Released Year: 2018
No of Episodes: 32 ( Running Time: 30 Minutes)
Main Leads: Woo Do-hwan, Park Soo Young, Kim Min Jae & Moon Ga-young
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy


The Story revolves around three 20-year-old messy Friends Kwon Si-Hyun, Lee Seo-joo and  Cho Soo-ji who are from High profile Families. To revenge his ex-boyfriend Ki-young, Soo-ji planned to let Si-hyun,the great seducer to seduce Ki-young’s first love Eun Tae Hee! Things become complicated when Si-hyun falls for Tae-hee!

The Story further revolves around these 4 young teens parents who romantically connected between each other in past and Present.

Main Cast:

Woo Do-hwan as Kwon Si-Hyun

Park Soo Young as Eun Tae Hee

Kim Min Jae as Lee Seo-joo

Moon Ga-young as Cho Soo-ji

Episode Summary:

Episode 1:

Si hyun, eldest son of JK Group Family, soo ji, the student president and Seo joo who knows only 2 English words love and sex are spoiled school student, but are good friends. Si hyun is known as the great seducer, always seduces women irrespectively.

All of them are from elite families and Soo ji always loves revenge, using her friends to help her. She and her music teacher loved each other but once her mother, a doctor comes to know about it she settles him and sent it off. He broke up with her and now he is her teacher at school and every time she wants to revenge him. All of them took a video of him with another teacher in a compromised position and streamed it on the graduation day when everyone is watching.

Soo ji now loves ki young! But he doesn’t! He pretended as loving her as he feels sorry for her father who is not defended by his family law firm. If so, he would have to go jail. He further criticize her mom’s involvement in abandoning father for saving the hospital. He just walks in frustration. But as usual, he don’t care.

Jung Kyung joo and Tae hee are friends and Joo Kyung is having crush on seo joo. Si hyun met joo Kyung mom at a club and was very causal with her and he even kissed her. 

Episode 2:

Si hyun father tells him that he is actually not his father by showing a DNA analysis test report. He is kicked out and his expenses will be borne by his father.

Tae hee misunderstood Si hyun as Kyung joo’s crush. Tae hee is from normal background and ki young’s first ever crush. Soo ji found out this and want Si hyun to flirt and betray her.

Ms. Myung, soo ji mother announced and exhibition and all tycoons participates including Jk Group chairman Si hyun father Mr. Kwon. To everyone’s surprise, even begore discussing and informing their children, Mr. Kwon and Ms. Myung announces their marriage plans.

Episode 3:

Tae hee shouts at her mom, the one who held an exhibition on vases. She scolded her for sending them off to Germany, divorcing her father and not in contact with her for 4 long years. When she congratulated for her school sponsorship, she also asked for forgetting her 20th birthday. But, to which she shouted that she even sent a birthday cake which she doesn’t need. Mr. Kwon slowly watches everything with broken heart. It seems all the parents of the children are involved with each other at some point. 

Seo joo is from a royal family and beaten up for everything. He has a step mother who pretends like he cares for her. Si hyun suggested that soo ji and him can get married before their parents. And so that the company can also be merged as well. Soo ji clears the air by clearly stating her point of not wanting a fake marriage. Si hyun intervenes through his thoughts that none of them have not seen a real marriage before. So, she asks him to kiss her if he really don’t think as his friend. 

Episode 4: 

Soo ji can see that a great seducer struggles to kiss her. She leaves this and asks for some other deal. He finally persuaded that he would seduce that topper girl tae-hee so that he can marry sooji. 

He tries to be on the good side of her, but clever tae-hee always finds out and further she thinks that he is in live triangle with the mother – daughter duo. 

Episode 5:

Now soo ji plans for revenge on hye – jeong, the one who gonna marry ki young. She is too young and out of normal girl. She is too immature for her age. She uses Kyung – joo in the plan to play with hye-jeong and in turn she told seo joo to date Kyung joo. 

Tae hee makes the air clear to si hyun that she cannot like someone who toys people heart. But, si hyun is not going to stop. However, lamented to his friends that she knows everything about him. 

Kyung joo tells Tae hee that si hyun is a good guy but but spoiled after his mom’s sudden demise, thus creating a soft corner on Tae hee’s heart. But She never know that both Kyung joo Ana Tae hee is getting betrayed. 

To revenge one-man ki-young, now innocent three women are going to be cheated in the name of love. soo ji to revenge what she underwent because of ki young is now going to do the same to not one, but three women. That too hye-Jeong is too innocent, lonely, and has only one turtle as friend.

Episode 6:

Si hyun followed Tae hee to a nursing home and worked like hell. The full day went well but si hyun almost cried to soo ji asking for different plan as nursing home and all not his cup of tea. 

The night while leaving, Tae hee asks sorry for not treating him harsh but also turned down his love after saying that her friend actually likes him. It’s about Kyung joo she is telling without knowing that even Kyung joo helps in this though she is unaware of all this plan. 

Seo joo is a play boy and he ignores Kyung joo and spend time with other girls in the Saturday party. Tae hee is confused when she says that Kyung joo love is not si hyun, but seo joo. But she feels that her heart felt lighter after hearing this. She began to fall for him without knowing his true colors. Seo joo smacked someone when he misbehaves with soo ji. Seo joo treats soo ji like his asset. Somwthing beyond friendship. But she and si hyun never know. Further the bet between both of them were kept aside from seo joo. He doesn’t know all about it. 

While making ms. Myeong and Soo ji to wait, Mr. Kwon meets young won, tae – hee mother. He hugs her from the back and tells her that he misses him. He expresses his longings through his eyes. Both hug each other when soo ji see all this. But she did not see yong won face. On the other end, si hyun starts liking Tae hee a bit. 

Episode 7:

After knowing that Tae hee now has a crush on so hyun. Kyung joo asks her friend soo ji regarding this. But to her, she said that he is not particularly interested. But why must she do when she is one who let him to see Tae hee.

While playing she mistakenly sat on the baked plate which si hyun brought home. He shouted at her for the first time and she could not tolerate and went. 

Soo ji and hye-Jeong hangs out and shares a good bond. Si hyun managed to stick the broken plate, actually he has to give that to an old woman from nursing home who thinks si hyun is her husband. Now like Tae hee, si hyun too likes the nursing home as all treats him well as he was wrongly taken as tae here’s boyfriend. But he never knows that the foundation was started and administered by his mother. 

Episode 8:

Si hyun is guilty about cheating Tae hee! So, he says to soo ji that he won’t do anymore as it was not fun. But Clever soo ji can see that he is actually worried about her when she made to cancel her dorm sponsorship.she was about to move to the hospital dorm under scholarship.

Mr.Kwon and Young Won are ex-lovers who parted ways before some 20 years. And now, she did not want to see him as they are not meant to be. But, she is amazed when he asks for her number.For all these years, he have not changed at all. He is stubborn as always. Secretary Yoon of Mr.Kwon is fishy about him and he is an well-wisher of ms.Myeong.

Si hyun promises soo ji that He won’t hurt her or make her feel sad at a point. And also, he assures that his dad will take care of her well. But All she worried is about his future after their parents’ marriage.

Si hyun helps Tae hee in moving but she don’t know what to do when she hears from the Myeonjeong dorm that the room has been already hyun watches all these in silent. It was actually soo ji who called as Tae hee and cancelled the dorm. Si hyun takes her to his home but was caught by police for stealing the car. Actually, it was his mom’s car which he cherishes a lot. after leaving her in the home and saying that the passcode is her phone number, he goes with the police. She is smitten by the passcode without knowing that it was a part of the plan. she can find a drawing of her with a noodle drawing in the mirror.

The police arrested si hyun on charges of theft but Tae hee came in the right time and says he becomes the natural owner as the car is registered on his mom’s name. After her death, he becomes the inheritor. Si hyun is perplexed to know that the car history is clean but his mom died in a same car crash. But he left it when Secretary Yoon comes and took care of the issue.

She says to Si hyun with all he hearts that she likes him already and he can take his own time to respond. He asks “Wont You regret it”? The Question which has all the betrayals had not make any sense to Tae hee. when she asks what, he kissed her! He gradually drawn towards her. But, will he be able to face soo ji?! Says the remaining story!

Episode 9:

Si Hyun made Tae hee as his neighbor but did not say that he owns the whole building. He pointed someone as the owner.

on a snowy Day, Soo ji calls Si hyun to come over but he denies it saying that he got some urgent work. Soo ji is too nervous thinking about Si hyun in the Police Station. she did not even mind Seo joo getting her favorite Dim Wim from Hong Kong! He feels frustrated as she always talks and sad for Si Hyun.

Tae hee and Kyung Joo Joined classes! And, Soo ji calls Si Hyun after she met with the two. He came And pretend like only he met Tae hee once in a while. He could not talk as Soo ji is with him. Soo ji feels winning! Kyung joo,Soo ji and Si Hyun went together for a Fashion week exhibition and Kyung joo thanked Si hyun for helping Tae hee on snowy day. Soo ji understood that it was the day Seo joo came with Dim Wim!

Soo ji calls for a trip with kyung joo taking Tae hee along with them. she must have a plan. seo joo wants to stop Kyung joo so he uses her servant who is actually good and will do for seo joo for money. Si hyun dont like the idea. He dont want anybody to hurt Tae hee.

Episode 10:

Mr.Kwon Planned a brunch with Ms.Myeong but forgets and takes Young won for a trip! the servant did something with the food, but instead kyung joo mom eat all. So kyung joo says that she will accompany evening to the trip. Myeong is calm Woman, she always never let others to know about her true feelings. She is waiting for Mr.Kwon but understood that he won’t come.

Soo ji is jealous that Si hyun and Tae hee enjoys each other company but happy that Si hyun always takes of her well.

Si hyun insulted Tae hee when she says that his drawing is good. As soo ji expected who tells he hates to draw.Si hyun had no option but to do that as that’s what soo ji wants.

Despite hurting Tae hee, Si hyun is the most hurted one now. he now wants Tae hee to stay with him in the pool. She refuses! But he wants her!

Episode 11:

Si Hyun is stunned when Tae hee asks why he has to pretend to be bad as it would only hurt him. and they tease each other for a while at ease! But, Soo ji always know that Si Hyun loves to draw! Soo ji dropped a bomb at Tae hee by telling that Si hyun and she like each other. She is completely jealous of the duo.She cant draw line herself between friendship and love with Si hyun. Seo joo overhears the Secret!

It is revealed/showed that ms.myeong is the one who hit si hyun mother car. However,it was not completely shown. The story might take twist and turn.

Seo joo and Soo ji have some quality of time on the other hand, si hyun takes Tae hee with her as she left all of a sudden without informing anyone in the early morning. So, he searches for her and comes to Seoul with her.

Episode 12:

Through Kyung joo, si hyun came to know that soo ji talked something to Tae hee. 

After talking to her father, Tae hee could relate her father’s unrequited love on his mother and her current situation. 

After seeing the drawings of si hyun that mostly had only soo ji’s. She wanted to stop all this to keep herself at ease.

She cut it out straight away with si hyun telling him everything that she does not even want to meet him in the future.

Though it hurts her, she decides to do this so that she won’t become a pathetic person like his father who loved his own wife one sided, that too all these years.

Episode 13:

Si hyun is drunk, soo ji and Seo joo rush to help. Si hyun asks about what she told earlier to Tae hee. She tells about it which shooks him. Seo joo rebukes Soo ji and wants to stop loving si hyun when he is clear about his friendship. 

Responding to that, she pulled his collar, kissed him. Seo joo is bit shocked but did not push her. He was calm as that is what he longed for. But she says as its nothing for both of them, the kiss which she asked to si hyun is also the same. 

Si hyun is hospitalised for heavy drinking. After sober up, he went to Ms. Myeong and asks about his mom’s accident. She turned the table by telling that what if his mother is a the one who accused in the hut and run, which the only one reported that night and a student is a victim. 

Seo joo tells si hyun as he turned down the bet, now marriage is nil and he said he gonna date soo ji. Si hyun laughs and agrees. 

Si hyun left his phone in the bar and Tae hee picks it up and visits hospital to give that to him where he expresses his love for her. Tae hee understood. But, could they able to face Soo ji’s wrath?? The Story Unfolds.

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