Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Park Eun-bin, Rowoon
Genre: Historical, Fiction, Romance


Crown prince wife gave birth to twins that is considered as Ominous sign. To avoid her ultimate death, the mother sends the daughter secretly out and once the son Lee Hwi dies all of a sudden, the daughter is brought back, cross-dressed and raised as the prince. The now crown prince Lee Hwi, who is actually a girl starts developing interest on Jung ji-woon, a teacher with whom she has a past connection.

Main Cast:

Park Eun-bin as Crown Prince Lee Hwi

Rowoon as Jung Ji-woon, Dam-i childhood friend 


Episode 1: Twins!

At a heavy rainy day, the crown princess gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was celebrated whereas the girl is not. Those times, twins are considered as abnormal and an ominous sign. The King is too angry at the crown Prince. How can a boy born with a girl can become a future king? the king roars. At that time, a usual figure, an old man, who has all the qualities for the usual villainous characters pacifies the king. He says not to worry, and means to declare that the royal highness had given birth to only one son. And the girl will be killed. The crown Prince goes to see his princess, it seems that he is a man who would do anything for the throne and for the country.

But, a mother is always a mother. She tries to save the girl at all cost. With the help of royal physician, she wanted to trick the old man.

The Minister, old man Orders to kill the girl baby and whoever were at the royal delivery must be killed without single evidence including the just born little girl. All are killed by the troop mercilessly. And the officer and Minister now arrives to the Princess place. The Princess declared that the girl baby is already dead. The Minister did not believe and let his officer to check. Yes, the baby did not breathe. The minister orders the officer to burn her.

After he goes, the Royal physician pulled a string like hook from the baby’s vein near ear and spine and the baby start breathing, but the pulse is too low. Another officer right after the minister went, approaches the Princess residence. it seems he is a confidant of Princess. She orders him to check her pulses by taking to a doctor.

In a heavy rain, he carries the little girl and ride to nearby clinic.

After few years,

A girl with Mark on her neck, who look like Prince joins as a court maid. The prince encountered her in a soccer match and tells his mother. The mother is too shocked as she was informed that the baby is out of the capital. She wanted her maid to check the whereabouts of that little girl. The prince teacher is arrested for disobedience. It is all planned by the same minister who now has all the authority. The King is just a puppet who trusts and hears what the minister says. The crown Prince is furious but left unarmed. The prince wanted to see his teacher by all means. The area is fully watched by soldiers. So, he plans.

He calls that girl and cross-dresses her as the prince. He dresses as a girl now in order to see his master.

When he is about to return, the prince has his father as visitor. It’s now the girl who suffocates to see the crown prince before her. But for some times, she calls him as father. She probably used that word without knowing who she actually is. She borrows a book from the prince and she encounters a little boy (From Jung Family) who just entered Palace with his noble father, Jung Seok-jo, the right hand of Minister. The book is accidentally fell in the pond and both of them fell together, the girl saved the boy. They develop a friendship to a level that even the prince teases her by calling it romantic friendship.

The crown Prince called for dam-i, the girl, and found that this is her own child. His eyes could not hold tears and it roll down like a rain. She is bit happy that his girl did not resent her parents for abandoning her.

The minister is the dangerous man who would not mind to kill his own daughter, the crown princess. He choked her almost to death for making him fool by saving the girl. He now wants the girl, dam-i to die to hold in power. He wanted Jung Seok-jo to target and kill dam-i. But this time same prince is cross dressed to see his master he is the father figure to him, he wanted to save him. But what could a little guy do! An officer found dam-i, and tries to see her. He must be the one who saved her when she was just born.

The prince did not know why someone has to kill dam-i , that too from the palace. The officer asked the prince to take his horse to go Palace.

Now it’s a combat between Jung Seok-jo and the officer who saved the prince.

Jung Seok-jo seems to be a cunning man. When he combats with the officer who saved the prince, he even uses a peasant at sword point and tries to attack the officer. He attacks him and chases the prince and shot an arrow! Meanwhile dam-i, now pretend as the prince encounters the minister.

Episode 2: Prince Lee Hwi

The officer brings the prince body to crown princess. She thought that her little girl passed away without knowing anything. But shocked when she could not see the mark on back neck. She understood that it’s not her girl, it’s her boy. Her misery doubles as not only she lost her son, but the nation also lost its future king. The boy, Jung Ji-woon who waited for dam-i disappointed. He does not know his own father is assigned to kill her. 

Jung ji-woon visits the prince, now dam-i happens to see her friend. She manages to hide herself before the curtain as no one can see the prince. She shatters after hearing that he is going to Ming for higher studies. She gave him the dice by saying that its his present that dam-I told to deliver!

i-wol, friend of dam-I saw Jung Seok-jo and request him to say anything if he knows about dam-i as she did not see her after the banquet. Jung ji-woon now sees his father going with i-wol. As he already know that she is dam-I’s friend, he too follows.

But suddenly, he sees his father trying to harm her. however, ji-woon came to the rescue and make her to escape. But Seok-jo chases her and kills her before his own son.

Dam-I run away from the prince chamber and all in search for her. She actually followed ji-woon and sees everything! That little child cannot bear someone killed her only friend just for asking whereabouts! All started searching for her including the eunuch boy! The boy cried as he can get what that little girl dam-I is going through! Everyone understands her including the court maid and the crown princess. But, if they don’t continue to act, none of them would be spared!

Dam-I aka prince Lee hwi now develops a strong hatred towards Jung Seok-jo and Jung ji-woon. And now she can hug his mother for the first time. Her mother is grateful when she calls her mother even after everything! She became critically ill and dies leaving Lee Hwi to suffer alone!

10 Years later,

Dam-I still manages as Prince Lee hwi, now even more comfortably! Jung Ji-woon is a physician famous for Treatments in the capital. crown Prince is now remarried. Prince both cousins are all grown up as great young of her uncle got a doubt on her gender as when his hair untied, she looks like a girl. she saw jung ji-woon seeing her when she is changing clothes. He came there to search for some herbs which has to be taken before the day or else his whole clinic and people are at stake. He ought to cure a noble girl skin disease in a day.

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