Money Heist Korea Summary

Released Year: 2022
No of Episodes: 6
Main Leads: Yoo Ji-tae, Park hae-soo, Kim Yun-jin, Jeon Jong-seo
Genre: Crime, Heist

Main Cast:

Heist Gang:

Yoo Ji-tae as Professor

Park Hae-soo as Berlin

Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo

Lee Won-jong as Moscow

Kim Ji-hoon as Denver

Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi

Lee Hyun-woo as Rio

Kim Ji-hun as Helsinki

 Lee Kyu-ho as Oslo


Kim Yun-jin as Seon Woo-jin, Police Officer (South Korea) & negotiator

Kim Sung-oh as Captain Cha Moo-hyuk, Police Officer (North Korea) & negotiator

Park Myung-hoon as Cho Young-min, Director of the Mint Bureau, Hostage

Lee Joo-bin as Mi-sun, An employee in charge of accounting at the Mint, Hostage

Lee Si-woo as Anne Kim, student, Hostage


Episode 1: Money Heist Gang!

A Cheerful bold girl in North Korea, a big fan of BTS who secretly listen to all songs despite all forms of entertainment is being prohibited in North Korea! She joined in North Korean Army later to know that both the South, North and US incorporated a joint force, even implemented a joint Economic zone and it was addressed to the army about common currency, means they will have permit to visit South Korea. Without a second thought, now she moves to Seoul. The Joint Economic area is now open for both the countries civilians and attracted huge visitors.

With a usual twist, her migration broker cheated her and she got to involve in bars and work as a servant in hotel to meet her daily needs. That does not hope up her daily needs and she ends up getting money from loan sharks. If not paid, they would do whatsoever and now they want to use her to try some drugs probably to make her a prostitute. Well, as an ex-army member, she dares to kill them to run away with all the money along with her co-worker, who is brutally punished and about to be killed for not paying off her debt.

About a year later, she becomes one of the main suspects in the series of robbery she committed in the past by targeting loan sharks. Well, she chose to be a so-called “Good Thief”, she loots only from loan sharks, as to her it is simple and can get a lot of money in a single strike! Her identity is revealed and she is on the run. She loses all the hope as her friend, her accomplice was killed in Action so she now decides to take up her own life with the last bullet she has in her pistol. Though bold, she is just a teen and trembled to see her face all over the media.

When she was about to blow off her brain, she was stopped by a tall handsome man in his forties. He wanted her to join him stating that he has some bigger plans and only petty thefts would either kill or will make her to end up in jail. She could dissemble her surprise to hear that the to-be looted amount was FOUR TRILLION won. He suggests her even after this all if she wanted to die, she can, after this one final try!

He introduces himself as professor, and the team (he already has few more accomplices into his plan). Everyone chose their own name, name of any city in the world to avoid their original names.

  1. The guy who looks like typical Kpop idol name is Rio now. He was an amazing hacker.
  2. Denver, a manly guy with a medium length hair, He used to be a street Fighter who never lost on any illegal gambling bet. Gamblers use to bet on him.
  3. Moscow, Denver father, he worked on mines
  4. Nairobi, a woman in her 30’s, con-artist
  5. Helsinki and Oslo, thugs from a gang where all others are wiped out
  6. Berlin, most wanted man in the History of North Korea.
  7. Tokyo, our girl
  8. Professor, mastermind of the heist

And the target for the heist is, The Mint. (Unified Korea Mint, Joint Economic Area)

Five months later, The Vice-president of the Mint is clueless about the upcoming peril smooches with his subordinate and she claims she is pregnant. The school students with a mysterious girl visit the Mint and the Money heist Team is now ready for the adventure with a joker mask on face. The truck that contains the fortune is only some yards away.

They all enter the Mint pretending as security service and Tokyo and Nairobi enters as visitors! The vice-president is very busy quarrelling with his paramour as her unexpected pregnancy would create chaos in his married life. She did not expect such reaction from him as she always thought he would divorce his wife to marry her and she this pregnancy is a lie and she did that to check on him.

They all entered the Mint now and made everyone get on their knees. The Vice-president who was busy with pacifying his subordinates come to the real world after hearing firing bullets Sounds. The team made the mint upside down with all being monitored and tracked by the professor. All the students along with that mysterious girl, staffs, vice-president are held as captives and the Money Heist Team take over the Mint!

Their plan is to act like being trapped in the building once the police arrive, but why? Professor doesn’t want anyone to get hurt or die. But what that has to do with the act of pretending as being trapped? None of team even knows other than the professor! Rio and Tokyo just like each other but never had expresses to the other.

The news of Mint spread across North and South and both the countries decided to appoint a team that comprises of officials from both korea’s led by Seon Woo-jin, a South Korean inspector and Ex-wife of a Big shot politician. Captain Cha Moohyuk, from North Korea is also appointed as a negotiator. They both fight for their country pride as Cha Moohyuk wants to kill all of them in five minutes but Woo-jin wants to teach him as how a normal country where human rights matters would deal to rescue their civilians.

Woo-jin negotiates with the professor! He slips the word that there are only 4 of them. When woo-jin did not believe this, Moohyuk and the chief urges to take them down with the force as managing four will not bring any danger. Also, Woo-jin is forced to leave the work.

Woo-jin meets her friend Sun-ho who is none other than the professor! She meets him in their usual spot, A café without any clue. He also predicted all this and woo-jin is an important plan of him, without her knowing, he wanted her to be a part of his team! Her simple line message that “she was forced to leave” gave the professor the clue that military strike going to happen! This way, without knowing, she helped him!

When they infiltrated, they tried to peek through the place by drilling a small hole and passing a camera, they see them standing with heavy armed. They made the Vice president and the Mysterious girl to do a live stream on video where they said that both the hostages and culprit are dressed like and the whole rescue team utterly shocked to see the Mysterious school girl who is the daughter of the U.S ambassador to the South Korea. The mission was retreated!

As they already know that no bank would keep four Trillion won cash amount in a building, their actual plan is to print it with original equipment and disappear!

Episode 2: The Mint & The Hostages!

Berlin is actually a North Korean defector who sustained several hardships during his childhood in prison. He came out after several years and became a local thug in the North!  

They used all the hostages for printing money, cooking, etc just to keep them not to think about this hostage situation at all. Woo-jin resumes to work and was given all power. Professor wants some days to print money with original equipment and real employees. Woo-ji can sense that their motive would be different as no kidnappers would bring dresses for all the hostages. She could understand it was all a plan.

Vice-president with his workers devise a plan to inform police as they believe that the kidnappers will definitely kill them as all their faces were revealed already. They purposefully punctured a fellow worker hand and vice-president tried to do something only to be caught by Tokyo.

The professor already gave them input about “Divide and Rule” the hostages if things go out of control as they would forget who their real enemy is and would fight with themselves. Now Berlin implemented the rule and divided hostages based on Country. If south Koreans hostage done a mistake, North Koreans will be punished and vice versa. They locked Anna Kim, the Mysterious girl who is actually U.S Ambassador daughter as she is from US and neither belong to South or North!

Vice-president calls his subordinate, Mi-Sun, the one he is in relationship with, to help him to contact police. He has to take a watch from his room’s drawer. The watch no one knows, the one he used just to contact her. When Denver questions what there were talking about, he replies that she is pregnant with his child and he wants her to take rest a bit. Denver, a fighter, but a dumb believes them and takes her to the room where Anne Kim is locked. Both of the women devise a plan to take the watch!

Anne Kim called Rio that she needs to go restroom so he led subordinate, Mi-sun to stay there without supervision. To buy some time, Anne kissed Rio in the bathroom though it seems to be passionate that Rio can’t open his eyes! Mi-sun picked up the watch, and the signal is detected by the police. Anne pulls over the gun and pointed it on Rio. He could not sense her as he was already fell for her kiss.

 Denver, without even seeing the watch she was wearing was furious when she says that her lover Choi Young-min, the Director (Vice President) of the Mint is already married. Denver, a handsome, charming man with no senses is infuriated about Young-min. He gives her warm milk and got her some snacks as well. He got a soft corner for her.

Professor calls Woo-jin as she sounded totally normal. So, he invited to his cafe to get some news and found out about the watch! On the other end, woo-jin also found that Sun-ho is eavesdropping! She straightforwardly questions him about the same. He somehow managed that he likes her and he is jealous as if she is talking to his boyfriend.

Professor calls Berlin and informed about the watch! He got the hostages in line! as She gave the phone to Young-min and he switched on the Smart watch and the police installed an app and they can hear everything. When Berlin called Young-min, he passed the watch to Mi-sun who is already trembled in fear.

Berlin found the watch as Mi-sun slipped it! The police just got a video or image that was taken before the smartwatch was smashed. Denver is ordered to kill the girl.

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