Hotel Del Luna Summary

Released Year: 2019
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Ji-eun, Yeo jin-goo
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy


Hotel Del Luna Summary – The story revolves around a hotel, Guest House of the Moon. The Hotel is not for living human, It’s an Exclusive hotel for souls/ghosts. This Supernatural hotel is not visible (in its form) during the Day time. Everybody working here and the customers are ghosts/souls. Humans are invited upon only special circumstances if suppose any ghost wants to have a word with its living relatives or during the lunar eclipse. The existence of such a supernatural hotel is to let the ghosts finish up their unfinished business. Only a few ghosts have the power to appear before the humans with several restrictions, and if broken, the soul will be destroyed and cannot be reincarnated! So what would the remaining ghost do, and how will they interact with the normal people without power? For that, a human must be hired as Manager, who can see the Ghost.

Jang Man-wol , a ghost(Lee Ji-eun) is the owner of this hotel, currently known as the “Hotel del Luna”.And because of his father’s agreement with Man-wol, Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) happens to become the Manager of the ‘Hotel del Luna’, and everything has been tracked and controlled by the deity Mago (Yi-suk Seo).

The overall storyline tells how different and unusual the screenplay is. Hotel del Luna was the most viewed tvN drama of 2019, and it is one of the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history.

Main Cast:

 Lee Ji-eun(IU) as Jang Man-wol

Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung


Episode 1: Moon Guest House “Hotel Del Luna”

In historical era, A woman (Lee Ji-eun) who covers her face walks through the valley with a coffin carried on a horse cart. The strong wind uncovers her face and she looks like a warrior. After seeing a Shawl, a group of soldiers’ chases someone. It seems they want to catch that woman.

On her way, she meets a woman and inquired about a guest house bewildered by spirits. The woman says the “Guest house of the moon” is not for living soul. As she refused to tell her the way, she threatens her that she would kill her, but the other woman does not seem to be a normal woman. She not even mind and continue to say what she has to. when the soldiers approach her, she positioned her knife to attack them but suddenly they loomed and disappears. They are none other than the ones killed by her and they are about to reach “Moon Guest House” which she desperately wants to know where is. The Guest house is the place where all the dead spirits gather together out of their own will. The other woman said to herself that the Guest House of the Moon that provides shelter to dead souls has found a New Owner!

She opened her coffin box and see the belongings, it had nothing except some swords.

Later, In the Year 1998, A father felt guilty for not buying his son (a boy) his favorite food on this birthday. he is such an honest boy who would even return the money dropped by someone despite his father’s objections. The Same other woman meets the boy and says that his future will be of great fortune unlike his present.

Over the lake, the police discovered a dead body and the soul inconsolably watches her body taken over to the mortuary. She then saw the moon and her body dissolves into water.

A trendy woman who lives in a ravish home walks through her room where her pictures of all centuries are hanging. She is the warrior and she has lived all these years till 1998 eventually leaving us to deduce that she is not a human. Her Name is Ms.Jang, the owner of Hotel Del Luna, which had the previous name as “GUEST HOUSE OF THE MOON”, the one for dead spirits.

Jang is an arrogant woman and goes always her own way! She never considers the dead spirits and she hates them like hell. but they have to approach her to finish their unfinished business to rest themselves in peace. Especially she hates Full Moon when more souls come to Hotel Del Luna. All are ghost, even the workers, customers and the Owner Ms.Jang!

The boy’s father is chased down for theft and suddenly he fell off got hit in his head. He started and see a Huge and Luxurious Hotel and went inside, sit in a lobby to find the woman soul who was died in Han River. the woman noted blood in his ear and father has no idea about it. The workers of Hotel del Luna found out that he is not a dead man. They wanted to take care of him as if Ms.jang found ,he would be dead.

He is roaming and enjoying the hotel tour while the hotel workers discussing on what should be done so that he would get safely out. meanwhile, Ms.Jang found that someone has intruded her place as she can see a gold snake like decor is missing from the vintage pot. He is astonished to see a beach like swimming pool, Gold Decors, Flower Garden and finally reached a haunted like place. After seeing flowers blossomed in a dead tree, he wanted it to give those flowers to Chan-sung, his son. when he jumped and grabbed it, he was thrown out badly and fell on the ground only to see Ms.jang standing before him.

She understood that he is alive after knowing that he can feel pain. She told to give what he has stolen. Actually, even though he has seen and wanted to covet, he did not steal it instead the “Gold snake” moved itself which both of them are unaware of. Though not possible, the décor moved and went inside his pocket, it came out when Jang Questions him. He denied Stealing in spite of accepting that he wanted that to steal. She just tells him to die and says that he is already dying.

Father is taken to the hospital and is in critical condition means only his living soul is in Hotel Del Luna. he begs Jang that he doesn’t want to die now as he has to live for his son. But Jang is a ruthless woman. She agreed to spare once he promises to give his son to her after 20 years. She also intimidated him by saying that if he doesn’t accept now, he would die tonight. Finally, he had to accept. Dad wakes up in the hospital and consoles crying Chan-sung.

The woman who died that night at han River is actually a cop and she asks for a service at Hotel Del Luna to catch the culprit who killed her. The Next scene, the Mayor of Beomcheon City, Mr.Park Kyu-Ho Presents the award to Mr.Kim Dong Hwan, The CEO of Beomin Corporation, the one expected to be the murderer of that Police Woman. While presenting, suddenly all the cameras stopped working and stylish Jang enters the scene holding a Rifle gun. she helped the police woman by making the culprits Park Kyu-Ho to reveal that he only killed her when everyone watching! Whatever help they do, they have to be paid. The police woman paid them the smuggled diamond which she caught during her investigation.

After 20 Years, Jang meets Gu Chan-sung (Yeo jin-goo), the then boy now has become a handsome young man. Cha-sung refuse to be the manager of Hotel Del Luna as his father once told him to run away. So, he knew all about it. And Finally, he is forced to take the manager position at Hotel Del Luna, but will he? Says Episode 2!

Episode 2: Chan-Sung And Ghosts!

Ms.Jang man-woel allocates work to Chan-sung! He must console Souls whichever in deep sense of frustration. After death, the soul must cross sanzu river in the heaven to reach another world and those who end up at Hotel Del Luna are the ones who lost their way to their afterlife. As chan-sung is now able to see ghost, he considers the offer of working as Manager at Hotel del Luna as he fears that his life would be at stake as ghosts might kill him.

A tiger that lured a small girl just turned it ways when her mother finds the little girl. But the mother could not see it. The Tiger is actually a soul that wanders all along. Ms.Jang keeps an eye on it. But the identity of tiger is yet to be disclosed. And, chan-sung is interested to know about this last baekdu Tiger.

Next Morning, chan-sung reached Hotel Del-Luna, the hotel looks to too average in the morning. chan-sung paid money with a condition that Ms.Jang must fix his eyes, that is he must not see ghost. The Tiger is bought from North Korea as a Gift, and the tiger is dead. He was all alone and had not mingled with any other until his death.

Still chan-sung is too hesitated to take up Manager Role. However, Jang is too stubborn as like him. she made a deal that he must bring a coffee to her table without spilling it a drop after seeing the ghost so that she can give up. He is too nervous to see an infinite number of ghost but collects all his courage and made it happen. Jang man-woel is too upset. The ex-manager of the hotel now retires and meanwhile chan-sung attends interviews in top Hotels as he is a graduate from Harvard University. Jang man-woel believes that at some point, she will make him to work for Hotel Del-Luna.

Chan-sung starts his first day in a Hotel and trembles to see a ghost in the elevator. but, makes up his mind and tried to ignore it. But he could not bear the tortures of that eye-less woman that he encountered previously. unlike other ghost, she can recognise his existence whenever he escape from her, he must never speak or make sound. He strives hard to ignore that ghost. Ms.jang teases him on his every failure encounters with ghost.

Jang man-woel and chan-sung go together to find more about Baekdu Tiger. For that, chan-sung is forced to visit his new boss who took the tiger as gift. The new boss explains how the tiger died being lonely. When jang intervenes and questioned about why can’t he return back the tiger, he answers that it was brought as a gift and he doesn’t have any controls over returning it as a it’s a matter of relationship between two nations. Meanwhile, chan-sung can see a shadow of a tiger and shocked to see a soul. The boss even lamented about his dream where he saw the tiger attempts to kill him.

Once the Ex-manager Mr.No left the hotel, he died and visits Hotel Del Luna as Guest. He bid farewell to Jang that made the whole place filled with emotions. The, he left to the afterlife. Ms.jang made an agreement with the boss that he  must give away that expensive painting which he brought as a gift from North Korea along with the baekdu Tiger so that she can get rid of that tiger soul. And now, the tiger rest in peace in that painting as the world he belongs to doesn’t even exist in the modern world.

Chan-sung shouted at that eye-less ghost but felt sorry and finally takes her to Hotel Del Luna. after understanding Ms.Jang through the tiger incident, chan-sung apologise to her for the misunderstanding.

Jang always warns chan-sung that the ghost that hold grudges can kill him! And adding truth to her warnings, A ghost tries to hit him badly but was destroyed by Jang man-woel in time. He wakes after regaining his consciousness to see the mesmerizing hotel del-luna at night and stunned to see the real Hotel Del-Luna!

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