Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Jang Ki-yong and Lee Hye-ri.
Genre: Fantasy,Romantic Comedy


The love story between a 22 year old human girl and a 999 Year old gumiho who wants to become a human!

Main Cast:

Lee Hye-ri as Lee Dam
Jang ki Yong as Shin Woo-yeo
Bae In-hyuk as Gye Sun-woo
Kang Han-na as Yang Hye-sun
Kim Do-wan as Do Jae-jin
Park Kyung-hye as Choi Soo-kyung


Episode 1: Cohabitation!

The story introduces the evolution of Gumiho, that is after 300 years, a 3 tailed fox would be able to make a red marble. Every 100 years, the tails will be increased by 1. And once, before 1000 years means before getting 10 tails, the gumiho should collect a blue-turned marble. That is a red marble with human energy. So that gumiho can become human.

From Joseon era, a male Gumiho named Shin woo-yeo strives hard to become a Human. But the marble never turned blue after getting inside women body. Now the 999-year-old Gumiho desperately searching for a woman to turn his marble into blue.

A fun loving spirited 22-year-old named Lee Dam enjoys life in her own way. She never dated men and all her company is her two close friends jae-jin and soo-kyung.

When her friend is drunk and damaged shin ‘s car. By accidentally, shin’ s marble get into Dam’s mouth and then into her body. He takes her to home and once she wakes up, he tried to explain all these to Dam. To take the marble, she must cohabitate with him maximum for a year so that he would find the ways to take out the marble. Dam understanding that Shin is insane and to escape from the situation, she just nodded her head accepting that he is a gumiho.

Now no other go, shin has to show his original form. When she is about to call emergency service, she just sees a mighty 9 tailed fox siting on the sofa. Lee Dam shouted like hell and passes out. She ran over to home after waking up. When Lee Dan, her brother questions what it is about, she pretended as if nothing happened.

An another female gumiho, Yang Hye-sun, who already turned into human questions about shin’s ambition to become a human. Though she lived for 700 years, she is a dumb gumiho who took around hundreds of years to memorize Chinese alphabets.

Lee dam undergoes several changes in her body as the marble continue to consume her energy. If someone born on tiger year touches her. As tigers and fox are natural enemies, fox is vulnerable. She suffers from unbearable pain and once shin touches her, the pain resolves. When he explains all these to her, he suddenly sees, the marble in her stomach changes to blue.

Meanwhile, news of sudden deaths take place in the city and it seems to be not done by human. The murders were merciless and organs were taken out while alive.

But after understanding that it would affect her brother, she agreed to stay with him as a housemate. They also sign a contract. She buys pepper spray and all other devices to protect herself from him. 

After seeing the spilled pepper spray and all, when he questions her what it is, she managed to say that her mom always taught her to bring gifts once she goes to someone’s home and this is a gift for him. Shin woo yeo is quite attracted by that little girl. To him, she is too young. As he wanted to do something to her, he wired her a huge amount that would be able to cover her this, next semester tuition fees, her brother’s, and other expenses. 

As shin Woo-yeo is an author who writes historical era books, he goes to attend a book event. Dam is happy that she can be free for some days. Shin is able to recognize her happiness. He suddenly shapeshifted his form to an old man, which shocked Dam for a moment. 

Lee dam enjoys party with the new fashion dress from her mom. Her mom works as a fashion designer in U. S. As someone tiger born touches her, she suffers from unbearable pain. And a man helps her and that scoundrel touches here mean in the name of helping her. All she can do is to just think not to touch her. As she could not even talk because of the pain, she asks for help in her mind. But not through words. He says that he will take her to the place he knows. 

When she thought “please someone help me”! Shin woo yeo appears. She became unconscious and wakes up to see shin sitting before her. Shin finds that she is sober now and just pretending to be sleeping and always he finds her cute. she did not respond to his questions and pretends till! She got up when he says that he will get her favorite cake. hesitant Lee Dam, when asks sorry, he says that she should avoid some places for her own good and not to afraid of him as he meant to protect her. She now understood that he is a gumiho from fairy tales, not from ghost stories. 

During walking to his house, when she asked when he can take the marble, he says, soon as a human cannot hold a marble for more than a year. When she asks about if it would dissolve after a year, he says, “no you will die”!

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