Love Phantom Summary

Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 10 (Running Time: 30 Minutes)
Main Leads: Ren Kiriyama, Sakurako Konishi
Genre: Romantic Comedy


Hirasawa Momoko, the cafe clerk at a hotel, meets a 38-year-old handsome stranger. Though they have just met, they repeatedly kiss. And when she comes to know who he is, she finds him as a perfect Man for her.

Main Cast:

 Ren Kiriyama as Hase

Sakurako Konishi as Hirasawa Momoko


Episode 1: Magnolia Orient Hotel

Cafe Califo is in First Floor of Magnolia Orient Hotel. Hirasawa Momoko, a 22-year-old waitress, a quirky who concerns every customer and is loved by everyone. Due to her overconcerns, she sometimes gets in trouble. She always likes to be in the terrace of the High-story Hotel. And a day, she finds someone in the terrace. A handsome man in late 20’s,and it seemed to Hirasawa that he attempts to throw himself to die. She grabs his hand. But could not tell why she did so to him when he questioned her act. He immediately kissed her deeply and she too did it once without knowing his identity at all. That kiss was unforgettable to her as she could not ask his name. 

The Next day she could not concentrate on her work and was ordered to take care of the Deliveries only as she failed to answer a customer because of her absence mind. When she about to deliver, she meets the same man when she just came out of the elevator. She tried to talk, but he went right away.

Later, he came to her cafe and introduce himself as Mr.Hase from Club Floor. And he had a meeting with Hirasawa Team for the upcoming IT Conference and Cafe Califo is in charge of offering Coffees. Her friends now gossip about Haze to Hirasawa. He is an 38 Year old, great looking man who is described as Mr.Strange. And she comes to know about his rumored affair with her Manager Kimura Masae. The Manager herself interrupt and ask them to concentrate on today’s work.

She meets Hase again the terrace and she asked why he must work up like this without taking care of them. He shares a passionate kiss with her. She invites him to home. She left one she asleep.

Episode 2: Hirasawa & Hase

Since then, he visits her room from time to time and always a strange man. He would come, tease, kiss and leave.

One day, Hirasawa was told to vacate her home and the building is going to be reconstructed. As the rain is huge, she is confused on where to find a place. She thought finding a place near the hotel would be better so that her man Hase could meet her easily. But considering the rental expenses, she plans to go somewhere 30 minutes travel away from the Hotel.

Suddenly, she is grabbed by Hase and he wanted her to drop. He took her to his place and tells her that after his mother died, he lives alone. He asked her to stay in one of the room to which she agrees. Also, He make her to understand that he won’t stop in his place as how he stopped at her place with a kiss. She also doesn’t want him to stop.

They had their first night together and expresses their love for each other. The next day, they go to work together to be seen by Hirasawa friend ohissi and Kimura! When Ohissi asked about their togetherness, he pretends that they just ran into each other.

When she questioned about why he hid it when he was the one who told nothing wrong done to hide. he immediately pulled and kissed right before the Hotel. Someone sees this!


The drama dealt with a strange man who repeatedly kiss the girl. Initially, one could feel that the lead would be embroiled in betrayal or jealousy. Rather, it’s full of love. The scenes are not intense but quite intimate. you cannot find an Episode without a Kissing or intimate scene. So, if you want to watch a breezy romantic story, then it would be an option. Apart from it, there is not a thing to say about this drama.

The series consist of only 10 Episodes with each running time of 25 Minutes. So probably, it’s not a bad one.

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