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Top 4 Dramas Of Ji Chang Wook

All the Korean Drama Lovers would love him !! Yea, Our Ji Chang-Wook, the man with a most pretty smile.

These are the 4 Best Ji chang wook dramas that made him a versatile and Top Actor in all over Asia!


Ji Chang Wook acted as Toghon Temür, a weak Emperor of the Mongol Empire. His character portrayal might have seemed like a weak, but his acting was the strong as certainly a newcomer who could pull a string with a drama Queen-like Ha Ji-Won. Why I say him as a newcomer is, despite he acted in a few Korean dramas before, this drama has made him a well-known actor in/outside South Korea. There is no chance that he would take up such a role in the future as after watching the action thriller like “The K2”, his fans would never like him taking such a weak portrayal.

The series is about Gi Seungnyang, a Goryeo-born woman who pretended as a man and finally ascends to power in spite of the restrictions on the class system! Later, She became Empress Ki of the Yuan dynasty by marrying the Emperor of the Mongol Empire, Toghon Temür, a weak, puppet king, yet determined to win Seungnyang from her first love, Wang Yu. Empress Ki highlights her political ambitions, and how she is torn between the love she had for the King of Goryeo, Wang Yu, and the Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. 


Ji chang-wook acted as Noh Ji-wook, a short-tempered prosecutor who solves a mysterious psychopath case.

All the Korean Drama Lovers would have known this couple’s Onscreen Chemistry. Till now, Nam Ji-hyun is considered as the best onscreen pair for Ji Chang-Wook. All the Behind the Scenes videos of this drama is the best BTS video till now. Even at the rehearsal of Deep Kissing scene, you can find how Chang-Wook comforted her, well, that would be what all actresses need, “A COMFORT ZONE”.And Of Course, we all know that Korean actors are great in it.

The series is about Noh Ji-wook, a prosecutor, and Eun Bong-hee a prosecutor trainee, and how they work together to solve a mysterious case that involved Bong-hee as a suspect! 
Further, it pictures how Bong-hee finally wins Noh Ji-wook who had resentment for love because of his previous relationship. In addition, it portrays how they both are connected by a previous accident even before their relationship started! 

This is a very usual drama ,usual plot with super romantic scenes.


The K2 is the most Stylish Drama of Ji Chang-wook. If you have not watched this drama, then just see the scene when Je-ha saves Yoo-Jin and the rain scene.

Kim Je-ha (played by ji chang wook) is a former mercenary soldier and While on duty in Iraq, he gets framed wrongly for the murder of his lover Raniya, a civilian of Iraq. As a result, he has to run away from Iraq and becomes a fugitive.
Later, He returns to South Korea and he gets an offer to work as a bodyguard for JSS Security Company which is owned by Choi Yoo-jin, wife of the presidential candidate, Jang Se-joon. He accepts the offer as another presidential candidate is Park Kwan-soo, the one who killed his lover and gets him Framed. As Choi Yoo-jin promised him to help in taking his revenge, he became one of the bodyguards of the famous JSS Security Company!
When Je-ha is assigned to guard An-na, Jang Se-joon’s hidden daughter, the love starts between Je-ha and An-na! Finally, Je-ha determined to protect his love An-na from his partner Yoo-jin who always wanted her stepdaughter to die. Je-ha’s deep concern for An-na creates a conflict between his and his ally, Yoo-jin.

If you can see, even the Yoo-jin and Je-ha would be great together.


Ji chang-wook starred as an illegal ‘night courier’ who possess great fighting skills and has a code name ‘Healer’

The story revolves around an investigation about an incident that happened in 1992. This incident has made three people, an illegal ‘night courier’ who possess great fighting skills and has a code name ‘Healer’ (played by ji chang wook) , A renowned journalist from a top broadcast station(played by Yoo Ji-tae), and a reporter of a still-developing tabloid news website (played by Park Min-young) to work together. These three people with different opinions join hands to uncover the truth which made their lives in threat. The story pictures the difficulties they face upon discovering the truth and the romance between the Healer and the reporter.

Though it has modest success in South Korea, the series was a major hit in other countries of Asia. Through this drama, Ji Chang wook branded himself as an Actor Star in South Korea and all over Asia.

If you are about to watch Korean Dramas and If you don’t know him, Just watch his K2 Drama. you will fall for him for sure.



Ji Chang-wook acted as Baek Dong-soo, A carefree swordsman who changes the fate of the nation after becoming a member of the royal guard.

Inspired by the comic Honorable Baek Dong-soo by Lee Jae-heon, the story is about the life history Baek Dong-soo, Joseon historical figure, and Folk hero. The story highlights how Baek Dong-soo becomes one of the authors of Muyedobotongji, a martial arts work appointed by King Jeongjo. The series all about brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, and honor.

THE WHIRLWIND(Chinese Drama):

Ji Chang-wook starred as Chang An ( in Season 2), drillmaster at Yun Feng Hall. Being A cold-hearted person initially, he was the youngest Yuanwudao master and an invincible player.
One of his Close Friends betrayed him and because of that he is been kicked out and his career as a drillmaster is over since he could no longer compete in matches due to his leg injury. But as he could not tolerate his friend’s betrayal, he owes to take revenge on him and that made him become the coach at Song Bai to train Baicao (Played by Hu Bingqing ). Though initially wanted to use her for his revenge, he finally ends up falling for her


Ji Chang-wook acted as Ma Dong-chan, a test subject who takes part in an experiment along with Ko Mi-ran (Won Jin-ah)! Things did not go well as expected and the experiments made them to freeze for years instead of Hours! They had to undergo several sub-experiments in the form of treatments to return back to normalcy! As per the ratings ,this drama was a medium success! chang-wook and jin-ah chemistry was appreciated!


The romantic prince ji chang-wook and romantic princess kim ji-won in one Drama! A much awaited pair! Finally through “Lovestruck in the City”.

The plot is very usual that depicts the dating life of six people! Needless to say, its a good Watch!

Ji Chang-wook Dramas:

Smile Again (2010–2011)
Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011)
Empress Ki (2013–2014)
Healer (2014–2015)
The K2 (2016)
Suspicious Partner (2017)
Melting Me Softly(2019)
Lovestruck in the city(2020)

Ji Chang-wook Movies:

Fabricated City (Movie,2017)

Restricted Call(Movie,2021)

JI Chang-wook Upcoming Dramas/Movies(2021):

The Sound of Magic And Mr Right

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