Every Korean Dramas Lovers happened to have this thought, though we love them, we still have a little jealousy (That’s great if you don’t have) over their looks, especially when they look too Young to their actual Age!

Let’s talk about only the actresses as of Now!

How do they look just like a fresh face even after being as leading ladies for more than two decades!! Well, It must be due to their skincare routines and Proper Diet! We need not go to the concept of Plastic Surgery as we are not aware of the facts.

Every Korean Actress looks Young despite the Age factors. And there is no point of dissent here.

But still, who are the Top 10 Actresses who refuse to age!


  • the Actresses who are 37+ of Age(as of 2020)
  • the last appearance in dramas/movies  and
  • the popularity

we have rated the Top 10 Korean Actresses who refuse to Age!!

10. Song Ji Hyo

Age:38(15 August 1981)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie:2018

The jumong actress who last appeared in the series Lovely Horribly as the leading lady in 2018 looked great with the ever handsome Park Shi-hoo.

With 2 upcoming projects, It is no doubt that Song Ji Hyo has tied all her fans with her ever Young look.

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Princess Hours (Drama,2006)
  2. Jumong (Drama,2006)
  3. A Frozen Flower (Movie,2008)
  4. Emergency Couple (Drama,2014)
  5. Running Man(Show)

9. Kim Hee-Sun

Age:42( June 11, 1977)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2018

No One would ever tell that this The Angry Mom actress is 42 years old. She was awesome when she acted with the Asian Male God “Lee Min-Ho” in the Drama “Faith”! when someone guesses her age, she/he might say no more than 33.

Kim Hee-Sun’s upcoming Drama is “Alice” with Joo Won!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Men of the Bath House (Drama,1995),
  2. Propose (Drama,1997),
  3.  Mister Q (Drama,1998)
  4. Faith (Drama,2012)
  5. Angry Mom (Drama,2015)
  6. The Lady in Dignity (Drama,2017)
  7. Bichunmoo (Movie,2000)
  8. The Myth (Movie,2005)

 8. Han Ga-in

Age:38(2 February 1982)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2018

Have you Watched Moon Embracing the Sun Historical Korean Drama? She was 30 when she acted in that drama, yet she was great with her co-star Kim Soo Hyun!

She is very choosy on her roles and hope she would come back with a power-packed project like Moon Embracing the Sun and Architecture 101 blockbusters!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Moon Embracing the Sun(Drama,2012)
  2. Mistress(Drama,2018)
  3. Architecture 101(Movie,2012)

7. Gong Hyo-jin

Age: 40(4 April 1980)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2019

This Queen of romantic comedies is a role model for many of the budding  Korean Actresses. Known for her versatile roles, she is one of the most successful actresses.

This When the camellia Blooms actress never looks like 40 Years Old. she looks much Younger to her Age!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Crush and Blush (Movie,2008)
  2. Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School (Drama,2003)
  3. Thank You (Drama,2007)
  4. Pasta (Drama,2010)
  5.  The Greatest Love (Drama,2011)
  6. Master’s Sun (Drama,2013)
  7. It’s Okay, That’s Love (Drama,2014)
  8. The Producers (Drama,2015)
  9. Don’t Dare to Dream (Drama,2016)
  10. When the Camellia Blooms (Drama,2019).

6.Ha ji-won

Age: 42(28 June 1978)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2020

Ha ji-won is beyond comparison! Give her any role, she will make it big!

The 42 Year old is recently acted in the drama “Chocolate”! and looks like 33 years old. And sometimes, Yeah, can say 30+

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Damo (Drama,2003)
  2. Hwang Jini (Drama,2006)
  3. Empress Ki (Drama,2013)
  4. Something Happened in Bali (Drama,2004)
  5. Secret Garden (Drama,2010)
  6. The King 2 Hearts (Drama,2012)
  7. Hospital Ship (Drama,2017)
  8. Nightmare(Movie,2000)
  9. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant(Movie,2004)
  10. Love, So Divine(Movie,2004)

5. Jun Ji-hyun

Age: 38(30 October 1981)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2017

Fashion icon Jun Ji-Hyun never ages! And we hope even after 10 Years she would look the same as how she looked in My Love from the Star (2013).

Only Her Fashion sense Grows invincibly, not her Age!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. My Sassy Girl (Movie, 2001)
  2. Il Mare (Movie, 2000)
  3. Windstruck (Movie, 2004)
  4. The Thieves (Movie,2012)
  5. The Berlin File (Movie, 2013)
  6. Assassination (Movie, 2015)
  7. My Love from the Star (Drama, 2013–2014)
  8. Legend of the Blue Sea (Drama, 2016–2017)

4.Son Ye-Jin

Age: 38(January 11, 1982)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2020

She was lovely in the critically acclaimed drama “Crash Landing On YOU”, the third high rated Korean drama in cable television history.

Does she look like 38 years old? we leave it to you!!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. The Classic (Drama,2003)
  2. Summer Scent (Drama,2003)
  3. A Moment to Remember (Drama,2004)
  4. April Snow (Drama,2005)
  5. Alone in Love (Drama,2006)
  6. Something in the Rain (Drama,2018)
  7. Crash Landing on You (Drama,2019–2020)
  8. My Wife Got Married (Movie,2008)
  9. The Pirates(Movie,2014)
  10. The Truth Beneath (Movie,2016)
  11. The Last Princess(Movie,2016)

3.Jang Na-ra

Age: 39(March 18, 1981 )

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2020

Jang Na-ra , responsible for “Jang Na-ra Syndrome “ is popular all Over Asia! At the Age of 39, she looks like 30! It must be in her gene!

When asked about her ever young secret, she joked saying “MAKE UP” !!Well, should try as well!

She is also known as “Ageless Beauty”!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Sweet Dream(Album,2020)
  2. Successful Story of a Bright Girl (Drama,2002)
  3. My Love Patzzi (Drama,2002)
  4. Wedding (Drama,2005)
  5. My Bratty Princess (Drama,2005)
  6. Confession Couple (Drama,2017)
  7. The Last Empress (Drama,2018-2019)
  8. VIP(Drama,2019)

2.Song Hye-Kyo

Age:38( 22 November 1981)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2019

The most successful power celebrity of South Korea, Song Hye-Kyo rules the Hallyu for more than 2 Decades.

The 38 Year old Hye-kyo is one of the most sought after actresses in South Korea! Her age stopped when she was 30 years old and we hope it would never resume!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Autumn in My Heart (Drama,2000)
  2. All In (Drama,2003)
  3. Full House (Drama,2004)
  4. That Winter, the Wind Blows (Drama,2013)
  5. Descendants of the Sun (Drama,2016)
  6. Encounter (Drama,2018)
  7. Hwang Jin Yi (Movie,2007)
  8. The Grandmaster (Chinese Movie,2013)
  9. My Brilliant Life (Movie,2014)
  10. The Queens (Chinese Movie,2015)

1.Kim Tae-Hee

Age:40(29 March 1980)

Last Appearance in Drama/Movie: 2020

Kim Tae Hee! Described as the most beautiful South Korean Actress, made a comeback after 5 Years of break into acting!

Surprisingly, the Yong Pal actress is the same even after becoming a mother of two!

Famous Acted Dramas/Movies:

  1. Stairway to Heaven (Drama,2003)
  2. Love Story in Harvard (Drama,2004)
  3. Iris(Drama,2009)
  4. My Princess (Drama,2011)
  5. Yong-pal (Drama2015)
  6. Hi Bye, Mama!(Drama,2020)
  7. Iris: The Movie(2010)

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Top 10 Korean Actresses who never Ages!!

Who is your favorite Korean Actress? And who will you name as “Ageless Beauty”?

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