Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 5(as of Dec,2021)
Main Leads: Jung Hae-in, Jisoo
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy


Set during the year 1987, the story revolves around the 1987 Democratic Movement. Lim Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in), a 27 years old man who fakes his identity happens to encounter a care-free 20 years old Eun Young-ro (Jisoo). This gets complicated when his original identity is revealed.

Main Cast:

Jung Hae-in as Im Soo-ho

Kim Jisoo as Eun Young-ro

Yoo In-na as Kang Chung-ya

Jang Seung-jo as Lee Kang-moo

Yoon Se-ah as Pi Seung-hee

Kim Hye-yoon as Kye Boon-ok

Jung Yoo-jin as Jang Han-na


Episode 1: Hosoo Women’s University Dormitory

Set back in 1987, during the democracy Movement. 

Eun Young-ro (Jisoo) is a 20 years old freshman at Hosoo Women’s University who stays in a dormitory room 207 with Yoon Seol-hee, Go Hye-ryung,Yeo Jung-min, her roommates. Her brother is Eun Young-woo who deputed in military.

Pi Seung-hee is a 43 years old housemother of Hosoo Women’s University dormitory. She is a fearless and gives off an air of secrecy. 

Along with the roommates, she befriends Kye Boon-OK, a 24 years old phone operator at Hosoo Women’s University dormitory who could not go to college due to financial issues. but, she always dream of being a student.

Lim Soo-ho (jung Hae-in) is a charming 27 years old man who claimed to be graduated from Berlin University, Germany. He stays with his friends, for a of his friends always boast himself as he passed of first round of national exam. He likes Go Hye-ryung, a charismatic and fashion icon roommate of Young-ro and the one who always gets call from boys. 

The dormitory follows very strict rules and even a second late, the gate will be closed and one will be kicked out in case of absence during the daily roll call. Out of the 360 girls, one 2 phones available. 

One day Oh Kwang-tae (who passed national civil exam) calls and asks for a blind date from girls of room 207. He wanted to go on a blind date with Go Hye-ryung. All her friends agree except Yeo Jung-min as she never interested in dates. Kye Boon-OK, a phone operator wants to join the blind date as she is the one who is near to Young-ro when she attends the call. 

As Kwang-tae and his friends are only 3 in number. He urges soo-ho to join. As he is the one who could introduce professor Han to him for his thesis. He agrees. The 4 came, with boon-ok pretending as a student. Soo-ho likes Young-ro and vice versa but boon-ok picked soo-ho as she knows that he is from Berlin University. 

Buk-ok selects soo-ho and Young-ro selects someone else but soon after they leaves their dating partner and happens to meet each other in a music shop. Soo-ho is wanted by police. Young-ro thought that he is actually a protestor of Democracy movement and saves him. 

Meanwhile, Eun Chang-soo is the Chairman of the Agency for National Security Planning. Nam Tae-il, the Secretary-General of the ruling party. Kang Chung-ya, (yoo in-ha) a skilled surgeon who works at a university hospital and Nam Tae-il’s affair. The two are already embroiled in power. 

Lee Kang-moo (36 years old), the leader of Agency for National Security Planning’s Team One who always abide the rules and Jang Han-na is an agent for National Security Planning Agency. They are ex-lovers. Kang-moo left her before 6 years without informing and Han na joined his team to know Why!

Kang-moo finds about the intrusion of North Korean agents and traced soo-ho. Soo-ho is actually, a North Korean agent deployed in South Korea. Eun Chang-soo and Nam Tae-il is also involved in this as they don’t want the democracy to be implemented. No one knows his identity. He pretends as a graduate from Berlin University. Kang-moo and Han-na is about to capture, soo-ho, he escapes with severe injuries. He claimed the walls of the dormitory and fainted in the room 207.

Episode 2: Soo-ho, A North Korean Agent

Young-ro comes to her room to see fainted soo-ho in a pool of blood. All the 4 girls agreed to save him as they thought he is a protestor. They don’t believe the words of Kang-woo and Han-na that he is a North Korean agent. The girls hid him the public bathroom and though Ms. Pi, the housemother is suspicious, she kept quiet during the whole search. They hid him the 4rth floor of the dormitory which is not in use. Young-ro treats his wound and arranges everything to him.

Episode 3: Soo-ho’s escape

After some days, still he could not escape as the police strongly believes that he is in the dormitory as the only way out is the main gate. One of the staff, an old man who is close to Young-ro helps her as much as he could. He shows the secret way at the basement but unfortunately the dormitory is fully surrounded by police. Young-ro gave an idea, a yearly festival at the dormitory and the only day users are allowed so he can easily blend and escapes.

She goes to her house first time in 10 years to get one of her brother’s suitset and shoes for soo-ho as he don’t have any spare dresses. Her father is none other than, Eun Chang-soo is the Chairman of the Agency for National Security Planning who is involved in deployed North korean agents in South Korea.  As already one is dead by consuming cyanide, soo-ho is still in wanted list and his total identity is already revealed to the police. 

Gwang-tae comes that day uninvited and when soo-ho is about to escape, he calls and inform police. Meanwhile, soo-ho behaves as a cold man when Young-ro says good bye. She wants to hold his bag so that she may have opportunity to meet him in the future. Soo-ho thanked her with a cold face and rides the bicycle. Young-ro becomes sad. When Kang-moo and Hanna are about to rush to the spot, soo-ho takes a u-turn and comes near to Young-ro. Will he get caught this time? Episode 4 unfolds.

Episode 4: Soo-hos mission

Soo-ho returns and gave his lucky chain that his sister presented him to young-ro. By giving that, he feels that she is safe when she wears that.

Yoon Seol-hee founds that Kwang-tae had already informed the police. She scolded him by saying that his arrest would lead her to go to jail as well. But all these 4 girls of Dorm Room 207 never knew that he is actually a spy from North Korea.

Seol-hee is not in the mood to hear anything from Kwang-tae and rushes to tell young-ro and soo-ho about this. Soo-ho immediately leaves and this time also the police fail to capture him. Kang-moo interrogates Gwang-tae. but as he wanted to win Seol-hee ,he pretended that she is not so sure if its Soo-ho.Gwang-tae is very funny ,calculated man. he wants to marry Seol-hee as her father is the president of Baekha Brewery!

Boon-ok assumes all this and informs Ms.Pi. Contrary to the outcome, Ms.Pi shuts her mouth saying she could be arrested as she is the sister of a communist. Also, Ms.pi already knows that he was saved by Young-ro! Yet, she intentionally ignorant.

She sent young-ro out of the dorm for this very reason.

Soo-ho father is a prominent figure in North Korea. He sent his own son to accomplish a mission in South Korea. The usual meeting place for the conspirators is Beijing, China. Soo-ho ‘s mission is to do something with professor Han. Soo-ho father and young-ro’s father, Nam Tae-gil meet at Beijing to discuss about their plan. Code 1 is the master man behind all this and both Tae-gil and Eun chang-soo work for him/her.

Finally, Soo-ho meets professor Han who is been tailed by Han na. He managed to make him believe that his son willingly went to the North. Professor Han must go to North to bring his son back. They all planned to leave North but Soo-ho was given additional orders to retrieve money from Mount Onang, near to the dorm.

He goes there and find the paper rocket of Young-ro. She wants to see him only once. He is trapped by the police and he hid in the basement of the dorm. Kang-moo deciphered the secret letter and found that Spies could be in the Dorm. While checking, he was attacked by Soo-ho! When he is about to escape after beating Kan-moo, he is surrounded at the main hall by hanna! And it’s the time that young-ro has to vacate the dorm so she came to the main hall. Now Soo-ho took her as a bait, ordered everyone to drop the gun with pointing a gun at young-ro. Kang-moo rushes to the spot. The innocent girl who did nothing other than helping him felt betrayed.

Episode 5: The Hostages

The 2 Agents from North also arrived to save their comrade. Kang-moo who sees all these saves han na by taking a bullet.

Back up soldiers also same so Soo-he planned to use young-ro again. He took a grenade and hold her as a hostage. He wants only kang-moo and others to leave.

He had no option but to let himself as hostage to save young-ro.

Only only 3 including Soo-ho held all of them as hostages. As the chief himself is involved in this, he is reluctant to give further orders to the police. Han-na is furious as Kang-moo is already wounded by gun shot.

Just only 3, but they devices everything so that the dorm would explode once the police dare to enter. Young-ro asks him if he is really a spy to which Soo-hoo replied that to be alive, she must not be so nosy.

Eun chang-soo heard that his daughter is also held captive. he calls Soo-hoo father and informs that his son is holding hostages in the centre of Seoul and surrounded by Police and the Military.

Young-ro while first-aid the injured Kang-Moo gave him the scissor secretly.Chang-soo calls soo-ho and informs that he would safely send out 3 of them secretly. He told all details and about his father that made sure Soo-ho to believe him though not for sure. They are about to be in the ship with Professor Han by 10 pm that day!

The navy patrol questioned the ship and professor han changes his mind and shouted for help. South Korean Patrol hit the ship and sank it. The trio don’t know about this and ready for escape. Nam Tae-il is too furious as all did not go as planned. They go for plan B, That is to kill the trio.

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