King : Eternal Monarch Summary

Released Year: 2020
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan and Lee Jung-jin
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama, Suspense, Horror


The main plot of the series highlights parallel world Subjects. King Lee Gon, the Emperor of the Kingdom of Corea, and a country on the parallel world. He travels back and forth between the Kingdom of Corea and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to manage the tensions that about to arise in his Kingdom and to see his lover Jung Tae-eul.

Main Cast:

Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon / Lee Ji-hun

Kim Go-eun as Jeong Tae-eul / Luna

Woo Do-hwan as Jo Yeong / Jo Eun-sup

Kim Kyung-nam as Kang Shin-jae / Kang Hyeon-min

Jung Eun-chae as Koo Seo-ryeong / Koo Eun-ah

Lee Jung-jin as Prince Imperial Geum, Lee Lim / Lee Seong-jae

Episode-1 :Two Worlds, One Purpose

This story was told by a man by the name of Lee Lim, replete with bloody hands and handcuffs inside the police station. Even though it says in his police file that he is 70, he doesn’t appear to be much older than 25. His motivation is actually based on a competition with his brother for possession of the Manpasikjeok, a legendary instrument that has been used to travel between worlds.

The Kingdom of Korea is then shown in 1994 winter, As Lee Rim’s armed guards arrive, they approach his father. King Lee Ho is stabbed in the heart by Lee Rim, who then claims the Four Tigers Sword as his own. However, a teenage Lee Gon shows up and demands Lee Rim be jailed and given the harshest punishment possible. Lee Rim stabs the youngster in the throat against a pillar as soldiers surround him.

As soon as word of the murder spreads, Lee Gon is proclaimed king. Prince Buyeong arrives to take charge of the situation and the ensuing search for Lee Rim. However, our antagonist enters the woodland carrying the flute’s broken pieces, which open a doorway to a parallel world.

In that world, he travels to the Republic of Korea in 1994, which is a very different world from his own and much more similar to the Korea of the present. There is a President in place of the current royal appointee. Lee Rim is crippled and confined to a wheelchair in this world, while Lee Ho is a street beggar. Lee Rim kills himself as Lee Gon from our version arrives and witnesses the incident firsthand. Lee Gon of Korea is killed because he believes this might be terrible news.

As our wounded Lee Gon rises to the throne and mourns his Father, the new King of Corea is established. He finds Jo Yeong while sobbing in the palace and presents him the “Unbreakable Sword” as a gift to cheer him up and start their relationship.

In the meantime, Lee Rim’s wife in the Republic sees his body (the one from that universe), and she confirms his identification. Given how much of a burden he was to her, she returns home and gives thanks to the heavens for his passing. She cowers in the corner as the fake Lee Rim, who is standing up from the wheelchair, listens from the other room.

Lee Rim’s body washes up on the coast in Corea, bringing with it word of his passing and proof that every bone in his body was broken. Then, when we fast-forward to the fall of 2019, Lee Rim achieves the vision following a protracted hiatus and doesn’t look a day older. King Lee Gon, though, undoubtedly has. He keeps himself busy with his responsibilities as King instead of thinking about getting married.

To catch a criminal at his home in the Republic of Korea, Tae-Eul collaborates with the police in a bold manner. She discovers a murder scene in the parking lot as a result, so this does have its advantages. Tae-Eul and the others are dishonest and understaffed, so they decline to work extra hours to meet this increased demand.

Episode 2  Building Character

King Lee Gon was questioned by Detective Jung  Tae-Eul about his greeting and his ID card was sought after. Instead, he identifies himself as the King of Korea and confesses that he thinks he came from another world. He requests to speak with Queen Yara, but she instead takes him into custody and drags Maximus outside the station, where the other officers admire him.

The whole country, according to Tae Eul, adores Queen Yuna. Lee Gon expresses his love for the Queen and requests to be taken to her. They will require a ticket, according to Tae Eul. For Maximus, his representative from the seventh grade, Lee Gon says they will have to provide dried grass and water. She describes him as bothersome and he claims that something is amiss with their interaction. She moves away from him as she observes people taking pictures of him.

She repeats his words in shock. She is questioned about whether or not she has studied science. He is branded a crazy bastard by an enraged Tae Eul. Lee Gon inquires as to whether she has always had this personality. She claims it has been for more than 30 years as she puts her hair up in a ponytail. He says he expected her to be softer.

The talisman is discovered when she searches his wallet. He interprets it as being the Royal Court Lady’s worry over the family shrine. She then notices the Korean money and inquires about his monopoly playing. She warns him not to talk down to her as he responds. He claims to be three years her senior. She places the money in the bag with the evidence.

To perform the ID check, she tries to get his fingerprint. She cannot even touch his body, he claims. His arm is twisted by her, and she gets the fingerprint. She shouldn’t imagine that she outmatched him, he argues, adding that he has training in a variety of areas.

When Court  Lady Noh runs into Prince Buyeong/Lee Jong-In, she informs him that Lee Gon has left the house uninvited once more. Buyeong claims that because of the increase in his security, he had this thinking. He ought to be strict with Lee Gon, she says. They talk about the explanation for Lee Gon’s disappearance that should be made public. She wishes Jo luck in finding something.

Jo and his group look into the location in the bamboo jungle where Maximus’ footprints have stopped. He claims that it is absurd. Jo nods in agreement as his assistant suggests that they revisit the CCTV. Lee Gon told the assistant, in Jo’s memory, that he would check to see if it was the clock or the rabbit (before he mounted the horse and rode away).

Episode 3  Freezing Time

When Tae-Eul met Lee Gon, we saw him ask the question and give her his heart after she texted Shin-Jae to cancel their plans together. Naturally, she refuses him, but she also issues a challenge to accompany her to the alternative world. The gateway doesn’t open because he is missing the flute, though.

Flashback… Lee Gon is thanked by Prime Minister Goo for his voluntary taxes. He points out that she has stopped the cabinet members’ salaries from rising. He’s going to keep an eye on that.

While considering the speculative rumors being spread concerning Lee Gon’s disappearance, Court Lady Noh  in the Kingdom of Korea employs a new writer for the court. Prime Minister Koo is also getting ready for her board meeting regarding pay. Her suggestions are not well received by the board, who reprimand her while Head Detective Park Moon accuses her of “putting on more makeup.”

Officer Yoon provides Tae Eul with the DNA results. Lee Gon’s results don’t match any known database. Tae Eul gets a call from the country’s horse authority. Turns out Maximus is a rare breed not found in Korea. Tae Eul can’t believe it.

Lee Gon and Tae Eul have supper together. If he truly hails from another world, she queries. He is, according to Lee Gon. About the time portal, Tae Eul queries. Lee Gon acknowledges that he thinks someone else might be utilizing it. She is baffled as to why Busan serves as the nation’s capital in Lee Gon’s universe.

Lee Gon assumes that no database’s DNA findings matched his. It isn’t refuted by her. One day, he hopes, she’ll be willing to change. She orders him to go. Lee Gon takes advantage of her offer to pay by ordering takeout for himself. It doesn’t impress Tae Eul. She advises him to keep creating stories in his make-believe world.

The next day, Tae-car Eul’s car breaks down, but as she calls her father, Lee Gon answers and rushes off to assist her. But when he gets there, time stops completely, allowing him to get a good look at Tae-Eul while she straightens her hair. Time abruptly restarts in the same manner as previously, but nobody else seems to have noticed but him.

Lee Gon steps closer to Tae Eul and smiles at her. Time begins again. Tae Eul is taken aback that Lee Gon is close to her. He informs her time has stopped. She doesn’t believe him. He believes it might be a side effect of the time portal. Tae Eul tells him to take care of her car. She leaves. Lee Gon murmurs he now has a car.

As soon as he enters the woodland with the flute in his hand, Lee-Gon experiences a second portal appearance. Lee Gon realizes they can both now travel across the many worlds because Lee Lim is holding the other half of the flute.

Following this, Lee-Gon hugs Tae-Eul goodbye and lets her know he’s returning to his world because he’s left the palace empty for too long. Shin-Jae claims to have previously seen the crest as he takes Maximus, but Lee-Gon corrects him and points out that it is impossible considering that it is from Korea.

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