Alchemy of Souls Summary

Released Year: 2022
No of Episodes: expected to be 20
Main Leads: Lee jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Main Cast:

Lee Jae-wook as Jang Uk

Jung So-min as Mu-deok / Nak-su  

Hwang Min-hyun as Seo Yul

Main Plot:

The story of Shifting souls and a Mysterious country named Daeho!


Episode 1: The Mages

On a rainy night, while a poor mom was feeding her son, A woman open a door and led a zombie to eat them. A man intervenes and attacks the zombie to save the lives.

The woman who opened the door tries to make the man agree that her son would become human once he consumes human energy. Nevertheless, the man did not agree and the zombie tries to consume his own mom to be only stopped by the man with his sword.

Both the Zombie and his mother is dead! They have the practice of disposing the bodies in the sea. The Zombies are actually soul shifters. At times, They run wild and had to be killed.

Their bodies crack due to insufficient energy and the body appear like rocks with cracks.

The man is the one who uses spell to shifts souls that have reverse effects at time like this. That man is summoned by the king who questions about his new skill that he is trying to master it. The king is sick and heirless and he wanted some young body to shift his soul so that could he could produce an heir. And the king wanted that man’s body.

he requests for only seven days to switch bodies. Jang Kang, is the mage who shifts souls into dead bodies. Jang Kang could not resist the king and accept the seven days experience.

The king now in jang Kang’s bodies leaves a letter to Jang Kang Soul.  The King wakes up and see a letter from the real king saying that he make Do-Hwa his, which infuriates Jang Kang Soul in King’s bodies.

But What happens next, Says “The Alchemy of Souls”.

20 Years later,  

The mages are the one who gain energy of the sky that reaches the ground often (At times, the energy of the Sky reaches the ground and creates a huge form of energy at Lake Gyeongcheondaeho, Daeho. Hence the country “Daeho” is the embodiment of huge energy. Humans who could control this energy are called as “Mages”. Jang Kang was a mage.

In “Daeho”, which is not in map and cannot be traced, the now commander’s army meets a girl, a shadow assassin who kills all mages.  The girl escapes and due to injuries, she switches her soul with someone else so that only her body dies. The commander understood that the body will have a blue mark when the soul is left.

An Handsome man, when placed a key on a tree, a gate appears and he reaches Songrim, There kept is Naksu, the girl’s body and they still in search for the recipient of her soul. Jang Kang Son, Jang Uk is in searching for master who would teach him spells. He is disregarded as a son born out of his mother’s affair.

Naksu enters into a blind girl body named Mu-deok. She has no clue that why she entered someone she has not chosen and she did not even see a blue mark in Mu-deok body. When she tries to untie her eyes, she can see the world. Naksu wonders why Mu-deok wears blindfold.

Mu-deok is a blind girl with only a grandma besides her. As the grandma dies with debts, it passes on to poor Mu-deok and she is being sold to a brothel. At the brothel, she learns about Four Seasons of Daeho who are Four types of people in Daeho Fortress.

Daughter of Jin family – Jin Cho-yeon, who has the vitality of Spring

Heir of Park Family – Park Dang-gu, who has the energy of hot summer

Genius of Seo family – Seo yul

Sucessor Of jang Family- Jang Uk

These four are the well-known mage families in Daeho.

Park Jin is the now who tried to kill her causing her to swift bodies. She understands they are the four families that involved in her family’s death!  She now seeks revenge and to end the so-called four seasons.

Jang Uk wants to learn spell from Naksu, whom he heard a lot about. Park Dang-gu informs him about her death. But Jang Uk already knows about the spread rumor that Naksu soul escaped.

Jang Uk meets Mu-deok when she tries to escape! By, seeing how skilled she is in fighting, he doubts that mu-deok is Naksu.

She also meets Seo Yul, Genius of Seo family whom she liked once. They already know each other and naksu had crush on him.  

Park Jin guess that Naksu failed to find body. Her master, who hid his face tells the other trainees to forget about her.  He presumes that she would become wild and turns into rock eventually to be killed.

Jang Uk bought her and brings her to his place. he asks her to do every household works sometimes though not necessary.

She saw a sprit plague, which is the key to enter Songrim where her body is kept. Park Jin assumes that when she enters a body, she might return to take her sword. So, he keeps her body without cremating.

mu-deok heard someone talking that Jang Uk is not Jang Kang son, instead, Jang Kang wife Do-hwa, the most beautiful woman in Daeho, had an affair with someone resulting in Jang Uk. Jang Kang restricted his son from learning Spells. Thats why, no one in Daeho ever wanted to teach him all these years,

She stole the sprit plague key from Jang Uk and entered SongRim. Uk already know that she took but still did not stop her.

The master of naksu broke into Songrim and took her body. She recalls her master Danju assigning her to collect the body of  Park Jin. she believes it must be Danju who broke into Songrim.

Yul tries to catch her, but finally Jang uk makes her to hid beside him. whenever he sees her, he can see a sparkling eyes of Mu-deok that says that she is his master.

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