Here are the must-watch Dramas of 2017!

Strong Girl Bong Soon

  Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young), a girl with superhuman strength whose ultimate dream is to create a video game with herself as the main character. Due to her incredible strength, she is offered a bodyguard job to a rich heir Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the CEO of a gaming company, Ainsoft. Despite having a crush on In Guk-doo (Ji Soo), a police officer, a series of kidnapping cases make Bong-soon and Min-hyuk work together which brings them closer and falls for each other.

Bong-soon longing for her love Guk-doo, and Guk-doo’s care for her without realizing his thoughts will be a like usual portrayal, and the Ahn Min-hyuk entry and his overloaded cuteness scenes with Bong-soon shows the other side of puppy Love.

Fight For My Way

  Fight for My Way is a quite different drama, besides love, the drama portrays about childhood friendship and how they help each other in difficult situations! The four main characters have their own problems but still support each other and want every other to be successful!  The blossoming love between the long time friends will be amazing to watch!

Futher, The story revolves around 4 friends who crave for success in career and love. The drama is very realistic as it depicts a normal youth’s day-to-day life. The drama is heavily appreciated for the performances of all four actors and for the storyline and choi ae-ra cute expressions!

My Sassy Girl

The story depicts how the scholar Gyeon Woo, who is considered as a nation’s treasure, falls for the princess Hye-myung after several funny encounters. My Sassy girl is one of the best hilarious Historical Korean Dramas! In the Mid episodes, It may seem to be quite sad however after the prince (who is about to marry the Princess) left, the story restores the Comedy genre.

A Korean odyssey

A Korean Odyssey is one of the best drama i have seen!

Interesting plots and performances made this drama phenomenal! Characters helping each other, at the same time, betraying each other will be unpredictable! The sam-jung character who gets caught between the bull, monkey, dog, pig, and zombie is an ultimate portrayal! The Monkey vs. Bull witty remarks at each other even at difficult times makes this drama extremely amusing! The zombie and pig’s brotherly love will break one’s heart. Zombie girl (Lee se-young) deserves a special applause for exactly acting as the so-called Zombies without any such Make-up. The robotic way she turns her head and her reactions (including, when her eyes pop out) are awesome. Her immediate new acting dimension when she becomes Ah Sa-nyeo, a shape shifting demon is terrific and a spectacular portrayal!

Korean odyssey cannot be exceptionally termed as horror drama; it’s a pure black-comedy and full of fantasy Characters. Nowhere, it is scary!

Needless to say, A Korean odyssey drama is a binge-watch!!!!

Suspicious Partner

The series is about Noh Ji-wook, a prosecutor, and Eun Bong-hee a prosecutor trainee, and how they work together to solve a mysterious case that involved Bong-hee as a suspect! 
Further, it pictures how Bong-hee finally wins Noh Ji-wook who had resentment for love because of his previous relationship. In addition, it portrays how they both are connected by a previous accident even before their relationship started! 

The drama is full of romantic scenes!

Criminal Minds

Based on the American television series Criminal Minds, this Korean version depicts the National Criminal Investigation (NCI) team that consists of high-level officials who track down deadly criminals to solver crucial cases. The drama initially highlights a hospital’s bomb detonation case that shook the entire NCI team’s confidence as a number of SWAT officers were killed because of a critical error done from the team’s side. The leader of NCI team,Kang Ki-hyung was heavily shaken which led him to take a year break from the service. After his deputation a year later, his team that includes Kang Yi-Seok (played by lee joon gi) and Ha Sun-woo (played by Moon Chae-won) had to collaborate with the local police agency’s Violent Crimes Unit that includes Kim Hyun-joon, a police officer who has a grudge against Ki-hyung.

If you want to see an Action-Packed series, then Criminal Minds is one of the best. If you want a romantic one, then this is not for You.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This 2017 coming of age series genre revolves around a group of college athletes who experience life and love.

Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-Joo, says about Kim Bok-Joo (Lee Sung-Kyung), a promising weightlifter, and Jung Joon-Hyung (Nam Joo-Hyuk), a swimming prodigy who happens to be at same athletic college.

Though it started with a fun genre, each character has its pain and difficulties. But thankfully it doesn’t have any dramatic scenes like separation of main leads because of misunderstandings. The only emotional content we could see in this series is how they both help each other from recovering the painful experience and the long-distance relationships struggle (like every couple in day-to-day life).

Hospital Ship

The story revolves around a group of young doctors in a hospital ship that provide medical treatment to patients from rural villages residing in the small islands. Initially, the hospital ship had basic facilities such as standard check-ups and dispensing medicines. But with the arrival of Song Eun Jae, a skilful and talented surgeon, the ship started providing complex surgeries as well. She comes from a complicated family and deals with issues of her own but very successful as a surgeon. Instead of working at a prominent hospital Song Eun Jae ends up working on this hospital ship due to an ill-fated event. She has to work with other 2 doctors irrespective of Differences in opinion.


Black is another Grim Reaper Drama followed By Goblin! This Song Seung-heon and Go Ara starrer drama is about a cold-hearted Grim reaper, 444 who gets into a human body just to find his missing Partner. But, he has to stay for a while to get help from Kang Ha-ram(Go Ara) who has the ability to foresee death as she could see a dark shadow,(that is actually Grim reapers) looming over the about-to-die persons. Finally, without knowing, he discovers his own origins and falls for a woman that made him get punished for breaking the rules.

This is one of the best thriller dramas.

Watch it if you had missed Any!

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