If you a New Korean drama fan, You might be having doubts which all the Newbie would have had!

1. Why are Korean dramas popular?

That is because Korean dramas are so addicting! Another important fact is handsome and beautiful leads! Mostly Viewers do Binge-watch due to the enthralling storyline and cast! Since the dramas are so short and mostly consist of only 16 episodes (or sometimes 20), binge-watching is quite easy as you finish a drama in some 16 Hours!

2. What is the most popular Korean drama of all time?

The popularity differs in Korea and Overseas! Well received dramas in other countries had been subjected to severe criticism in South Korea! There is no rating survey in other countries and so cannot be accurate about the overseas Achievements!

In South Korea, normally drama ratings are analyzed by AGB Nielsen, and ratings are categorized under nationwide and Seoul Ratings! Ratings are provided for Each Episode, however, the Average Audience Share(in cable) determines the Exact Ratings!

3. Who is the most popular actor/actress in Korea?

This is tough to say as normally South Korean Industry does not do any polling! But Sometimes, Polling is being organized by entertainment magazines of other countries or by some private websites! Any every time, produces different results!

For Example, Lee Min-Ho topped an online poll organized by a Chinese entertainment magazine to be crowned as the “Asian Male God” in 2014.

4. How close is Korean drama to real Korean life?

Well, Even Korean believes and says that the Drama world is entirely different to that of the real life in South Korea!

5. Why do most Korean dramas have 16 episodes?

The schedule is normally about some 2.5 Months and most of the dramas are premiered on a weekly basis! It is also evident that certain dramas episodes are increased up to 20 Episodes based on the ratings! However, series are so short and that is the main prominent feature of Korean Dramas! Most of the Korean Dramas has 16 to 20 Episodes that makes the fans to binge-watch! Only some dramas with more than 50 Episodes are well received since the viewers might not be inrs

6. Why do Korean shows only have 1 season?

This is one of the most anticipated Questions! Entertainment companies often clarifies that most of the critically acclaimed dramas’ season II are being released but still certain well-received dramas could not be squealed due to production and Actors Availability issues!

7. Which is the highest rated Korean Drama?

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Note: The rankings are based on the nationwide ratings from the AGB Nielsen and subject to change whenever a new drama received Good Audience Share.

8. About Korean drama overseas Popularity:

The Korean dramas are not only famous across all over Asia, but also in others  including Middle East & North African countries and other continents including Australia, Europe, North America, etc with several fan clubs across the globe.

9. What is a Korean Wave?

The Korean wave often regarded as Hanryu and Hallyu (romanized as) refers the cultural phenomenon and growing popularity of South Korean Culture through the spread of Korean dramas and K-pop!

10.Best Korean drama to start with?

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Note: The (only Last three years dramas are considered) dramas are recommended by stating all the achievements with respect to Awards and ratings and subject to change on a yearly basis.

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