So ji-Sub,a professional swimmer of 11 Years who won a  Bronze medal at the Korean National Games, had started out his career as a Jeans model as he just wanted to act with Kim Sung-jae,an eminent member of Deux, who was then brand model of that Jeans Brand.

Our ‘no-interest in acting’ So ji-sub began to rise to fame after starring in ‘What happend in Bali’ drama as a supporting Character and became a top Star in Hallyu after acting in the Melodrama “I’m Sorry,I Love You”.

He not only won millions of hearts through his acting skill but also  through his captivating hip-hop albums! he established himself as a Rapper and a Top Star through his incredible acting and Singing Style!

 So ji Sub has acted in 20+ dramas in his acting career as either supporting or main character!

Here are the Allsorts Kdrama’s  top 4 dramas of So Ji Sub!

I’m sorry, I love you

So Ji-Sub acted in a role as Cha Moo-Hyuk, a thug who was abandoned by his parents, later adopted by a family in Melbourne, Australia. He later ran away from his foster parents who mistreated him and had a rough life by wandering with a street gang, cheating tourists, as a drug pusher to go on with his life.

Later Cha Moo-Hyuk goes to his birth country and he learned that his mother was one of a famous movie star in Korea and also has a son name Choi Yun (Jung Kyung-Ho). With raging anger, he decided to seek revenge on his mother and becomes a road manager of Choi Yun. In this process, he slowly started to fall in love with Song Eun-Chae (Lim Soo-Jung) who is working as a fashion coordinator of Choi Yun’s programs. But things get straight when Cha Moo-Hyuk found out about the truth that his mother did not abandon him and thus the plot travels in a different way.

This drama was a breakthrough in So Ji Sub’s career and he won many awards. He won Best Couple Award along with Im Soo-Jung,  Excellence Award, Netizen Award, and Popularity Award at KBS Drama Awards. He further won Best Actor (TV) at 41st Baeksang Arts Awards.

Oh my venus:

So Ji sub acted as Kim Young-ho, a.k.a. John Kim, a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Though he comes from a wealthy family, he has a destructive childhood drama that made him run away from his family. After many years he returns to Korea due to a scandal with a Hollywood celebrity.

Meantime, on his way back to Korea he meets Kang Joo-Eun (Shin Min-a), a 33 years old lawyer who struggles to support her family and also struggles with overweight.  Young-Ho trains her in order to help her in losing weight. But soon they both realize that their feelings towards each other are more than what they think it is.

So Ji sub won Top Excellence Award, Actor, and Best Couple Award with Shin Min-a at KBS Drama Awards.

Master’s Sun:

So Ji sub acted as Joo Joong-won, a shopping mall CEO who is a handsome and also self-centered money-driven businessman.

This horror-romantic comedy unfolds about Joo Joong-won and Tae Gong-Shil (Gong Hyo-Jin). Gong-Shil is a bright and beautiful woman who sees ghosts due to a mysterious accident that happened in her past. Due to her ghost seeing ability she finds herself as an outcast and unable to live a normal life. She finds out that the ghost around disappears whenever she touches Joong-won. So Joong-won decided to stay to keep her by his side as his secretary to speak to his dead ex-girlfriend. Soon their life changes diversely when they fell in love with each other.

 This drama gained popularity with an average rating of 20.7% in Korean and 18.4% national wide audience share. So Ji Sub won Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries, and Top 10 Stars at SBS Drama Awards.

My Secret Terrius

So Ji sub played as Kim Bon (Terrius), a Nation Intelligence Services (NIS) agent.

Go Ae-rin (Jung In-sun) is a single mother who lost her husband unexpectedly. Ae-Rin finds herself entangled in a huge conspiracy spy war. Kim Bom is a black ops agent who is hiding for 3 years after failed in a secret mission and losing the women he loved. Together they both join hands to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy which also involved Ae-Rin’s husband’s death.

So Ji sub won many awards for this drama. Daesang (Grand Prize), Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama, Bromance Award at 2018 MBC Drama Awards.

Other notable dramas of So Ji Sub

What happened in Bali

So Ji sub plays a support role as Kang In-Wook, an ex-boyfriend of young-Joo.

This drama revolves around Lee Soo-Jung (Ha Ji-won), Jung Jae-min (Jo In-sung),  Kang In-Wook (So Ji-sub), and Choi Young-Joo (Park Ye-jin). Soo-Jung works as a tour guide in Bali and has a difficult brother. Jae-Min comes from a wealthy family, playboy, arrogant and uninterested in the family business. Jae-Min meets soo-Jung in Bali because of his fiancé young-Joo who came with her ex-boyfriend. Soo-Jung learns the love triangle between them and things get complicated when they all meet again in Seoul.

So Ji sub won Most Popular Actor (TV) at 40th Baeksang Arts Awards

Cain and Abel

This drama is based on the biblical version of Adam and eve’s sons Cain and Abel.  Lee Cho-in (So Ji sub) is a talented doctor and has everything whereas Seon-woo (Shin Hyun-Joon) believes and blames Cho-in for taking everything from him. He thinks Cho-in took his father’s love, recognition, and stealing his woman from him. The jealousy towards his brother resulted in full of hatredness that  made things difficult for Cho-in.

So Ji sub won Best Actor at 2009 Grimae Awards, Actor of the Year in Broadcasting at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Top 10 Stars and Top Excellence Award, Actor  at SBS Drama Awards

So Ji Sub Drama list

Terius Behind Me (2018)

Oh My Venus (2015)

One Sunny Day (2014)

The Master’s Sun (2013)

Ghost  (2012)

Road Number One (2010)

I am GHOST (2009)

Cain and Abel (2009)

U-Turn (2008)

I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004)

What Happened in Bali (2004)

Thousand Years of Love (2003)

Glass Slippers (2002)

We Are Dating Now (2002) 

Law Firm (2001)

Delicious Proposal (2001)

Great Great (2000)

Wang Rung’s Land (2000)

8 Love Stories (1999)

Three Guys and Three Girls (1999)

Model (1997)

So Ji Sub Movie list:

Be with You (2018)

Battleship Island (2017)

A Company Man (2012)

Always (2011)

Sophie’s Revenge (2009)

Rough Cut (2008)

Can’t Live Without Robbery (2002)

So Ji Sub Upcoming Project (2020):

So Ji Sub is committed in two movies namely Confession and Alien which is set to release in 2020 and 2021 respectively!

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