Released Year: 2020
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads:  Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won, Jang Hee-jin, and Seo Hyun-woo
Genre: Melodrama, Suspense


The Drama depicts The story of Baek hee Sung, a metal craftsman, his family and his dark past which his family unaware about! 

To the world, Baek Hee Sung looks like the ideal husband. A hard-working craftsman, his metal-working studio has met with its good share of success. But this so-called perfect gentleman hides some very dark secrets. Secrets rather his detective wife, Cha Ji Won, never known. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of coming out, when Ji Won takes on a cruel case that led to her happy world crumbles as the case involves the one, she cherishes more! 

Main Cast:

Lee Joon-gi as Baek Hee-sung / Do Hyun-soo

Moon Chae-won as Cha Ji-won, Hee-sung/Hyun-soo’s wife

Jang Hee-jin as Do Hae-soo

Seo Hyun-woo as Kim Moo-jin


Episode 1: Baek Hee-Sung and His Past, Cha Ji-won Solves A Case

The first scenes show the hand and leg tied joon gi struggling for life in a pool of water and a crying woman moon chae-won swim towards him. Joon gi now wanted to reveal who he is at the same time chae-won wanted to love him more and share their emotions with an underwater kiss. Again, the next scene is another romantic kissing scene with music on. From the ring Joon-gi is wearing, we can predict they are a couple. The one thing I felt strange is two subsequent kissing scenes, that too in the first scene of episode 1. Quite Strange!!! The background of the scene introduce the metal craftsman Baek Hee Sung.. Being a hard-core fan of Joon-gi, I have never seen him kissing this conformable, for these many frames…

Baek Hee Sung, his wife Cha Ji Won, his daughter Eun-ha went on to meet hee-Sung parents. From the conversation, it is that terms are not good enough between them. Though hee-Sung don’t want his wife to be uncomfortable, she pacifies him by saying that it is better to be in touch at least once in a while! 

The family celebrates hee-Sung birthday with his own parents not showing any involvement. When cha ji won, a cop got some urgent work and leaves, the conversion starts between the trio! His mother humiliates him by saying that he is a man with dark past and she is a cop and wonders their married life is successful even after years. Mother calls ji-won as dumb as still she could not know/find his husband’s past. 

Now a case begins, a domestic violence and attempt of murder case which ji-won deals with. Normally she explains all the cases to her husband. This time the son (below 15 years) accuses his own father whereas the latter don’t accept it. In between they were talking about a serial murder case happened a while ago. Her colleague Mr. Kim, a jovial reporter seems to be very much interested about the case and he was about to publish an article about it. Later it is known that hee-Sung is the one who insists his mom to stay away from ji-won as he thinks that she can’t act like him. But why is he acting? Who is he actually? the story reveals! visits hee-Sung workshop and shocked to see him. The same for hee-Sung! When Kim moo jin just called him Do hyun So. Moo jin and hee-sung/hyun so are from same town. after seeing him, a lot of questions runs in moo jin’s head. The day when hyun So run away from the village 18 years ago, there was a murder. Later on the other side, it is found that it is the boy who lied about the accident as his father gave some drug to make his mother lose her mind in order to be happy with his affair. Back to the scene, the childhood neighbors made an agreement not to reveal about hee-Sung past! But, hee-Sung lured moo jin and makes him unconscious. Hee-Sung was playing with his little girl as like nothing had happened when ji-won comes home. The last scene shows moo-jin mouth and leg tied, jailed in the underground room at hee-sung’s workshop. What Next? ,Episode 2 Unfolds

Episode 2: Baek Hee-sung Past!

The next day hee-sung watches a video on how to look happy and do the same when ji-won talks with him. When the cute daughter informs hee-sung that ji-won went to clean his workshop. hee-sung rushed to the place and as usual give her smile, answers all her questions patiently on why the tea cup is broken. He actually practices those things and all these years he managed to act. When Mr. Kim is struggling for help, he smoothly takes his wife away from the office. Actually, he set up a workshop in his house. His actings were too Natural as being a cop, Ji-won never finds anything. But, how can a man act with even his daughter? one would wonder.

Next is a murder case like yeonju city murders that happened 18 years ago! A series of murder where the victims’s thumbnail is missing from the body.  brutal murders So far costs 7 lives. Ji-won and his colleagues cannot understand as the murderer is already dead and the case is closed long ago.

Hee-Sung aka Do Hyun-so meet moo-jin in the basement and asks him if he even remember the time bullying him heavily by tying him on the tree and throwing stones at him. That time, hyun-so vows that he will do the same!

The police have set forth postmortem analysis of the recently dead women and the doctor says that this is similar to that of yeonju murder case and the culprit name Is Do min-sik. Ji-won has no clue that why the identity of Do min-Seok is not out despite killing 7 victims.

Now, moo-jin finds out that hyun-so is hee-sang! Also, hee-sang reveals that he is the one who murdered that foreman in the village before 18 years to moo-jin.

Ji-won and her colleagues are investigating recent jung min-ok case, still they could not identify why the killer recreated a murder that happened 18 years ago and while the culprit is dead by committing suicide. They tracked as it could be either the social worker who works for a welfare to which the lady has donated a large sum, or,the victim’s son who is a reported to be a gambler and also tortured his mom for money. They found out a will signed by the victim that says all the money is to be donated to the welfare! Out of the blue, they found out that the thumbprint is made using a lipstick. So now the main suspect is that social worker and also, they plan to check all the women connected to the victim.

After checking through moo-jin’s diary, hee-sang/hyun-so enquired about why he had scheduled to meet someone! Moo-jin says that the guy who call him had told that he is going to give an important tip.when he screwed him what was the tip about, moo-jin replies “YOU”! hee-sang become furious!Then he says about an article about Hyun-so and his dad that he published a while back. hee-sang himself go on to see who is that! hee-sang calls Nam Soon-kil via moo-jin’s phone and the person who is claimed to be working with him as a delivery man for 3 years says that he is actually the son of the serial killed Do min-seok who is now always been in thoughts of cha ji-won at the moment.

So, the culprit is one of the suspects! The Social Worker, Park Seo-young! She killed her as she is frustrated to walk up several stairs to meet her, further, jung min-ok using her for petty things, annoys seo-young! so she killed her! she is too cool to get arrested! she even do her make up before getting arrested! when ji-won could not understand how a human can kill someone what such a reason,  seo-young replies that there are 3% of the people like her and “Who knows someone might be near you”! ji-won takes this carelessly! but, when it comes to work, ji-won is terrific!

Nam Soon-kil is killed by an unknown man, wearing a rain coat! And, cha ji-won at 3.30 Am found hee-sung coming home wearing a rain coat!

Episode 3: Nam Soon-kil Murder And Yeonju Serial Murder Case!

A Flashback !

In 2007, when ji-won proposes, hee-sung is clueless a she thought she is monitoring him for purpose. The thing is he did not even know her name though they are neighbors. Despite liked it a moment, hee-sung rejects the proposal.

Now, back to the continuation of Episode 2, ji-won wonder why he must be out at this odd hour. hee-sung tells her that he bought her favorite beer.! At any point, ji-won never doubted him. She has just a blind love on him.

Hee-sung always tortures moo-jin, even when feeding him, he would say that this food may be in stomach while doing autopsy on dead body. These continuous threats cause anxiety to moo-jin! He even could not eat when still he is eating only for survival. Moo-jin being driven crazy pleasured Hee-sung aka hyun-so!

Nam Soon-kil is murdered just the same way of Yeonju Serial Murders that happened 18 Years Ago. both of his thumbnails were removed, his vein in the leg were cut, A rope is tied in his neck and the cause of death seems to extreme bleeding. This time ji-won is going to be investigating this case along with Choi Jae-sub, a veteran detective. Though Choi jae-sub and ji-won have differences in opinions when comes to decisions in cases, they still have a good rapport.

This case is seeming to be as same like Do min-Seok. The footages are retrieved through surveillance camera and after seeing it, Hee-sung rain coat flashed ji-won’s mind for seconds. This could be a imitation as like what Park seo-young (the killer of old lady Jung) have done by trying to copying a murder that happened 18 years ago. This seems to be somewhat real. The pattern and even the same brand rope is used which was never revealed to the public.

With the last calls traces, they confirmed that Mr. Nam had spoken to moo-jin.

Hee-Sun visits moo-jin place to retrieve a folder from moo-jin’s laptop as told by him. He says to decide whether to kill him or not after checking those videos. Hee-sung is too emotional to see a school girl in that video that had been taken in 2007. When he is about to copy all that, he found somebody knocking the door, and when he sees through the hole, it is none other than his wife Cha ji-won. And in the meantime, moo-jin managed to untie his hand using a broken glass.

Cha ji-won searches inside moo-jin home after breaking it but finds no one. When she touches the laptop, she finds it warm and understood that someone was here a moment ago or might be still here. He re-searches everything. And in the balcony, hee-sung is sneaking and just a small move, he would fall from a high story building. He barely stands but ji-won finds something off and approaches the balcony. Hee-sung calls ji-won and says moo-jin is at his workshop and will go to the police station. A little boy saw Hee-sung and shouted thief and ji-won could hear it. To divert her, he says that he is sick so she came to the workshop to see him.

In the meantime, moo-jin attacks Hee-sung and they hava a fight. When ji-won opens his workshop, he sees hee-sung coming out with a wounded mark near his eye. When she questions what it is, someone calls her name, it’s none other than moo-jin. He asks if she came to pick him to the police station. He acted casual and did not complain about Hee-sung.

Hee-sung blackmails moo-jin with a video tape taken from his home. He did something but it was not shown. That shuts up moo-jin once for all. Hee-sung warns him that if he publishes that video not as a reporter, but he will not even Ble to live in Korea. It seems he has done crime that would cost his life. Once he asked if he had continued to work as a reporter while having done something like assisting a murder or filming a murder using an anonymous identity in social media platform. It must be something related to it. So, no other go, he has to do what Hee-sung says.

Everyone and everything points the name Do hyun-so on Mr.Nam murder. moo-jin after knowing the time of the murder 3.30 am, he predicted that it cannot be Hee-sung/hyun-so as by 3 am he was with him he agrees to cover this as an exclusive to his chief.

Moo-jin meets hee-sung to help him in finding out the culprit as he has done to show the fingers on hyun-so. Hee-sung reluctantly agreed. meanwhile the police try to trace the whereabouts of hyun-so. hee-sung mother calls him after hearing the news and yelled at him for involving in a murder. they are the one who changed hyun-so  to hee-sung identity. the real hee-sung is their son who is now comatose!

Episode 4: Cha Ji-won Chases Do Hyun-so

Hee-sung meets his mom and she is infuriated to see that Do hyun-so name reappearing in news. She again warns if this happens, both of them will be doomed. She lamented for his decision of marrying Cha ji-won when she hears that she is in charge of the case.

Through the police investigation, they find that Do hyun-so has an older sister Do hae-su. Ji-won meets Do hae-su and still she did not resent Do hyun-so that amused ji-won as because of him, she has to answer cops for 18 long years. Hae-su works in a film industry. Ji-won discuss about her work with Hee-sung and thereby he collects information about the progress of the case. Moo-jin and the hotel owner where do-hyun so and Nam soon-kil Use to work agreed to help in sketching hyun-so portrait.

Moo-jin now should stop the sketch to avoid Hee-sung getting caught. He messes the sketch by saying whatever he could by confusing the old man, hotel owner. In the meantime, Hee-sung meets Nam soon-kil wife and acted as reporter moo-jin, he asked her why he was at a hotel at 3 am and tells her to recollect if someone else knows about his presence in the hotel. Hee-sung had to involve in this as he has to clear his name. If not, his life would be a mess.

An old lady who might have known Hyun-so calls ji-won and informs that she had a photo of hyun-so from 5 years ago. Everyone is astonished to hear that, and the photo has Hee-sung and ji-won as a couple on the background this old woman photo which is taken in Seoul 5 years ago. It was an unexpected shot that captured both of them when the old woman was taking a picture. She came to know via news that police is looking for the photo of Do hyun-so. Ji-won now on the way to get the photo.

The taxi driver who was called as a witness left his tumbler in the police station but it is not actually a tumbler, but a audio recorder and he hears what is happening in Nam soo-kil case.

Nam soo-kil once travelled in his taxi and ask for his mobile to make a call to his wife, and found a fish symboled Keychain in his phone which actually once he saw in Do hyun-So’s radio. Amidst, mam’s wife informs Hee-sung that her husband used to call a taxi every time and he comes in the same car. Moo-jin informs hee-sung about what’s happening and the photo. Now taxi driver also happened to know about the photo.

Now ji-won and detective Im on the other hand Hee-sung and moo-jin travels to yeonju to collect the photo. Moo-jin and hae-su were once lovers and they broke up.

Moo-jin and Hee-sung reach first and they have a plan to take the picture and even when ji-won arrives immediately, they can manage. Though they don’t like each other, their conversation will be like accomplices. Moo-jin always had to help he-sung matter what and funny enough to pull each other opinion. But the masked taxi driver came by and messes their plan. He hit moo-jin head making him unconscious and took the photo eventually getting caught by Hee-sung. He calls him do hyun-so and insists to talk about Jung mi-sook. In the meantime, ji-won and detective Im arrives.

Ji-won now chases do hyun-so without knowing that he is her husband. He goes to a warehouse and hid himself, when she followed and tried to switch on the light, he use a hammer to break the light and wrapping her with a cloth sheet so that she would never see his face. She is strong enough to throw him and when she stumbles and fall down, a box full of hammer and screw driver are about to fall on her. Hee-sung instead of running just took the hit by covering and hugging her. Finally, Hee-sung’s has love on ji-won. He handcuffed her when she is still wrapped by a sheet and runs away.

They found out that the photo is not stolen by Do hyun-so and it’s not Do hyun-so who killed Mr. Nam, They further predicted that the killer is after hyun-so.

So out of the 7 murders of Do min-seok, the last body was not recovered. Which is jung mi-sook’s, her husband all these years would come and dug places near to the found bodies. But he could not get it. It could be that taxi driver. Ji-won collects all the information and informs chief and detective choi jae-sub. They found out about the tumbler as well. They plan to trap the taxi driver.

Who is suspected to be killing Mr. Nam. Its indeed him. He did on purpose so that police would search for Do hyun-so.

Now as promised before taxi driver meets hee-sang in a fishing spot and a watch is found at the warehouse. When ji-won sees that, she finds ” HSB” engraved on it which she presented to her husband on his birthday.

Episode 5: The Taxi Driver!

The taxi driver, Park Kyung choon, meets Hee-sung and asks about jung mi-sook whereas moo-jin calls him and alerts him about the same. Police now chases Park Kyung choon For the murder of Nam soon-kil. But before that, Kyung-choon kidnapped Hee-sung and anyhow Hee-sung managed to get the photo and burnt it. And the Inn lady filed a complaint and ji-won found out that her husband is abducted. She is too uncontrollable as she once missed Park Kyung choon. Police informs the same to Hee-sung parents and found something strange as they were interested only in the case but not about the wellbeing of his son. Hee-sung father pacified mother by saying that if do hyun-so dies, the matter can be buried. Even when Park Kyung- choon tries to get information from Hee-sung by attacking him, he insists that he can’t prove which he don’t even know. But when he asked about the fish Keychain that hee-sung had all along which is actually Jung mi sook’s, he could not answer as the Keychain was given to him by his sister hae-su on the day of his father’s funeral.

He kept Hee-sung tied In a pool and opened water so that he can die when the water is full. 

The cop who was also the part of investigation case of that 18-year-old serial case meets moo-jin and spills that there is a witness. The police somehow traced the place where he is suspected to lock up Hee-sung.

When the water is about to be full, Kyung choon even begged Hee-sung to tell where his father buried his wife. But still Hee-sung’s answer remains the same.

Ji won rushed to the place and devastated to see Hee-sung sitting motionless in a pool. She attempts to make him conscious by kissing him several times. In the combat between jae-sub and Kyung-choon, and it seems choon is killed accidentally.

Hee-sung gained consciousness for some time and recalled the moment when ji-won proposed and kiss him, he wants to live like this and his dead Father who always seeing him went off when he asked to leave this time. He believes that ji-won is the one who changes this way. Ji-won untied him, moved him out. She cried like hell as still he found motionless. On the other hand, for the first time, Hee-sung felt sorry for her. 

Episode 6: Ji-won’s suspicion!

Years back, Once wounded Do hyun-so after a fight with Nam soon-kill is hit by the real Baek Hee-sung. When he approached him and tried to call ambulance, hyun-so says no.

At present, Hee-sung is admitted in the hospital. Hee-sung is now ok and able to recognize everyone. his father Dr.shin visits him.his mother follows. Though hee-sung managed to ji-won that he followed moo-jin to that place for his metal craft work, she is still suspicious and don’t believe him anymore.

Park Kyung-choon is not dead but comatose. when mother shouts about what is to be done to shut up choon, dr.shin warned her as her agitation before 15 years ago led them to stand here like this, means, she has done something so that they had to change the identity of Hyun-so.

Police suspect that choon is pretending as the test reports shows positive and they plan to arrest him the next day. To shut him up, Dr. Shin suggests Hee-sung to kill him so that they won’t be in trouble in the future.

Moo-jin meets the witness Ms. Jang young-hae. she just spilled him that it was not only Do min-Seok, but also the another one involved. But she refused to speak up as she wants to lead a quiet life with her daughter.

When everyone is pity on Hee-sung, Jae-sub while getting witness statement says that his dark side would be unveil once choon is arrested which made him to give a thought on what Dr. Shin said, that is to kill him.

Mr.Nam wife calls ji-won and informs that he has something on hyun-so. Ji-won tells her not to discuss with anyone other than her related to Hyun-so. Unconsciously, hee-sang says to ji-won thinking her as hae-su, his sister that he won’t live as Do hyun-so anymore. From this, Ji-won almost finds that he is Do hyun-so.

Ji-won opened up Hee-sung’s underground basement in his workshop meanwhile in the hospital Hee-sung is about to kill choon. Choon is actually pretending and have a chat with Hee-sung, he even says that he actually believes him and that he might be wrong. He told him to kill him as he had killed an innocent man Mr. Nam.

Episode 7: The Killer of Village Foreman!

The flashback shows Do hyun-so getting treated at Hee-sung place as he refused getting treated at hospital. Hyun-so wakes up and tries to steal as much as he could in Hee-sung place later to be get caught by Dr. Shin and his wife. But what happens next? How hyun-so becomes Hee-sung is still a mystery.

Moo-jin exclusive is love on TV and the accomplice voice is now out. Everyone is sure that it must be Do hyun-so. Hae-su saw moo-jin on live and shocked to hear her ex-love addressing about village foreman murder. It seems she is also involved somehow in the murders as once her face is of blood when village foreman is murdered and hyun-so saying her to not live like this anymore.

Dr. Shin shows the audio to Hee-sung and warns him that if he is again close to be exposed, he should go somewhere no could can find and he will take of ji-won and Eun-ha forever. Hee-sung with heavy heart accept it.

Hae-su approaches moo-jin for an interview. Moo-jin is too awful to see his ex-lover, as he did not even take bath. Meanwhile, ji-won starred investigation on her own by watching hyun-so statement on killing his neighbor dog before some 18 years. Ji-won found that he is manic when it comes to his cassette player, otherwise he is quite and never talk with any.

Hee-sung replayed the audio of that accomplice over and over and when he is about to inform something to moo-jin, he refused to hear. but, he meets hae-su! ji-won,as a part of her investigation on hyun-so, retrieved the tape and goes to see the Hotel owner where hyun-so used to work for.

ji-won mother leaves Eun-ha to hee-sung’s mother. Though she hesitates to take of her, she just left her without minding her words. She became furious to see her studying a Mathematics book that is not for her age. he ripped the whole book, tremble and shouted at her just to study what she needs to! From this, it hinted that the real hee-sung is like this as she might have tortured him to do something that he can’t. So, she doesn’t want the same for Eun-ha! she even buys her egg tart to pacify her and is a Good Grandmother though!

ji-won this time directly meets hee-sung with Do Hyun-so’s bag that trembles hee-sung! She wanted to prove him that she can also lie without even blinking. She tells him to help her in finding Do Hyun-so as she was also a metal craftsman. She invites him to look up Do min-seok’s Workshop. But, still, hee-sung has no clue and thinks that she is not suspecting him. But, when it comes to work, ji-won is on Fire!

Moo-jin is too glad to see his first love visiting his place. As Everyone knows her, she wanted to be private. So, moo-jin invites her to his place. She just came straight to the point after moo-jin talks ill about her brother! Moo-jin is too disheartened to hear that his lover is still supporting her brother who killed people mercilessly, especially the village Foreman! When he argues the same, she made him void by saying that she was the one who killed Village Foreman.

Ji-won visits Do min-seok house and workshop along with hee-sung! ji-won is up to something and she takes hee-sung to check the crime site, the basement where do min-seok murdered Seven innocent people after torturing them in a cage.She switch on the cassette player and let him to hear the so-called music. When he cannot tolerate and wanted to leave, she informs him that the hotel owner is yet to come which shooked hee-sung! She wants hee-sung to show the real self of Hyun-so so that if he tries to attack her, she would kill him for sure! he lost his mind, approaches ji-won, about to choke her and she took the gun, but suddenly he fell down and suffers to breath. ji-won took him out of the sight.

Hae-su insisted moo-jin to not harass Hyun-so in the name of Exclusive news as he did not even do anything! moo-jin devasted to hear that hae-su is a killer. She went!

Now, hee-sung visits moo-jin to help him in finding his sister, Do Hae-su. ji-won presented him a new watch, actually a tracking device!  Hee-sung wanted to find someone through his sister.

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