Released Year: 2017
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Park Hae-soo, Jung Kyung-ho, Krystal Jung
Genre: Black comedy


Prison Playbook is a “Black comedy” drama that revolves around the lives of convicts behind bars, their respective families, and duty officers working in the correctional amenities. A Top baseball pitcher, Kim Je-jyeok, is pronounced guilty and sentenced after he saves his sister from a sexual assault.

Main Cast:

Park Hae-soo as Kim Je-jyeok, a famous Baseball player

Jung Kyung-ho as Lee Joon-ho, a prison guard

Krystal Jung as Kim Ji-ho, medical student

Lim Hwa-young as Kim Je-hee, je-jyeok’s sister

Jung Hae-in as Captain Yoo


Episode 1: Je-jyeok Trial

Je-jyeok is a 36 year old famous professional baseball player and when he is about to meet his sister, he happened to brutally attack a man named choi as he tried to sexually assault Je-jyeok’s sister. Choi is in critical condition. When everyone guessed he would be free during the trial as it comes under self-defence, the court sentenced him for one year as he chased him and attacked him brutally. So that the self defence is ruled out. Lee Joon- hoo, is a prison guard who is a big fan of Je-jyeok. 

He is jailed along with few others including professor Myung, and others. A ritual of slitting the hand and leg us being followed in that cell and the blood is tasted by all the fellow mates of that that cell. Je-jyeok could not tolerate this.

Professor Myung has a strong connection there so that he could even arrange homemade food not only for him, but also for his inmates. but all should send money to his commissary account. The nick name guy jailbird, as he already seen all the detention centres also one among the inmates. Errand boy is the one who supplies all food to the cell. 

His mom visits him with his ex-girlfriend ji-ho, a medical student. As he did not even inform about his breakup, she asked ji-ho to join her. It seems that even though they broke up and fight always and they still deeply concern each other.

One of his inmates ordered an elderly inmate called gramps to wash the toilet. He evne uses the toilet while he is still cleanly. Je-jyeok could not stand this and ask seagull to apologise. The elderly inmate gramps intervened and warns Je-jyeok to mind his own business. He goes back to cleaning.

Later the jailbird explains to superstar (Je-jyeok ‘s nickname) that as gramps had no money, the other inmates would take care of his expenses. Further, he says that he hopes that his mom would pass away as she doesn’t get the surgery as they could not afford. He is sentenced as he could not pay back the loan he got for her previous surgery. These incidents really depress the already super depressed Je-jyeok.

When the prison guards were talking about Je-jyeok struggles, his fan, Lee joon-hon says that he has a bad temper which every fan of him knows. 

Je-jyeok again sees seagull mistreating gramps. He ordered a whole cake pocket and ask him to finish in one go. After a while, when everyone is sleeping, Je-jyeok tells seagull to get up and beates up. To cover the case, chief Jo wants 30 million won to be deposited in his bank account. When he urges to make a call to any of his people for money, Lee joon-joo comes. So chief Jo had to half the conversation and asks lee to escort Je-jyeok to his cell.

Je-jyeok and Lee Joon-ho are friends and they even practise to become a professional baseball player under a coach whose family (wife and a little girl) is very close to both of them. But a car accident left joon-ho injured and his sports career ended whereas Je-jyeok is injured in his left hand and eventually recovered. He asks joon for a help that he wanted to make a call. 

The next day, as the 30 million won is not paid to chief Jo. He sends Je-jyeok to segregation Unit, a dark cell with no inmates or light. Je-jyeok is happy atleast he got a private cell. When seagull is happy about it, jailbird become too emotional and starts crying as Je-jyeok funded his mother operation. Joon-ho brother is a great fan of Je-jyeok to an extent that he would call Je-jyeok as “my bro” instead of joon-ho. But he hesitates to visit him in jail. 

On hearing this, joon-ho warns Je-jyeok not to be sympathetic with jailbird or gramps as they not good either. Gramps has nine prior records and the last one is for murder which shocked Je-jyeok. He could not believe that such an old could brutally kill someone by stabbing 20 times.

Anyhow, joon-ho warns and left. 

Episode 2: Je-jyeok Next Trial!

In few days, Je-jyeok’s appeal to be trialled. Join-hoo is very embarrassed as his colleagues revealed to Je-jyeok that he is a big of him. Ji-ho meets Je-jyeok in prison. He wanted ji-ho to not come to prison. She tella him to hold on for a week. Chief Jo supplies Everything to the inmates. One cigarette cost 10000 won but. He never gets caught as he uses a blind spot in the workout area, which could not be recorded in the camera. Seagull is a regular customer who buys cigarettes from chief Jo. He questions chief Jo about why Je-jyeok hitting him had not made any news yet. Meanwhile, joon-hee warns Je-jyeok to not have contact with 3rd rated criminals, especially a white color hair man who had star tattoos on his hand. When he sees him, he remembered that they already came across in the washroom once he had lent his shampoo to Je-jyeok. 

Jailbird explains about professor Myung to Je-jyeok. Prof is actually a money scammer of around 70 billion won. He is being released. 

Lee joon-ho brother gathers all his courage to visit Je-jyeok. It was a pleasant meeting. Seagull forces errand boy to get him a knife, he tortured him for more days. He wants to injure Je-jyeok before his release. The errand boy arranges a knife and gives to seagull. When he is eagerly waiting for Je-jyeok, all cells were inspected and seagull is sent to segregation unit. It would be for 30 days at least. It was all planned by Je-jyeok, he told the inspection date to the errand boy and he gave the knife exactly on the date so that he would get caught. Daily in the prison guard office, Je-jyeok would sign so many autographs. That time, he saw a prison guard calendar marked with inspection dates. 

When joon-joo again warned Je-jyeok for helping the errand boy he says it’s not for him. And he can’t shut himself after knowing that seagull is rapist. He wanted to kill all the rapists in the world. Jailbird is sent to some other jail. He thanked Je-jyeok wholeheartedly. It is too emotional when he says he never thanked anyone so far and it is because of his mom, he is still alive. And Je-jyeok hearing is tomorrow. Chief Jo concocts a plan with a reporter to release an article about Je-jyeok rude behaviour with other inmates. 

Unfortunately, his appeal is dismissed as the sex offender is now brain dead. He sent back to the prison which caused huge public outrage. He is in news for the whole day. Chief Jo contacted the reporter to publish the news and when everyone was watching the news, it was not Je-jyeok, but chief Jo in the news. The news revealed the footages of chief Jo getting bribes for cigarettes and the blind spot Camera is fixed. Je-jyeok hit a ball on the camera long before and made it work. 

It was done by Je-jyeok with hoon-jae brother involving the plan as he is a local reporter.

His family, his sister je-hee and ji-ho is totally frustrated about his sentence. Besides, ji-hoo tries to pacify his sister je-hee, who is too heartbroken due to the incident. As je-hee and ji-hoo are of same age, they comfort each other well.

Now in the new cell, Je-jyeok gets a cell mate that is none other than his previous cell mate and the close aide of seagull. He pierced his shoulder with a glass and his shoulder is severely injured.

Episode 3: Je-jyeok New Cellmates

Je-jyeok has moved to penitentiary this time. He got 4 other cell mates. They are too funny that even to get a hot water they plan for 2 days beforehand and made it look like they going to escape from prison by killing someone. Actually, there were talking about water heaters. The adjustments cannot be done water heaters, so they broke it with the help of errand boy.They need hot water for instant noodles.. And Je-jyeok too joined them when they shared noodles with him.

Ji-ho visits him, and every time, it will be a romantic show. They express their romance through words. The way she says that Je-jyeok doesn’t fit for anything other than baseball especially dating, the way he looks her. every minute is romantic.

As the 5th mate, a newbie Han Yan-yoo, Je-jyeok cell mate in the detention center.

They were given work at woodshop at nights. They are not paid for it. instead, they are added up in the chief amount. The cellmate Mr. Ko who always talks rules by mentioning all the articles, filed a petition to the ministry of justice. And the authority has taken this seriously.

Je-jyeok has a bond with Mr. Ko as when he happened to see him writing a petition for asking exception from hard-core working due to Je-jyeok previous shoulder injury.

Inmate 8310, who seems to be a very good man is the in charge of workshop. As the pay matter gets seriously, they found out that it was Mr. Ko doing. Lieutenant Lee who is in in charge of the jail tried to trap Mr. Ko by accusing him of stealing a screw driver which is a big offence. But, instead, Je-jyeok takes the fall and tells that is his bag. Lee is too much furious as Je-jyeok interfered and ruined their plan. Somehow inmate 8310 managed and makes things fall into the place.

He left with Lee.

But suddenly, one of the inmates tried to attack Je-jyeok. Suddenly 8310 came to the rescue. But to the surprise, he beat that man hardly.  he is also the part of all this and he vented out his anger against Je-jyeok by beating someone else. Je-jyeok is quite panicked as he tried to sexually harass him. Suddenly someone came in and switch on the light and it was not Lee. It’s none other than joon-ho!

One of the cell mates is kaist @ chul do-Kang jailed for illegal gambling. Rules Man Mr. Ko for embezzlement of 10 billion won. The one who always sleep on Je-jyeok lap and his previous cell mate, Han yang-yoo for illegal drug use. Lee joo-hyun for repeat offender of theft and finally min-chul, a gangster.

Ji-ho is Je-jyeok coach daughter. So literally she grew up by seeing him. Before dating, once He even could say anything when she says that she’s got a boyfriend.

Mr. Ko managed and arranged a chicken dish by threatening that he would complain to an international organization. Je-jyeok suddenly sees about chicken-flu in the newspaper but by seeing how happy they are, he threw the papers and eat with them.

When joon-ho is nagging Je-jyeok about his girlfriend, they found out that Je-jyeok cannot hold the ball in his hand. He could not catch it. He hand loses its grip.

Episode 4: Je-jyeok’s Big Decision!

joon-ho meets je-hee, je-jyeok sister. He consoles asked for a medical examination. For that to be granted, he must give a ten minutes interview. No matter what, he must be treated properly if not his professional life would be at stake. when Mr.Ko Questioned his health, je-jyeok frightens him by saying that his left hand might be paralysed. After hearing it, Mr.ko writes a petition to warden for seeking permission so that je-jyeok can get examined in a private hospital. The inmates are informed about the singing competition, the winner could get a day leave! So, everyone starts practicing.

joon-ho meets ji-ho! earlier, when he sees her photo through his brother, she seemed familiar to him! They had their time. And he meet je-jyeok’s mother and sister je-hee! it’s been a while since je-hee seen him! so she could not recognize him!

Mr.Ko wife visits him and he asks if she is getting the paycheck for every months. She replied Yes. He tells her to get help from his ex-superior Mr.Do! The reply hit him hard. His daughter needs his father to be with her during the minor surgery! Mr.Ko must be a honest man and he might have taken the fall on behalf of someone. He must not be involved in embezzlement. He informs her about the possibility of a Day leave!

Je-jyeok provokes inmate 8310 at the wood workshop and made him to hit him hardly in the head. So that, he can get tested. His shoulder injury is quite worse and he has to do some physical exercise for around 3 Years so that he can throw baseball in the future. In prison, joon-ho must support him.

ji-ho and je-jyeok were friends all these years and right from the beginning he always liked her. she has a long list of dating history and every time je-jyeok never takes it seriously as she looks still a child to him. At times, he is not ok with it and jealous.

On the interview date, the interviewer Mr.Yong is disappointed that he could not make it. As he wants to write something sensation, he plans to write about the head injury and the health condition of je-jyeok to which Captain Na, the one who arranged interview threatened him that the agency might sue him if he discloses personal information. Captain Na,is one of the Superior officer at the penitentiary.

In the Singing competition, the Winner is Mr.Ko! But A Day leave is actually a rumor. He feels terrible when Captain Na wants him to give an interview. However, they intimidated by warning him that they would do as much as during the review board meeting so that he might have to serve his entire sentence. Also, they tricked him by giving hopes that they will give high review scores and eventually he can get a parole.

when they are about to interview, je-jyeok comes inside and surprises that he would do the interview instead. In the interview, he declares that after his release he will retire from baseball due to his injuries and health condition! everyone is shocked especially joon-ho! everyone worries for Mr.ko as he don’t get leave. Lieutenant Pyang, the officer who always use abusive words at inmates is actually a good man. When captain Na wants je-jyeok to work in wood workshop ,he rebuked him despite Captain Na is his superior. He even asked je-jyeok to get treated by going out in the night and he would bear all the consequences.

Je-jyeok retirement plan created a huge uproar in the country and all his fans and well wishes unable to hold their tears especially joon-ho brother! His sister je-hee is totally devastated. And thats why, joon-ho meets je-hee,je-jyeok sister. He consoles her, made her laugh! he further conveys her brother’s message to her.

Episode 5: The Druggie and Demon Captain!

A military defendant captain yoo(Jung Hae-in) convicted of assaulting a squad member.

In the cell, they play with watch and using the knife made out of pen, do-chil says that he can make any picture in the watch by cutting out the photos. Je-jyeok is interested and he made joo-jyung (jean valjean) watch cutting a photo of a girl, his favorite kpop girl.

Joon-hoo gave je-jyeok the hint that there might be a CRPT raid. He warns him since captain Na leads it.

Through jeal watch, they came to know that they use knife and connect as a crime of handling illegal weapons. Jeal is set to release in next week but might be delayed.

Joo-jyung Jeal betrays and frames min-chul whom he often call as dad and informs captain Na that it’s mim-chul watch. Lieutenant Pyang is furious that he is making out this by leaving min-chul parole at stake.

In the wood competition, (chair making), Mr. Ko won 5th place and got 30000 won whereas the inmate, a carpenter himself received first place and awarded 5 million won. Mr. Ko treated everyone Through which carpenter came to know that his money is stolen. He accused chief yeom, inmate 8310 of stealing and transferring the money to his commissary account. The chief want to check, as lieutenant lee himself often warned for looting money, this time Joon-hoo is told to check. It was Lee who told Joon-hoo to check his personal account instead of commissary account. Lee actually loots money but never share with others. Thus, the carpenter accusation is right and yeom is arrested.

Je-jyeok visits warden and ask to favor min-chul in getting him out of demerits and other punishments as his parole case will be heard shortly. Min-chil is sent back to cell and he forgives joo-jyung.

Je-jyeok birthday is celebrated in the penitentiary and warden insisted him to review his retirement. But he discloses a biggest truth to everyone that no one knows. He shouts that he is full of bad luck and it’s retirement is not because of shoulder injury but he also the survivor of stomach cancer and went through 12 rounds of chemotherapy. As they found it too early, he is given treatment and recovered. After that no club came forward to sign him and he practice himself for 3 years. He is upset that he lives this way and he refused ji-ho visit as well. All his cell mates determined to not talk about baseball for a while. The cell got a new inmate. Its Jung woo-yoo, captain yoo who assaulted his squad member. Joo-jyung aka jeal is released.

Now its je-jyeok, min-chil, do-chil (kaist), yang-yoo(druggie), Mr. Ko and captain yoo. Han yang-yoo always under the influence of drug as the prior usage is severe and he cannot recover until he goes through rehabilitation. Even he takes cold medicine as drugs. He pretends as he has cold, get medicine, saves! And use it all together to get high.

Episode 6: Cellmates Effort!

All show extra care to je-jyeok especially min-chul. Nicknamed demon captain yoo is not in his right mind as no one believe him. He actually hit him brutally and now he is dead. But he believes that no one could die because of few kicks in the stomach. And at times, he acts violent.

joon-ho goes to je-jyeok House on his behalf to convey his birthday wishes.

A foot volleyball match is announced. They all practice and the team include Mr. Ko, do-chil and je-jyeok. Immediately after Match started, joon-ho is about to go and watch it. But fellow officer said the game is over and cell 2B is done for. They are eliminated in the first round as Je-jyeok catches the ball.

Je-jyeok kept on asking sorry to kaist for messing up. As he can’t scold directly, he always goes to the dustbin, put his head inside and scolds je-jyeok. He pretends like he did not even hear it.

The errand boy rushes and tells them that the next game would be a quiz game. When kaist asked about the capital of U. S, JE-JYEOK replies New York. Again, kaist put his head inside the dustbin. All came to know that je-jyeok is zero other than baseball.

For the quiz competition, finally 2 including Mr. Ko are the finalist. The final answer will choose the winner. And it was not Mr. Ko, its None other than Han yang – yoo, the druggie. Kaist is too happy as he already know that he is graduated in Seoul pharmacy University. Now he can get the 5 boxes of noodles. Actually, the donor is his wife and she put cigarette in the noodles packet. He is the supplier of cigarette in the penitentiary. No one can believe looney @yang-yoo would have this knowledge. He always under the influence of drugs.

joon-ho with all the cell mates of je-jyeok comes up with a plan to make him to reconsider his decision on retirement. When everyone believes that he never plays gain, it was only ji-ho who says that still he just needs an excuse to play. So, the plan is to stage a dream when je-jyeok is sleeping, that is he might think that his ex-coach, Ji-ho father comes and insist him playing. They do all funny things and ji-ho is right, she is his lover after all. Je-jyeok now got an excuse and starts playing baseball in the ground which was exclusively arranged for je-jyeok as a gift on his birthday.

Episode 7:  Request Form and the Election!

Since the wood workshop chief (carpenter) agree to make 100 units per day, he becomes brutal and Orders everyone to work even on Saturday or night shifts. Though Mr. Ko writes and put a petition in the box, it’s ignored. Min-chul gave him the idea to use a request form instead of filing a complaint during the roll call.

For this roll call, warden brings a reporter and he becomes curious once he sees the paper hanging in the cloth pin. As they don’t want to open it as they know Already know that it must be one of the Mr. Ko’s petition, managed to divert the reporter.

Warden then agreed to interview je-jyeok. When asked about his life in penitentiary, he replies he doesn’t see any difference as all the request are made using the request form and it will be sorted out in the least time. Warden is quite shocked. But still okay as he received good fame because of this. Now the reporter is curious to see the request form hanging.

It says, that the current system of selecting wood shop chief must be dissolved and voting system must be implemented henceforth. Warden, as no other choice put this request in motion.

As he cannot stand for election since he is grade 3,Mr.ko proposes je-jyeok to which the latter agrees. Je-jyeok asks for support to all the other inmates. As je-jyeok is 9 and carpenter is 12. He Needs the four druggies vote to win the election. However, they never listen to anyone. He can’t give money as Mr. Ko don’t accept illegal means.

But, still four druggies support him. To his surprise, lady bird is the one who control them. After a long time, both of them meets. Lady bird is happy that je-jyeok adapted the jail life well.

It was not captain yoo, but Sergent Oh who hit and killed a squad member. All the squad members become an accomplice as they can’t do anything against sergeant Oh.

Episode 8: Captain Yoo’s Flashback

Mr.ko suffers from serious abdomen pain. he could not be left thinking about the his wife informing that his salary got tripled. captain Na needs everyone signature in the cell to let mr.ko getting treatment in a private hospital. though reluctant, captain yoo also signs and give it to lieutenant pyang in person. pyang wanted to hear out his story and the latter unravels it. It was actually sergeant oh who did all and trapped captain yoo in this. captain yoo brother leaves his profession job and vows to prove his brother innocence.

The story also reveals the first budding romance between je-jyeok and ji-ho. mr.ko is shattered to know that his company wants him to take another blame. someone leaves the attendance sheet of squad members. the dead man, private Park actually signs the forms which clearly evident that he was alive that day night when captain yoo hit him during the afternoon. Captain yoo wanted him to reveal the abuses he is going through but Park denies and he insists that no one abuses him.

Episode 9:Mr.Ko’s Revenge

Min-chul learnt about mr.ko problem and all the 6 inmates including captain yoo wants to help him in getting his revenge. mr.ko wanted to make them regret for dumping him as a stupid jerk. now all want kaist idea as he is a smuggler himself. they planned to make his company ceo visit him in jail so that they can record all the conversations with the help of lieutenant pyang. all went according to their man. now mr.ko threatened him that if the salary is not credited he would send this copy to his son and daughter, who holds a respectable position in the government.

captain yoo brother informs him that they have finally found a witness who is none other than one of the squad members who witnessed the murder of Private Park, who died and report as an assault by captain yoo. All the squad member had witnessed the brutal murder of private park but yet did not turn themselves in the trial.

Episode 11:  The New Inmate!

New cell mate is none other than croney, seagull’s boy who stabbed je-jyeok on shoulder previously in the detention centre.

This time, croney wants to kill him in one shot. Lifer is an inmate who is responsible for garbade department. Croney joins the other thug team this time. He thought min-chul as an easy goer and shows attitude. Min-chul knocked him in just seconds at pointed a broken glass. Every inmate shocked to see this aggressive min-chul. As a thug himself, min-chul is quite sure that croney will try to harm je-jyeok. Now all 4 cell mates’ looney, yoo, min-chul and kaist always with je-jyeok as they wanted to protect him at all cost.

Je-jyeok always have a doubt on resuming as a baseball player. He fears that no one will be signing him as it normal that every team wants a healthy player.

Croney attempt to murder je-jyeok by setting the garbage area blaze. This time lifer, who serves for murder case was locked inside. Croney mistook him as je-jyeok. Je-jyeok is furious and saved lifer, but his psychotic behavior now wins his mind and out of control. The one who close to je-jyeok knows that he has anger management issues. he hit him badly and fortunately the witness gives statement in favor of je-jyeok. Lifer is an inmate who is sentenced as he killed all the 4 rapists who killed his only daughter. The whole family is shattered as both his daughter and wife had committed suicide.

That night he did not know that the next morning would be the best day of his life. His manager/lawyer shared him the good news that every agency including his previous one Nexen, wanted to sign him. He could not control his tears. He calls ji-ho whenever possible, but keeps the phone without speaking. This time she figured out that it’s je-jyeok and demand an explanation for calling despite break-up. He cut down the call without hearing the good news.

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