Released Year: 2019
No of Episodes: 32 (Running Time: 35 Minutes)
Main Leads: Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara,Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young
Genre: Medical, Thriller


A skilled doctor named Na Yi-je (Namkoong Min) is forced to quit working at a hospital after being accused of medical malpractice and received a sentence. To revenge and retaliate, He started working in a prison and acquires enough connections to take his revenge.

Know the Characters:

Dr.Na- Doctor (Protagonist)
Lee Jae-hwan- Second Son of Taegang family
Lee jae-joon- First Son, Primary successor of Taegang Group
Lee Jae-in- Lee Jae-hwan’s sister,a Lawyer


Episode 1: Dr.Na and Arrogant Lee Jae-hwan’s

A woman who is convicted for murder and sentenced to execution tries all sorts of possibilities to extend (get stay from) the execution date. However, her all petitions were rejected. This time, a man came to see her and give her hope. It is Na Yi-je, a doctor. She gets astonished when he came up with a new idea after digging her family’s medical history.

He told her to not sleep, and to take tablets that induce hyperthyroidism and other issues that could result in Nose bleeding. Finally, he gave her a medication that would even induce a false cardiac arrest which is one of the symptoms of Fanconi anemia, an incurable disease that would result in severe cardiac arrest if not treated. But why he does this to a convict who hired people and killed her husband mistresses? Episode 1 unfold

Finally, she got released in spite of objection from the police side. She comes across the news which says the second son; Lee Jae-hwan of Taegang family (born for the second wife) is being arrested on charges of drug usage and will be sent to Southern Seoul Penitentiary (Prison). Now she is able to relate why Dr. Na offered help on the exchange of a recommendation letter for a medical doctor position at Southern Seoul Penitentiary.

When she questions the same to Dr. Na, he just cut down the call and recalls the past incident that ruined his entire career. Dr. Na is a famous doctor, righteous, and caring who sometimes even treats patients at his own expense. When he was forced to sign Congressman Jung’s recommendation letter to get a stay from execution, he refused and rebuked. However, finally, he convinced as it would help him to save his mother who is suffering from a prolonged illness, and also the hospital could save many poor patients with the money they get from jung’s stay in the name of treatment.

On the other end, Lee Jae-hwan, the second son of Taegang family is always insecure as he is born to a second wife (an actress) and could not enjoy privileges like his step-brother and Primary successor to conglomerate Taegang Group, Lee jae-joon.

Lee Jae-joon is a cunning man and he ordered his brother to be killed in a road accident when he comes to know that his brother is on the way with Sister Lee Jae-in, a lawyer who just finished her studies.

After coming to know that he is not been promoted or offered any high position, Lee Jae-hwan is infuriated and drives rashly. He went on to fight with a family that includes a pregnant woman. He took a rod and crashed the mirrors (of their truck). Even though the pregnant woman pleaded to leave, he chases the truck again and shouted them to stop. He becomes completely insane..

Meanwhile, he stops his car blocking, the way for the truck and after assuming that a car is being approached to hit his car, he immediately moves his car forward that made the approaching car collide with the truck causing a major accident.

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