Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 20
Main Leads: Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-joon, Park Ju-hyun and Kyung Soo-jin.
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Scientific


Mouse is a Heart Wrenching Suspense thriller that revolves around Psychopaths who commits Merciless Murders just for Pleasure! It further portrays how police officers struggle to find them!


Episode 1: Head Hunter, A Serial Killer

The first scene shows a boy throws a rat into the cage where a  black snake is caged. And the Scene ends!

A Boy walks inside the church and this was the first time he is doing something on his own accord. He prays to God and asks why everyone says that he is different.

A flashback, 10 years ago,

A woman in a heavy snow while walks to her home suddenly see a girl crying for help. When asked about her whereabouts, she cried and tells that her car got crashed and his father is struggling for life. The woman went on to help the girl and looks for the car, when she approaches the car and tried to help his father, the father hit her head and she is killed before the little girl. The girl was crying after seeing all this and though reluctant, it seems that she is an accomplice.

After a day, for the second time, the cops found a headless body inside water. She had a mark on her fingers like other victims. But one or two so far, a total of innocent 18 people of different ages were murdered in a row and the police suspects serial killing and the killer is named “head hunter”. Even after a year, they is no progress in the investigation and the murder continues.

The whole nation is in anger and the president now take over the issues under his observation.

To avoid recurrence, the government even tries to pass a bill of conduction DNA tests for all the foetus as a scientist named Daniel, a British korean, claims that a human become psychopath due to a presence of mutated genes which does not have MAOA genes that controls human emotions. So, by forcing abortion, he claimed that the world can avoid their existence itself. But, it’s illegal to have abortion in Korea and forced abortions without consent is callous and against human rights. But, that terrible Bill was not passed as it fails to secure votes.

The scientist Daniel meets his old friend, his pregnant wife and enjoys some quality time. It seems that they are too victims of serial killer. Jennifer, his friend would-be is killed before 7 years and the culprit is yet to be found.

Then the heart wrenching scene of a family murder happens. A family of 4, mom, dad and two little children goes to a festival via van and due to heavy snowfall, the event had to close so they spend the night there. First the father was killed. The mother, to save her children sacrifices herself and the first child in order to protect his little brother got brutally killed by the Psycho. This scene is not for light-hearted and watching all these scenes and dialogues, I presume this is going to be a very serious psychopath drama! With 1st half over in 1st episode, I haven’t seen any of the Main characters.

The little brother is safe and the older one is admitted in ICU. When the police whose daughter is also missing forced the little brother for information. The little one claimed that he sees the murderer and its him. But who Is he? The scene ends.

The polices searches the house of friend of Dr.Lee/Daniel, Dr.Han seo joon, a neurosurgeon. The cop (the one whose daughter is missing) handcuffed h and calls him “head hunter”.

They search the whole house, but could not find anything and seo joon is about to be uncuffed. In the meantime, the little boy who sneaked in the police car tries to hit seo joon and falls on the snowman. That got broken and they found something with blood. Though not clear, the boy’s cries calling “mommy”. it might be the head of his mom. Seo joon is arrested and the police found two headless dead bodies in his house.

But the doctor keeps denying the allegations. the families of the victims gathered together and demanded an explanation from him. due to the unreliability of the witness, the doctor is not taken into custody during the trial.

The doctor is released and his pregnant wife came to the police station to receive him. when he is so glad to see her, hugged her by telling that the whole misunderstanding has been cleared, she says “ITS YOU”. Now the entire area is in commotion and also, she shows the photo of him making that snowman.

When she questions him about his love towards her, he says that he needed an offspring! he even admits of killing his lover Jennifer, Daniel sister. daniel is so furious as he not even one percent guilty.

After doing the gene analysis for the foetus of seo joon wife, Daniel says that her child could be a psychopath as well.

Now han seo joon received death penalty and after 5 years, seo joon sends a parcel to Daniel after learning about his visit to Korea. parcel has rats in which 1 escapes .now a boy catches a rat by luring it and feed it to a black snake in the museum(Shown as the very first seen).

That guy even killed their puppy, fish as his father loves it. as he thinks that his little brother said everything to father, he even tries to bury him alive. shocked mother pulls the little boy up from the pit. she is in furore and tries to kill her own son calling him monster. she is none other than seo joon’s ex-wife now remarried.

That little boy prays to God to not let him to become monster.

And God has never answered his prayers, He kills his step-father! After 15 years, he became a serial killer.

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