous and immediately rejected his idea. The next day, dong-ro sister approaches the palace at night to meet her brother but was not allowed. Deok-im helped in this. dong-ro is happy but always looks fishy and cunning when he speaks to her at times. he pulls her shoulder, draw himself near to her and says her a secret which she already knows. The crown Prince saw them together and in extreme jealous which made him to shout at all other court ladies for nothing. It could be Dong-ro who wanted to make the crown Prince unhappy! But why? The story tells. The court ladies are out of mind as now someone has to add herbs into the prince bathing, but he is already jealous mode. deok-im happen to pass by all are happy to see her. They pushed her inside and he is happy to see her.

He shoots out the question on why she was with dong-ro last night and he find it intimate. She immediately scolds him for not questioning on dong-ro who harasses court ladies. She also vents out his displeasure of lashing out her instead scolding his right-hand man. For a minute, he could not understand what she is saying. But clearly tells her that she only cares and concern about only her not any other court ladies. She saw his bare chest and slipped into the water with him. she lifts her gently and still not take his arm that covered her.

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