Released Year: 2017
No of Episodes: 16
Main Leads:  Song Seung-heon, Go Ara, Lee El and Kim Dong-jun
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Romance, Drama, Comedy


Black is another Grim Reaper Drama followed By Goblin! This Song Seung-heon and Go Ara starrer drama is about a cold-hearted Grim reaper, 444 who gets into a human body just to find his missing Partner. But, he has to stay for a while to get help from Kang Ha-ram (Go Ara) who has the ability to foresee death as she could see a dark shadow, (that is actually Grim reapers) looming over the about-to-die persons. Finally, without knowing, he discovers his own origins and falls for a woman that made him get punished for breaking the rules.


Episode 1: Moo Gang,A Cop and Ha-ram,A woman who foresees Death

The first scene is song seung-heon looks pale and walking towards a hill when he fell into the water. When it seems to be that he is so depressed, he went on to search for something in the water. He found a drowned car and tried to open it. When he does, he found a skeleton and questions himself! Is that me?. From which we can predict song seung-heon character is gonna be a fantasy Portrayal.

The next, when police officers unearths a skeletal body, Song seung heon, now looks like a different man could not tolerate the smell. He is from police department and his name is Han Moo Gang, A cop who cant even face dead bodies.

Here comes the heroine introduction. Go ara with a black glass treats her customer. She works in a food shop. She meets her ex-boyfriend and moo gang! Once she was told by her superior to remove the glass as it could repel the customers. Hesitated, she removes her glass and finds a black shadow behind her ex-boyfriend. She tells him to wait for a. Minute and go! He ignored her and went and while crossing, a truck hit him and he is dead. Go ara continues her usual work. It seems she can foresee people death. Moo Gang surprised to see what kind of woman she is!

The same happens during the plan crash and she is being investigated in police station in which moo gang works. She tells her ability to see shadow on people. The owner of Royal insurance is quite captivated to see her ability. Moreover, if she touch the shadow(person), she could foresee how the person dies.

She explains everything to Moo gang and finds that he resembles her childhood friend. Though he don’t believe her initially, the series of incidents forced him to believe her. Moo gang tells her to work with him to save lives!

After finding about a death that happened decade years ago, moo gang felt devasted. But Why, says Black. To his superior Crazy Dog, he lied as nothing is found. He went to moojin and recalled n incident where a woman beats a girl for a tape. He scrolled all the pages of that school batch students and found a record of student Kim sun Young had been ripped off. He found out that Kim sun young is none other than his girlfriend now who is a doctor with different identity. As he now has some other big threat, he refuses to work with ha-ram(go ara).

Finally, he came to see her and when she explains yet another incident, a gunshot incident where someone is gonna be held as hostage in gunpoint and he is to be shot down. To avoid the incident, they tracked down a military soldier who is going to be the murderer and hand cuffed him! But, unfortunately both of them got released and the chances for the occurrence is high now. Means, the incident will be happened. Ha-ram came to see moo gang and found thta he is none other his childhood friend and first crush after seeing the bracelet which she had given to him 20 years ago! She also found out that, the soldier is not the one, there is another soldier who does this and she heard people reporting a hostage incident in the police station. the actual victim is none other than Detective Han moo gang. When she is watching everything in the TV, moo gang got shot and fell down. His pulse rate is nil and pronounced dead! In the mortuary, a mysterious doctor came to see the body. On the other end frustrated ha-ram tries to hang herself. When the mysterious doctor put a knife near to the deceased moo gang, body suddenly open his eye. The doctor ran off and seeing it, the so-called now moo gang says, How Dramatic, these humans!!! His eyes turn Red and the episode ends. 

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