Doom at Your Service Summary

Released Year: 2021
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads: Seo In-guk, Park Bo-young,Lee Soo-hyuk
Genre: Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

Main Cast:

Park Bo-young as Tak Dong-kyung, a web novel editor who has has been working hard ever since her parents died due to an accident.

Seo In-guk as Myul Mang / Doom, a messenger between gods and humans.

Lee Soo-hyuk as Cha Joo-ik, Dong-kyung’s co-worker and team leader.

Shin Do-hyun as Na Ji-na , Dong-kyung’s best friend who is struck in a love triangle.

Kang Tae-oh as Lee Hyun-kyu, Joo-ik’s roommate who is a café owner



Episode 1:  I’m Really Dying

Tak Dong-Kyung (Park Bo-young), a web novel editor realizes she is going to die during the first few minutes of the show, and she does not mince words. Glioblastoma is a large brain cancer that the doctor diagnoses her with. Dong-Kyung does not drop a single tear, something you might imagine from someone who has just learned that she is going to die. She also inquires if the biopsy may be done on the weekends because she is unable to take a day off work.

She has a year to live with surgery and just three or four months without it, and according to the doctor. Additionally, she will be in agonizing suffering for the next three months. Dong-Kyung, who is also a writer, appears unconcerned and invites the doctor to submit his work.

Her day takes an even more depressing turn once she learns she has a life-threatening illness. Her three-month-old lover invites her to meet him in a cafe. When she arrives, she is taken aback when she sees her boyfriend’s pregnant wife. The lady spits on her and refers to her as a mistress. Dong-Kyung attempts, but in vain, to explain why she had no knowledge. Dong-Kyung chooses to leave as the lady continues to blame her.

Her manager scolds her for being late when she returns to work. She apologizes many times. Her and her boyfriend’s wife’s café talk went viral on film. Her supervisor chooses to play it out loud, which adds to the chaos. She claims it wasn’t her, but he doesn’t believe her. Dong-Kyung shouts at him and tells him she’s going to take the day off.

Dong-Kyung aspires for the entire planet to perish on a shooting star. This reaches Myul-Mang ,a tall handsome man  who has been waiting to fulfill a desire. He appears on her doorstep. Dong-Kyung inquires as to who he is and what he is doing here, but all he says is that he will fulfill her request. Dong-Kyung also believes she is dreaming.

Myul-Mang even shows himself in her dreams. He assures her that no human has ever prayed for the world to end, and he agrees to grant her desire. She inquires as to why she must be the one, to which he responds that she was chosen by him. She is startled awake by her alarm and tries to tell herself that it is all a dream, but when she notices muddy footprints on her carpet, she realizes it isn’t. Myul-Mang joins Dong-Kyung on his way to work. He declares that he will give her any wish she may have.

Dong-Kyung experiences terrible suffering and falls while crossing a road. A vehicle is heading straight for her, but she lacks the power to move. Everything comes to a screeching halt when Myul-Mang approaches her.

Episode 2  : Hold my Hand

Myul-Mang is a mysterious Man who is an Intermediary between God and human. He extends a hand. Dong Kyung pauses before placing her hand in his. While everything reverses, Myul-Mang /Doom guides her across the crossing. So that she won’t die, he instructs her to hold on his hand. when she doesn’t believe who he actually is, he uses electricity to prove his power by turning out the lights, turning off everyone’s cell phones, and then causing shooting stars to shine. He is told to stop by Dong Kyung. He does. The world goes back to normal. She is informed by Myul-Mang /Doom that she has an agreement with an evil guy. The shooter from yesterday will likely commit suicide, according to Myul-Mang /Doom.

She is given a red string bracelet by Doom. He commands her to rest by holding his hand once every day. He advises her to make a wish. He departs. The truck driver walks into the café. Dong Kyung is unknown to him. She can’t believe that, as Myul-Mang /Doom had claimed, she journeyed across time with him.

Sonyeoshin (a non-human) is visited by Myul-Mang /Doom in her hospital room. Myul-Mang /Doom is instructed to do as he pleases, and she will follow suit. Why was he chosen, Myul-Mang /Doom queries? Sonyeoshin proposes fate, which is inhumane to everyone. He will be punished for his terrible behavior, she says. Myul-Mang /Doom responds that he already serving his punishment.

Speaking of which, Jo Ye-Ji is revived and brought back from the edge when Myul-Mang visits her in the hospital. After that, she confides in Myul-Mang that she doesn’t think she’ll survive to see her 20th birthday. It appears that this girl is a god.

Myul-Mang approaches and decides to pose as Dong-spouse. Kyung’s The photo has already been harmed when the inebriated moron eventually exits.

Fortunately, Myul-Mang is on able to help in the repair, just as he did at the hospital, when Dong-Kyung accidentally cuts her finger open while trying to pick up the glass. Myul-Mang immediately turns to go, but Dong-Kyung stops him.

Episode 3: Living Together with Myul-Mang

She is still surprised when she suddenly realizes that she must now genuinely live with the doom-bringer. But instead, he teleports her to his huge home where she stays.

While excitedly tweeting about the house and admiring all the many pricey rooms and valuables, Dong-Kyung confesses that everybody who is kind to her seems to go from her life.

Myul-Mang is present inside the house, and after a cheeky “honey” remark, the reality about their faking the relationship is brought up.

Sun-Kyung departs after they have a drink together and after earning his favor with some smart mind reading. When he does, Myul-Mang returns the girl to his residence by means of a vehicle.

Dong-Kyung eventually falls asleep, but he leaves Myul-Mang awake to reflect on what it means to accept death and fate. He respectfully decides to go along with napping for her benefit because there is undoubtedly something there that makes him think.

Dong-Kyung drafts a contract for the two to follow by in the morning that includes provisions for what will occur when and how the end of the world will occur.

Myul-Mang starts the 100-day countdown by discussing the boiler with Dong-Kyung via his laptop. A sticky note indicating that he was able to fix it himself will be waiting for her when she gets home.

The woman is in despair when Myul-Mang, who is in the hospital, diagnoses her as having a terminal illness. He snaps his fingers, causing the woman to forget what they had spoken, and says thoughtfully, “That’s the proper reply.”

Dong-Kyung and Sonyeoshin are seated together that evening after she appears at the bus stop. Myul-Mang shows there and tells Dong-Kyung to go as she is about to take her bracelet. But when the past returns in full force, she starts to back off.

On his knees and in tears, Myul-Mang was there at the funeral home the day Dong-mother Kyung’s passed away. However, Myul-Mang dismisses this charge and instructs the woman to go home. He cautions Dong-Kyung not to reveal her bracelet to anybody once they arrive.

Myul-Mang approaches the girl after learning that Sonyeoshin was there at the burial as well. In actuality, the dialogue is brief and mysterious about fate. She collapses on the floor, holding her head, while Dong-Kyung returns as a result of this. Myul-Mang advises her to feel sorry for herself because she would ultimately desire to pass away and wish for the end of the world.

Dong-Kyung, however, invents a plan of her own and appears prepared to jump to her death. However, Myul-Mang seizes her wrist and drags her forward.

It appears as Dong-Kyung knew he would grab her since he has worked everything out. She wants to be so in love with him right now that she would do everything to end the world for him.

Episode 4: Withering Heights

By asking him to lie next to her, she makes an effort to force the situation. The two are lying side by side on Myul-bed, Mang’s debating their fate and what occurred on the roof. But she did say that the look he gave her was really icy and terrifying. Myul-Mang reaches out to touch her face as they lie close, but pauses.

He concerns that he is beginning to develop affections for Sonyeoshin as he recalls her comments about caring. However, Myul-Mang is eager to put that behind him, so he steps outside and starts to listen to the other travelers’ ideas.

Dong-Kyung awakens in the meanwhile and makes an effort to win Myul-Mang over to her side. Meeting Ji-Na, who describes “the moment,” is what leads to it. Dong-Kyung, who naturally doesn’t have time to wait, finds out that Ji-first Na’s kiss was with Cha Joo-Ik, a coworker.

Dong-Kyung can’t help but look at him, which causes some embarrassment at work. She eventually finds out that he kissed a person he didn’t like out of sympathy.

She is eventually brought to Myul-realm, Mang’s which is full with flowers and a walkway. However, as Dong-Kyung learns that this is the god’s destiny—to bring about the abolition and end of things—the color disappears out of this realm. Dong-Kyung approaches and extends his hand symbolically, bringing back color to this dream.

This brief period of romance is quickly put an end when Dong-Kyung and Myul-Mang resume fighting. Both of them control their emotions, with Myul-Mang convincing himself he doesn’t care about people in general or Dong-Kyung in particular.

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