Released Year: 2022
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Main Cast:

  • Im Soo-hyang as Oh Woo-ri, 29 years old, assistant writer of a popular ongoing drama.
  • Sung Hoon as Raphael,33 years old CEO of Diamond Cosmetics and the biological father of the child.
  • Shin Dong-wook as Lee Kang-jae,33 years old, a homicide detective, Woo-ri’s boyfriend,  

Episode 1:

Oh woori is an assistant writer of a famous serial drama “Mask of Desires” acted by choi in-sung and me-do. The drama was sponsored by a renowned cosmetic brand and hospital, Diamond. The CEO Raphael, is a carefree man who survived from stomach cancer and wanted to divorce his wife. His wife Lee Ma-ri, is an egoistic, money-minded woman who despite having affair with a doctor, doesn’t want to divorce Raphael.

The teenage of Oh woori is quite strange. She pledged her chastity and is abstained from sex until her marriage. Though being a stardom girl in her school and college, no one wants to propose her after knowing about her abstinence. Contrary to her, her mother oh Eun-ran became single mother when she was just 16 years old. Though she was not ok with her daughter’s pledge, it was woo-ri grandmother, Eun-ran mom who encouraged her to do this. Rather, there was not a single day woori not worry about this decision since her teenage. Only once, she kissed a man, Raphael. Though she remembers it when she saw him, he doesn’t. 

Oh woori father is none other than Choi Sung-il , the actor of the serial where she works as assistant writer. No one knows about this other than her mother, Eun-ran.  Oh woori is in platonic relationship with Lee Kang-jae, a senior police detective, who cherishes woori. 

The doctor’s affair with Lee Ma-ri hid his eyes. He is already in relationship with a fellow doctor who works at Rosy Ob-Gyn Clinic. 

Prior to his chemotherapy, he stored his sperm so that it could have him the chance of becoming Father. As Lee Ma-ri wanted to secure her marriage through pregnancy. She, with her mom played some dirty tricks and somehow managed to get artificially inseminated. 

At the same time, the doctor’s ex-girlfriend (fellow doctor) inseminated woori who actually visited for a normal check-up. Woori was too sleepy during the check up and answered yes, when the doctor asked if she came for insemination.  This led to a lot of confusion when she fainted during a press meet of the drama. In-sung also saw Eun-chan and finally found his first love which she always talks during his interviews. 

Raphael is furious when he found that lee ma-ri uses his last hope of becoming father. Woori is pregnant. Kang-jae, Eun-chan and woori laughed after hearing this which they found absurd when she is a virgin. But, she shattered when she heard the same from the doctor.  

Unaware kang-jae staged a dramatic proposal and when he asks her hand for marriage, she revealed that she is really pregnant. But could not answer when question about the father of the child. 

Episode 2:

Kang-jae understood everything when woori explained, she is too mesmerised to see her love behind her all the times. They decide to abort the child. 

Lee ma-ri also had relationship with No man-chul, right hand of chairman Kim, a drug mafia who hid identity. Man-chul and chairman kim are in wanted list by police and kang jae search them in wrath as they killed his colleague friend in action. 

Ma-ri found out the recipient and approaches woori. She begs her not to abort as it is her last hope of having a baby. She, with the help of father-in-law, a business magnet and Raphael father tried to offer woori, 2 million dollars. 

Episode 3:

No man-chul threatens Ma-ri with their past and kang jae tails man-chul captured pictures of them in compromising position. Trembled Ma-ri, relies on her mother, a cunning woman who would do anything to keep ma-ri in place. 

After a heavy oscillation, woori determined to keep the baby mallet (she named). All she wants for the baby is both father and mother love unlike her who have never known who her father is. 

Sung-il is  astonished to know that he has a teenage daughter, that too she is the assistant writer of the drama where he is the main protagonist. He feels for showing tantrums on her in every possible way without knowing that she is his own daughter.  Sung-il and Eun-ran become close friends and Co-parents. 

Woori wanted to make sure that Raphael is a good person and she already fell for ma-ri, without knowing her true intentions. Raphael reconsidered his decision of divorce so that they would have child. No man-chul is found dead and ma-ri’s mother vows to do anything to save her daughter life.

No one believes Kang jae theory of ma-ri with man-chul. Kang jae, though fell out for her antics initially, managed to change his mind and submitted all relevant documents to his superior.

Woori tells Kang-jae about her first kiss with Raphael. Though frustrating, he says ok. 

Meanwhile, Raphael could finally remember his kiss with her. Both the couples meet for a chat, and things get immense when Raphael asks woori if they ever meet. 

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