Mr.Queen Summary

Released Year: 2020-2021
No of Episodes: 20
Main Leads: Shin Hye-Sun, Kim jung-hyun, Na In-woo
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Body Swap, Romantic Comedy


Mr Queen Summary – Notorious chef jang bong-hwan, who works for blue House, falls into a water and his soul gets into the body of a destined highness, Kim So-yong, the to-be queen of king cheoljong, the 25th King of Joseon! The story explains the funny doings of bong-hwan in So-yong body! Moreover,His life being Kim So-yong is always in threats, so he must manage to live with all those extremely powerful, ambitious and cunning people to save his soul in order to retain his body.

Main Cast:

Shin Hye-sun as Kim So-yong, Queen Cheorin
Kim Jung-hyun as Lee Won-beom, King Cheoljong
Bae Jong-ok as Queen Sunwon / Grand Queen Dowager Myeonggung
Kim Tae-woo as Kim Jwa-geun, Queen Sunwon younger brother
Na In-woo as Kim Byeong-in, adopted son of Kim Jwa-geun


Episode 1: Chef Jang in Kim So-yong’s!

Chef jang is the most popular chef who works for blue House! He aims to become chef to feed the most important person of Korea! Once he is ordered to prepare food for a Chinese ambassador! He was warned that the ambassador is quite sensitive towards food, especially fish bone! He is overconfident and prepared a delicious fish dish for the Chinese ambassador! He was overwhelmed as he tastes the best fish dish, but not later, a something is caught between his mouth and it’s not a fish bone, instead a steel hook pin. By seeing an official villainous smile, it seems that this is pre-planned to trap jang! When everyone was searching for him, he disappears! 

Chef jang is not an honest man though, he flirts with women, even he gives interview to a random television about the secrets of blue house as they agreed to pay him what he asks. 

Two officers try to capture him and during the fight he fell off from his apartment balcony in a water pool, there a woman from Joseon era comes nearby and kissed him! 

Once he got up, he becomes a woman! His soul is inside a woman body! Not an ordinary woman, a to-be queen of Joseon! Though jang thought that this all is a set up and someone performed surgery and made him woman, he threatened all the maids!  The river is completely made drain as their royal highness fell to take her own life. They thought him as the royal lady Kim So-yong, but they never knew that it was someone soul from republic of Korea inside their to-be queen! On the other hand, jang is clueless and could not believe anything he sees! At some point, he run towards the river only to see that without water! When questioned about this sudden no water issue, the maids informed him/her that water is removed purposely to avoid further accidents and The order has been issued by Queen dowager. Also, she shocked to hear that she will be marrying the king and to become Queen. It’s too complicated as only the body belong to So-yong and its jang who now in it. 

So-yong meets King cheoljong and orders him to fill the lake so that she can go to where she belongs to. The King is amused by seeing the actions of So-yong, he never thought that her character is this arrogant. Though he is going to marry her, his reaction says that this is a force d marriage due to political pressure. Everyone surrounded by the king are people of Kim Jwa-geun, an extremely dangerous, powerful brother of grand queen dowager and the one who made the king as “puppet King”! He wants So-yong to marry the king that eventually results in Kim’s ruling the country. But out of all, the king loves Jo Hwa jin, of Jo clan and no matter what, he will marry her secondly, make her royal consort. But whether he likes or dislikes, So-yong is the queen and he must marry her to retain his position as king. 

Royal marriage takes place and now cheoljong and So-yong are officially married and becomes 25th King-Queen of Joseon. Very few of her original So-yong memories came back and now So-yong (chef jang soul) don’t know what are those memories. 

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