Fiery Priest Summary

Released Year: 2019
No of Episodes: 40 (Running Time: 30 Minutes)
Main Leads:  Kim Nam-gilKim Sung-kyunLee Hanee, Go Joon and Keum Sae-rok
Genre: Black comedy


To uncover the mysterious death of an elderly priest, a priest named Kim Hae-il (Kim Nam-gil),who suffers from anger management issues, Two Detectives and a corrupt prosecutor (Lee Hanee) join hands to resolve the case .

This unique storyline drama is one of the highest-rated miniseries dramas of the year. The series was a critical and commercial success and Kim Nam-gil won numerous awards for his portrayal of a priest with anger management issues.

Main Cast:

Kim Nam-gil as Kim Hae-il / Father Michael Kim

Kim Sung-kyun as Detective Koo Dae-young

Lee Hanee as Prosecutor Park Kyung-sun

Go Jun as Hwang Cheol-bum

Keum Sae-rok as Rookie Detective Seo Seung-ah


Episode 1 & 2:

No one could ever see such a priest who would puncture his rivals as an action hero. He never acts like what his title father implies. He always brutally beat thugs and loan sharks without courtesy.

Father Kim is arrested for physical altercation with a local thug who cheated his neighborhood using a shaman. His friends, fathers and a monk want to get him out. To escape from the warrant, he must go to some other place for a while. 

Prosecutor Park is a quirky lady who would do anything to win a case. She would change the culprit and frame someone. And would do anything to be in power.

Koo Dae-young is a police officer who strives hard to prove his competence. Rather, always end up in a mess.

Father Kim goes to another city to a cathedral to be with Father Lee, a father like figure to him. His friends thought he can resolve his anger management issues with the help of Father Lee.

But, the cathedral is under threat as the head of gudam, a lady need the land . So she uses high profile thugs like Mr. Hwang to appease Father Lee, the owner of the Gudam chruch.

Mr. Hwang is a deadly man who would do anything for money but father Lee’s smile face never let him to do anything only in this regard. 

Prosecutor Park came for Confession and father Kim hears out. Prior to that, he is in high temper and asks the people who attended the prayer to seek forgiveness from the people whom they have hurt Instead of God.

Instead of penance, he told her to seek forgiveness from the person. Prosecutor Park is quite amazed by father’s personality and finds him dashing. But yet bashed him for being ridiculous without knowing his temper. As he once seen her in TV, he understood that she does hefty sins.

To protest against the illegally constructed museum, some of people attacks Mr. Hwang but eventually was beaten up by the local thugs as the police withdrawn itself on orders of the head of Gudam. When Hwang tried to attack a man, he was stopped by father Kim who happened to be with another priest. 

Episode 3 & 4:

Father Kim scolds Hwang for being a gangster and detectives Koo for not doing his duty by leaving innocent people to be beaten up by thugs. The thugs the priest as scary and leaves the way. Seo Seung-ah is the new recruit now going to work for Detective Koo as no other teammate wishes to join her.

Father Lee tricked Father Kim Hae-il in getting psychiatric treatment. He is the only one who could handle Father Kim, a handsome fiery priest.

Detective Koo wants to roll on the area where he was stripped, made Naked by thugs and was photographed becoming a sensational news. This time, he comes with his subordinate Seung-ah  and conceits that to fight against him, one must register himself in funeral service.

The thugs again put pressure on the Gudam Cathedral, when Kim Hae-il(father) asks them to come out of the search, detectives Seo and Koo passes by. Seo Seung-ah questions the thug, and she just off him with her kick when he mistreats her. Even, kim is shocked to see such a powerful kick from a girl. She arrested all those! Detective Koo now understood he again is going to be stripped naked because of his subordinate.

Father Lee went missing in the Morning and is found dead. it was reported that he fell of the cliff and is found dead. Prosecutor Park is shocked and Father Kim Hae-il is devastated. Everyone around Gudam Church could not bear the loss of such a good soul. Kim fought with Detective Koo that it could not be a suicide, but he disputed the claim by showing the circumstantial evidence. He left his slipper and cross before falling. But, Kim argued that it could be Hwang Cheol-Bum’s doing.

As they denied autopsy, and the Police did not cooperate with Kim. Detective Seo gave the piece of paper written the name of Prosecutor! As no one supported him after knowing that all high officials even from the police department is involved in this, she helped him without anyone’s knowledge. he went to meet the prosecutor of this case, Park Kyeong-Seon! Yes, the same prosecutor whom Father Lee Cherished! But, she refused! she is after money!

The police reported to the public that Father Lee was investigated for Molesting a female churchgoer and Embezzlement that made him to take his own life. This made the entire Gudam Church uproar as they could not tolerate that he led a wrongful death.

priest Kim is not fierce and enters the Police Station with a Heavy smile and punches detective Koo. Kim is in beast mode.

Episode 5 & 6:

Police requested an arrest warrant and locked up Kim in jail. Hwang informs the Cathedral that Lee agreed to him so that he can take care of the church after his demise. And, Park saves him this time.

As the next step, Park planned to not give the corpse until the day of the she is also into this, she doesn’t want the possibility of autopsy. She collects all fake information including a woman confession of molestation. She wanted to finish up this case. She never minds Father Lee’s honor before money.

No one came in support of Lee, even other Roman Catholic Associations. Before becoming Priest, he was Agent Kim of NISI who specializes in anti-terrorism. An incident where a dozen of children died due to negligence made him quit NIS. He now gets his ex-colleague support. He uses him and goes inside the Chapel of rest to make him examining the body.

He met all the so-called witnesses and Detective Seo helped in getting details of them. He recorded some evidence and meets Park without knowing that she is also involved. When he is trying hard, the Priest association ended the game by admitting all charges and to correct the priests’ behaviors in future. Father Lee was not given proper funeral.

He went into the Award function of Hwang! And kicked his right-hand thug!

Episode 7 & 8:

He went to the Ceremony and unable to do anything! However, created an odd atmosphere that annoys Hwang as he called him a killer as he killed Lee to take over the church and Welfare Facility! But, Prosecutor Park is being screwed on not sending him to jail that time. The opposition party took this one as advantage and tries to ruin Lady Jeong, the head of Gudam, Hwang.So now they try to rely on some other religious group to take care of the Welfare Facility. They found Mr.Ki, Leader of Daegakgyo, who was a low class fraud who mooched off ladies and now has become a enlighten leader with the help of Hwang.

When cleaning Father Lee Place, he found so many Corruptions on Food And other Facilities initiated by Lady Jeong and other Politicians including Park Won. And because of tainted Food, A child is hospitalized. Father Lee fought with all of them, pleaded, but of no use. He written all those in his diary.      

Kim wrote a letter to Pope, and after many days, it reached him. The pope himself wrote a letter to the president to reopen and reinvestigate the case of Father Lee as it pertains to the honor of Catholic Bishops. The President Orders the case to be reopened. Park could not imagine that he took it seriously when she told him to report it to pope of Vatican! Another problem for the officers is they have to let Kim joining the investigation as an observer. So, the police department appoints the most incapable person, Detective Koo as the Head of this case.

Episode 9&10

Contrary to the assignment, Kim becomes the investigator and Koo becomes the observer.

He first visited the two victims, woman and man who handles cathedral financial records and donations. All the records say they are in France. He could not understand what to do with the police department who thinks republic of French and France is different. It seems the only wise  is detective Seo. She asked her to check all the CCTV camera in the surrounding areas. 

She found out that in all footages, 2 minutes footages are missing. 

There is a reason why Koo has no pride, he already lost his old partner to Hwang. He killed him for being upright in case investigation. He doesn’t want to die like him for no reason. Yet, decided to close his eyes.

Kim is too drunk and meet Park in the usual department store. When she says that she did not do this on her wish, he refuted back by saying that all she want is power through money. An ounce of conscience from her heart crossed her mind so in one of her cases, where she framed an idol as a drug peddler, she now wanted to reduce the sentence into half which was actually 4 years. But he attempted suicide and in critical condition.

Kim goes to A man who hacked NIS website when he worked. He wanted to know the location of two persons. He got it that they are in South Korea only. He let detective Seo to catch them but went there immediately to support her as they have to finish up the thugs to get the so-called victims.

Episode 11 & 12 :

Kim had to leave in the middle when Seo agreed to take the witnesses to the station. In between, Vladimir godzhayov (Hwang’s thug) thugs came in car, attacked her and takes the two with them.

She returned to the police station in vain but scolded everyone for not cooperating with her.

Kim meets lady Jeong but she refused to help him as already a new leader will be appointed. She had not disclosed the identity of the newly to be appointed. After joining Kim, even the sister(Head Nun of Gudam) become fierce and every point she starts shouting like Kim and sometimes he himself has to pacify her. So, after his arrival, he changed her like that.

When detective Koo tries very hard to stop Kim, Seo on the other hand helps him in every possible way that makes Koo miserable. Hwang and Prosecutor Park want to know how Seo got details about the witness whereabouts. Prior to that, when she asked Kim, he replied that he would say her when the right time comes.

Now the church is under that enlightment group and dupe the people by making physically challenged man to walk. Kim sees this and scolds him as a cult. He found Hwang watching everything and those two of them now combat with Koo being the referee. 

Episode 13 & 14:

The child who is in comatose is denied treatment because of no financial support. Kim with his as usual funny rudeness intimate the food company, Wangmat, which is run by the nephew of leader ki.

He collected all details about the case and found that Lady Jeong, congressman Park won-mu, gudam superintendent and Hwang are interlinked in this.

He wants to start with the food company so that he can catch all of them in one go.

The gang select prosecutor Park to go and take care of this gudam cathedral land. They feel she would be helpful in it. Also, because of the idol drug case, she lost her image.

She found out that it was Kim who gave information to Seo about the whereabouts of the witnesses but yet managed to save him this time by telling her superior that it was detective Seo who did all these with a hacker whom she encountered during an old case. She wanted to save Kim because of Father Lee.

Leader ki wants to provoke Kim so that could be created as a religious outburst since both they are different religious leaders. Kim as usual is fiery this time and tried to hit Ki with a bat. Ki made use of this, tricked by hitting the bat himself. All this is filmed by his help, ukha lady. 

Episode 15 & 16:

Park presume that Kim is not an ordinary guy as he could track someone with hackers. She wants his friend who works for NIS to track out the full details. But he informs that he cannot access it means his work is confidential, either he could be an undercover or an agent.

Hwang calls Koo and hit him severely, he threatened him that if he won’t stop the priest to Wangmat factory, he would kill his old partner wife and son. So, he becomes an informer and informed all details about Kim’s next move.

Kim had yo Han, a believer to spy Wangmat as he works as a part time there. Seo, Kim and Koo capture the officials being bribed using a camrecorder. They would suspend the Wangmat for some months and after that they resume normally. This is just an eyewash to show the government that they had taken measures on the Wangmat cases of food poisoning.

After capturing all the required evidences, they raid the good factory. Koo already informs that to Hwang and he already deployed his right hand, Bob cut Jang Ryeong.

When jang Ryeng hit Seo badly and when he is about to hit her skull, Koo could not stand up as the scenario reoccurred which led to the death of his old partner. He flew in air and knocked  Jang Ryeong with a sphere. Kim and Seo is shocked as they see Koo hitting someone for the first time. 

Episode 17 & 18:

He collects all the evidence to submit at Borough office and lady Jeong stepped down herself from the head of Gudam. To cover up all this, prosecutor park returns to Gudam from yeonwoel.

Kim tells Koo that it was yo-han and song sac who stole the ledger of corrupt record from Wangmat office. Hwang screwed Koo to reveal the names, but even at life threatening situation, he never revealed the name. Koo is not an evil man, but Kim never knows that he undergoes severe punishment from Hwang every time when the ball is in Kim’s court. 

They made all the evidence as not solid and she turned the tables and make Kim’s allegations as false.

First, she made all the officers to accept their crimes by making jeong as innocent. further, she made the head nun to withdraw the complaint of food poisoning against the child who is now comatose. Wangmat accept to bear the hospitals bills. So, they had no other option, but to withdraw the complaint. 

Kim found out that it was all Park’s plot. But she never said anything to her chief, who is also the leader of those corrupt people that includes police superintendent, congressman Park won-mu, head of gudam lady Jeong and Hwang. Every time, she saves him even after knowing that he is not an ordinary man. But still, her chief asks someone to do background check on him. 

Seo is seemed to be have crush on Kim that made Park quite jealous. When he was demanding an explanation of her going this extend by withdrawing the child petitions, she demands the same explanation for encouraging Seo when he knows she likes him. Kim found this absurd. But to her, he never shows his kick style even after getting head knock out from her. 

Hwang using yo-han and song sac as bait made Kim to come to a restricted godown and beats him severely with chief Kim, his right hand and Bob cut jang and his men. 

Episode 19 & 20:

Koo called the police as an anonymous and said that a wild boar is roaming. To catch boar, the police arrives to the spot to find that Hwang and men hitting kim, yo Han and song sac. They left as it is and went from there. 

After going through the ledgers of Wangmat, Seo found that on Feb 5, food was ordered to Hwang’s isolated guest house. She found it as the date coincides with the death of father Lee.

She immediately informs Kim.

Park joins the borough team as they thought police superintendent and congressman Park won-su act separately and tries to pull the others down. So now prosecutor chief, prosecutor Park, lady Jeong and Hwang forms a team. She doesn’t like Hwang when she came to know that she beats Kim to death. Though she desperately wants to know about his well-being, she hesitate to call. but, it seems Hwang likes her. 

Kim through the Wangmat head found out the 2 delivery men and they confirmed the presence of father Lee there.

They want to infiltrate the guest house to found evidence on father Lee’s murder. He removes his priest robe and get his 600cc bike, a jacket and other equipment’s like bullets and DNA tracer.

Koo monitored the area in disguise. He wore a layer of dried grass for the whole day and saw that everyone including the Bob cut hang is left. Now with Seo monitoring from outside, they infiltrate. 

They found a blood drop of father Lee hoping that it would retain the DNA structure. And once Seo saw two cars approaching towards the guest house, she alarms both of them. Ad they can’t escape, they hid inside the villa.

Park goes to the bathroom as her stomach hurts and found two masked men. When she about to shout, Kim made her unconscious with a usual slap on her neck. He carefully pulled her to him when she is about to fall. 

Episode 21 & 22:

Prosecutor Park found out that it was Kim who knocked her out. But she wonders who would be that grass man who looks like orangutan.

Leader ki came to know that 150 million Dollars of money is secured in a Hwang place and can be opened 4 members placing their finger print on the biometric. Ki wants to loot it with the help of Vladimir godzhayov, that Russian Street thug who do petty works for Hwang. At the same time, Hwang wants to take as he can see them constantly hurting his pride as considering him as a dog. 

Chief prosecutor Kang wants to kill Congressman Park won-mu as he betrayed them by trying to pull out gudam chief Jeong. He uses prosecutor Park to kidnap and kill congressman. He shut the police superintendent Nam mouth. All he has to do is not to attend any calls on that day. 

Song sac heard when Bob cut discussing about the plan of killing congressman. He informs what he overheard to Kim, Seo and Koo.

Kim wants to save him so that he Could side with him. As per the scheme, prosecutor Park collects all evidence about his illegal works and ask him to meet her in person. He did what she said only to see that Bob cut forcibly getting him to another car. she is left behind. 

Kim who follows the car wonders why park into this. But follows the car. Park wonders who is in bike and ask the taxi to follow the bike. She could presume that he must be Kim.

Chief prosecutor ordered Hwang to kill him as like he killed father Lee. but it was thwarted by Kim. Koo informs to his team about this, that he got informed through an anonymous call. So as superintendent Nam did not respond, the team rushes to the spot. Found only a masked man and now he is at gun point. The masked man is none other than Kim. 

Episode 23 & 24:

As usual this time, Park made kim to escape. She told him to act like holding her at knife point and let him to escape. He felt embarrassed as he caught by her.

Chief prosecutor Kang informant is none other than Lee joong-Kwon, who was the team manager of Kim when he worked as an agent in counter-terrorism unit. He was the one who let 11 children to die as they are not Koreans. Kim was the one who threw the bomb to demolish the building after killing the terrorist. He never knew that children were there. That guilt made him to resign the job.

He came to Hwang villa, found out how Kim took DNA samples and told to change that entire room with new carpet and wall paper so that they can’t take anymore samples. When they raided the villa as per the anonymous call, Koo found out this.

He narrates the flashback to chief Kang and Park about that incident. And chief Park told her to dig on superintendent Nam. When she do that, she found out a Club at gudam that Transact huge money and the owner is congressman Park son.

They plan to kill the comatose Park won-mu so that they can frame Kim, it was thwarted by Kim and Koo, Seo arrested a Russian man who was ordered to kill park.

Now a Russian man follows prosecutor Park and when he tries to kill him, Kim broke the window glass and comes to rescue her. After watching all these, she faints on him. 

Episode 25 & 26:

Prosecutor Park found out that it was Hanjo group CEO’s son Kim Yeong plan to kill her as she tried to see idol singer who is in comatose. The actual culprit is Kim yeong. The Russians who attempt to kill both congressman and Park are from a group called Rising moon. The main deal is they are drug distributers to CEO’s children and actors. The rising moon is managed by superintendent Nam and the same Borough gang. Before all, there is a person who yet to be unveiled. Koo collects all these information from Jang ryeon, Bob cut thug. They become drinking buddies. 

Koo shares his story to Kim and Seo. Both understood him. 

Yohan and Song sac works for Rising moon. Prosecutor Park now want to joins hands with Kim to which the latter agrees. She obtain a search warrant on Rising moon club. Kim, Seo, koo and Park goes to the club. 

Kim brought a man ‘choco’ who was the one he hit last time at Wangmat. Now he befriends with him. Singlehandedly he hit all the thugs. When Seo and Park tries to escape, Seo is beaten up. 

After seeing this yo Han came to park’s rescue but beaten up. There comes song sac, the one who always beaten up by jang ryeon. He is fierce and hit everyone. He becomes a tiger who protects its King, Father Kim.

Episode 27 & 28:

Hwang tried to access with the fingerprints of all 4 of them. But lady Jeong finger prints do not match. When he went to her place to take again, he sees a bandage on her thumb. Means he cannot take her finger until her wound clears. 

They plan the two Russian druggies to become approvers. She managed to arrest Anton who instigated the orders of congressman Park and prosecutor Park attempt murders.

Using him as a bait, she traced all the ledgers and drugs from Anton with the help pf detective Seo Who fiercely fought with all of them using her unique leg kicks.

With involving Father Han, they managed the two Russian to become approvers. They caught Anton who in turn pointed Hwang and Kim Keon yong(Hanjoo group chairman son) for Congressman Park and prosecutor Park attempt murders.

Now Hwang, Kim Keon yong and Anton are arrested with the 2 Russian druggies. Superintendent Nam could not do anything.

The Two episodes are at funnier when they tried to stop Bob cut and others to bring the criminals before the justice.

Episode 29& 30:

When they are about to interrogate Hwang, a man who is the right hand of jang ryeong appears from nowhere and falsely confessed that he instigated the murder and it was not Hwang.

Both Anton and other druggies changed their statement and Hwang is not arrested. Everyone is furious but can’t do anything. Cops involved in this were all changed to various divisions. Kim Yeong yong case changed to different prosecutor.

Park pretend to plead at chief prosecutor Kang and managed to get back the Kim Yeong Ying case. He is an important congressman’s son.

The Borough team concoct to open the case without Nam and Park’s fingerprints and to change it to someone. That’s why they hardly want a foundation or welfare facility so that make this money white. The safe consist of a huge cash and can withstand bomb attacks. The only way to open the case is to enter the fingerprints of 4, Nam, Park, Jeong and chief prosecutor Kang.

They now take Prosecutor Park to the safe at Hwang Trading and after opening the safe which is actually a big room, Lee joong kwon put gun on Park’s head. Lee joong Kwon as known is the team manager at NIS and the one who made this safe with the help of German pros. 

Everyone now goes after the original Ledger of Rising Moon as its their only hope for the Kim’s team whereas Hwang wants to get the files. The Accountant of Rising Moon, Kim Bu Gi already lost it after gambled with a professional Gambler Oh Kwang-du. Kim meets him to get the document but Kwang-du refused to return unless they win a game. Oh Kwang-du is ace gambler and the only two who could win is a man and a woman who is nicked named as Ten-Tailed Fox. Kim now searches for a gambler who could win Oh Kwang-du!

Through his friend who had helped him in DNA test, he found out that the Ten-Tailed Fox is none other than the Head Nun of Gudam Cathedral, Kim In-kyung. After much thoughts, she agreed to play with him as it is for a good cause. She left that world as it killed his younger brother who wants to become a great gambler like his sister.

Episode 31 & 32:

            All Oh Kwang-du wants is if she lost the game, she must quit as Nun and become one of his team. Though Father Kim and Han are reluctant, she agrees without second thought. Jang Ryeong also bought a man on behalf of Hwang team, but was disqualified for cheating.

She tricked him and won the game straight! When Kim is curious about it, she pretended it’s the Lord’s will. But he understood and calls her a liar. The police guard of Gudam arrests their own chief superintendent Nam with the details they got from Gambling godown!

Chief Prosecutor believes Prosecutor Park and made her one of the members of borough! The Cash of Nam’s will be divided and given to Hwang, Park and Lee Joong-kwon (ex-team manager,NIS).

As getting Nam out will be pretty tough, the borough game wants to destroy all the evidences that had their names through Lee Joong-kwon!

Kim wants to seal the money! He discusses this about with Koo & Seo!

The identity of Kim is revealed to the world. He was portrayed as a merciless man who killed innocent Children in the name of Counter-attack! So, the Gudam Catherdral incharge Priest han, asked Kim to leave.

Jeong is arrested for financial Crisis and it was all Kang’s plot. Everything was strategically planned ny Lee Joong-kwon!  With her, he made everyone to fall, Congressman Park, Jeong and Nam!  And Kim will be leaving to Argentina! The only left over is Hwang! Hwang himself is aware of this!

Prosecutor Park got an arrest warrant on Father Kim for his previous atrocities at the Police Station and banned him from travel. It was all a plan of Park,Koo & Seo! She got this with the help from Prosecutor Nam, her arch rival! She even made him to say that she is his love of life.

Lee joong-kwon got 3 trained agents to kill Kim and his well-wishers if needed! Hwang wants to share it with prosecutor Park.

All the cops who helped him including Seo is brutally beaten up by them. Song Sac who come to the rescue of Seo is also beaten! They are professionally trained as like Kim!

Episode 33 & 34:

The safe is waterproof, can withstand explosion and once got it, the oxygen level decreases and no matter what people win die in 15 mins.

Kim planned with others to first make them to get the money out so that they can steal it from them

Kang locked all, Seo, Kim, Park, Hwang, chief Kim ( Hwang right hand), jang ryeong and Koo inside the safe and got out the money with the help of Lee joong-Kwon. But, finally Lee joon-Kwon betrays Kang and took all the money with his agents.

Now only 7 minutes left for oxygen. And, all locked up. But the other police official are out and monitor all this. 

Things would have gone their way unless jang found that Park is bluffing. So, Kim goes to help her followed by koo and Seo. 

Meanwhile leader ki plans to rob it by making a underground route with vladirmir godzhayev, but went in vain as the safe cannot be intruded. 

Episode 35 & 36:

Vladimir godzhayev managed to dig a hole to the vault only to find people instead of money. But how one can dig a hole on a steel vault.

Actually, Lee joong-Kwon is too corrupt, he got money from the Borough gang but inside used poor quality materials so that he easily digged it.

Anyhow, he escaped with the money but Kim has already planted a tracker inside one of the bag.

Hwang wanted to join hands with Kim so that he would share who killed Father Lee. Kim is infuriated as he believed Hwang is the killer. Despite, he recalled what once Lee joong-Kwon said as he is also a witness in father Lee murder. So he accepts to join hands with Hwang after discussing with his team. 

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