Released Year: 2020
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Dong-Wook, Jo Bo-ah, Kim Bum
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama, Suspense, Horror


The Story is about a The nine-tailed fox named Lee Yeon who was the former mountain spirit and guardian of Baekdudaegan! He falls for a Girl named Ah-Eum, but lost her due to Fate! He waits for Centuries for the reincarnation of Ah-eum! After centuries of searching, he found Ah-eum’s reincarnation in the present who is Nam Ji-ah, a Documentary Producer. Finally, He swore to protect Ji-ah at all costs so she could live longer. He must combat with his half-brother Lee Rang, Who waits for the right time to kill his brother.

Main Cast:

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon

Jo Bo-ah as Nam Ji-ah / Ah-eum

Kim Bum as Lee Rang

Main Characters:

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon

The nine-tailed fox and former mountain spirit and guardian of Baekdudaegan. He is the lover of Ah-eum,a human Girl and half-brother of Lee Rang! Yeon swore to kill all the supernatural beings that harm the Human being in exchange for Ah-eum’s reincarnation. After centuries of searching, he found Ah-eum’s reincarnation in the present who is Nam Ji-ah, a Documentary Producer. Finally, He swore to protect Ji-ah at all costs so she could live longer in this lifetime.

Jo Bo-ah as Nam Ji-ah / Ah-eum

             A 30 Years Old Human Woman Who works as the TV Producers Who mainly Wanted to reveal        her parents Sudden disappearance! She is the reincarnation of Ah-eum who was Lee Yeon’s past lover.

Kim Bum as Lee Rang

        Half-brother of Lee Yeon! He vows to revenge on All human beings due to an incident that made him to flee from the Mountain in which he once lived with Yeon! He wanted to take

revenge on his brother as well.


Episode 1: Lee Yeon ,Ji-ah & Lee Rang

The subtitle says the explanation about a 100-year-old fox and its powers! 

“when a fox turns 100, it can transform in to a beautiful woman or become a man who has relations with one! However, a fox of 1000 years receives the sky’s blessings and become a celestial fox that abilities match the powerful shaman” 

A man drives a car with his family, wife and a daughter. The mother presents a beautiful gift to her daughter. But suddenly the car somersaults and collapses, the daughter sees the dead bodies of her Mother and Father. After sometime, the bodies were gone and she got confused and explains everything to policemen. A mysterious man watches all these happenings. 

The next scene, the daughter wakes up from the dream and sees her parents watching TV with her. But she found the gift which her mother presented her before the Accident. And to her surprise, she found a part which was broken. She already had seen that got broken during the accident. She got a doubt that it wasn’t her parents and asked her mom for some cookies which she is allergic to! As she thought, her mom went to the kitchen to search for the cookies. After telling about her allergy issue, she asked her so- called mom, “who are you”? They are not her parents, they are not humans, rather Monsters! They tried to kill her. She sneaked somewhere and finally the same mysterious man who watched the accident before reappeared. It seems that he mistook her as someone, but he saved her! By showing his red eyes, he made her to forgot everything. That man always holds a designer red umbrella. 

Now 21 Years Later, 

The mystery man went on to stop a woman’s marriage who is actually a fox. He killed her without a trace and her body could not be found whereas the bride dress was there. The small girl, Nam Ji-ah is now a smart and dauntless producer at TVC Station. She saw him and felt a different feeling. She went on to cover the wedding incident. She felt fishy after the the witnesses and the environment tells different stories. She found hair in the bride dress and gave that to research. The man who researches it is actually a Gumiho, Goo Shin-joo, who serves, Lee Yeon (A mysterious man with a red umbrella). Yeon himself is a 1000-year-old Gumiho who awaits for the reincarnation of his first love, Ah-eum! 

Shin-joo informed and alerted Lee Yeon. He came to know that Nam Ji ah is the one he saves 21 years before as she seemed like his first love. But, from whom does he save her? The story unfolds.

She got a call and asked to get on the bus if she wanted to know details about the incident. But she was stopped by a man who has a mark on his right eye. In the bus, she saw Yeon. The bus got into accident and the only survivor is a girl who talked with Ji ah in the bus stop. When all died, she was absolutely alright without any wounds. And moreover, she found Yeon missing after deducing that the bus has no in-between stops. She found that Yeon is connected to both wedding hall and this bus accident. She asked people to tighten the security as he may further come to harm the girl. 

As per her prediction, she met Yeon in the hospital. She questions him about everything! And got his finger prints somehow to check his involvement. Again, he came back to the hospital and found only a letter given by ji ah that the victim is now shifted to ji ah home! The victim is actually not a human that ji ah already knows. She offered herself as a bait and wanted to unmask the victim identity, who is actually a male Gumiho, Lee Rang, that kills innocent lives. 

Yeon saves ji ah and felt Ah-eum in her. 

Episode 2: Yeon Helps Ji-ah

Episode 2 starts with a flashback of Lee Yeon, as mountain spirit who controls the mountain. A small girl named Eum befriends with Yeon and the friendship continued till Eum reaches adulthood. She presents a red umbrella to him which he carries over till now. At last, the mighty mountain spirit fell for a human girl. Unfortunately, the story ends tragically. The girl is dead and to recognize her in the future, Lee Yeon gave her a magical fox bead to her when he kissed her during the farewell. Over these many years, he found very few resembled like Eum but none has that fox bead. search continues! 

After making Yeon unconscious, Ji-ah took him to her home! On the other side, Lee rang and Yoo-Ri, his accomplice visits the bus accident victims to enjoy their saddened sufferings! Ji ah wanted Yeon to help her. In finding her parents as he is the one who saved from that dreadful accident. Yeon had to accept with no choice as a fox should return back favors. 

After seeing her, Yeon had a doubt that if his first love ah-Eum is reincarnated. To verify, he went to ask Taluipa, who manages all dead soul lists! When he asks her again and again, she ignores and finally warned him not to look for her as it might turns his destiny upside down! 

After verifying, Yeon meets ji ah and tells her that her mom and dad is alive somewhere. When she pleaded for their whereabouts, Yeon acted rudely and she grabbed his hand to say that all she wants is to find where they are! Her touch made Yeon to melt but he managed to pretend by giving some funny reactions. 

Yeon and ji ah reach an island to find her parents, it was the same river where he bid farewell to his then girlfriend ah Eum! His gut says that she is ah Eum! 

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